USS Daedalus

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Prometheus template.jpg       "There is no great invention, from fire to flying, which has not been hailed as an insult to some god."
- J.B.S. Haldane

The Daedalus was commissioned in 2385 and built at the Beta Andreas shipyards, used actively in Intelligence-based missions and investigations after Starfleet Intelligence requested, on limited use, a starship of which subsequent officers could utilize in investigations throughout the galaxy when other starships were available. Named after the mythological forger of fire and bringer of information, the Daedalus has served in both capacities within the Starbase 118 Fleet.

Prometheus class heavy cruisers are an onset of combat support Fleet vessels, designed primarily in response to technologically advanced threats facing the Federations. Developed from a combination of the technologies of Defiant, Sovereign and Intrepid classes, the Prometheus utilizes the latest in ablative armour, warp field technology, and quantum weaponry. It is the only ship class which is capable of separating into three sections (upper engineering hull, lower engineering hull, and the saucer section) coordinated through its multi-vector assault mode.

The USS Daedalus was the first to prove the Space Fold theory at the warp factor 10 threshold by bringing two points of space simultaneously at the point of the threshold, speculating the ship class has attainable speeds for greater space fold jumps (the first test remained within the Alpha Quadrant, from the Sol System to the borders of the Klingon Empire).

Commander David Cody has served as its commanding officer on three seperate occasions on Starfleet Intelligence related missions.