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Ithassa Region
(Map, Stellar Cartography)
Major Neighboring Powers
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Because of its cubiod expanse, the Ithassa Region covers a vast area toward the outer edge of the galaxy which encompasses both the Alpha and Beta Quadrants near the meridian. Since the Taskforce Discovery launch, three years of exploration hasn't even scratched the surface of the Ithassa or its many inhabitants. 1000 days to cross, or 2 years and a little over nine months, systems and local governments are far and few between.

The Federation, the Gorn Hegemony, Tholian Space and the Tzenkethi establish the boundaries, except for the outer most regions which aren't marked. Theoretically, the Ithassa Region may be much larger than originally theorized. But until relations with the Gorn improve (who have a more extensive knowledge to what they call the Chavess Expanse), Starfleet's knowledge of the area is still extremely limited.


The various systems logged encompass a wide range. They are noted here below (although this should not be considered comprehensive):

  • 3A9
    • - A system with a M class world populated by a Tzenkethi research facility.
  • 7AE38 system
    • - A semi isolated region of space, dominated by a dense asteroid field. The system is home to a single M-Class planet whose inhabitants were thought to be at an industrial age of development. Around stardate 238407.10 the system was chosen by the USS Ronin as a testing area for three prototype fighters. During the tests it was discovered that the natives to the planet, the Sya-Negan, had developed warp technology.
  • Aronis Sector
    • - A sector of magnetic shoals and high radiation, mapped by the USS Kodiak, where a colony of Klingons cut off from the Empire was found.
  • Enthri system
    • The system is home to three rock planets and two gas giants.
  • Iliahu system
    • - has twelve planets, three of them class M, Illiahu IV has a pre-warp civilization, and is the only planet in the system known to be inhabited.
  • Rowlka-Alpha system
    • - has a solitary class H hell planet and is fifty-two hours away from DS17 at Warp 8.

Planets Outside of the Known Systems