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The Promenade is a ring of businesses and services that circle the upper dome. This serves as the first port (and first impression) for most travelers. It is also the most easily accessible area for on duty Starfleet officers and cadet attending StarBase 118's Academy. As such the shops on the Promenade are the most well established, well vetted and are some of the most popular places on the Starbase

Notable Locations

Shops and Businesses

Other Locations


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Upper Dome

Starbase 118 Promenade

Main Dome

Shi'Kahr (Hurutam Sub-district) · Ohmallera · Qo'noS · Ashalla (Coranum Sub-district)
Mak'ala (Little Risa) · San Francisco (Hong Kong Sub-district) · Trinity City

Lower Sections

The Dungeon · Laikan District · Nuova Eleganza

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