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Granny's Place
Granny's Place is a busy, welcoming family-friendly restaurant on the Promenade of StarBase 118. It has bright geometric decor, open family booths and plenty of room for families of rambunctious youngsters to enjoy a home-cooked meal.

The menu focuses on simple hearty comfort food from the Trill heartlands. Many say that Granny's Place has the best Jaffa cakes and toffa cream pie on the Starbase. There is a daily stew special as well as a variety of fresh baked flatbreads and Trill dishes that are reminiscent of a hearty Terran breakfast all served with Granny's famous sour berry preserves.

Granny's Place is owned and run by Ellyn Taepar, an aging unjoined Trill. She often comes out from the back and visits with the guests seated at each of her tables. Everyone from her staff, her guests and even Security on the StarBase calls her "Granny." She has gone out of her way to make families feel welcome at her restaurant. She is especially fond of small children and she keeps a basket of small trinkets and sweets behind the counter. Any child who asks nicely can select a prize from the basket and this had made Granny's Place a major draw with school-aged children!

Granny's Place has been a staple of StarBase 118 for twelve years. It always had the reputation of a place where one could go to escape the rowdy crowds that used to frequent the Commercial Sector. As the rowdy crowds by and large disappeared, Granny's Place thrived. Five years ago, Ellyn was invited to move Granny's place from the Commerical Sector up to the Promenade and she graciously accepted. This has only propelled the popularity of the restaurant and it's beloved by Starfleet officers with young children.

She has been on the StarBase for over twenty years but did not open the restaurant until her husband passed away over a decade ago. There is an ongoing rumor that Granny fought in the Borg wars, but many argue that seems very out of character for Ellyn. Still, every once in a while Intel officers can be see conversing with Granny in the back corner booth. Maybe she's just a stunning conversationalist? Whatever her story is, it seems sure that Granny is more than just an aging restaurateur.

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