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La Roma's Night Spot, is a Terran rainforest themed dance club on Starbase 118 with a VIP balcony and a dining level open from 12pm to 12am. Then, after midnight, even the dining level becomes a rainforest dancefloor. The owner knows how much patrons loved the light shows in the old Zero G's and this new club also exceeds the expectations of their wildest dreams with new state of the art lights and sound. Strong rhythms bring out the animal in any club patron, as the music is eclectic in range of tastes but always loud, always thundering with bass and drums, and always easy to dance to. Mario, the head bartender serves up the meanest cocktails in the known quadrant and the owner, Safiri La Roma a former member of the famous La Circus De La Roma (so she knows how to entertain) is as avid a dancer in her club as hostess. The establishment is strictly on the up-and-up so illegal dealings are harshly dealt with and Ms. La Roma's perfectionist style are apparent in every minute unmissed detail, making the environment fun and exciting, a good time had by all, but perhaps most importantly, safe as well. Thursday nights are live band nights, and Fridays are guest D.J. nights where some of the best talent, up-and-coming and well known, can be found on the mixing consoles, working the crowd into a frenzy. The rest of the week the ever popular D.J. B-Blast controls the music for the crowd.

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