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Devinon V (known as "Nisel IV" to its inhabitants, the Vaadwaur) is an M class planet in the Devinon system. This previously uninhabited planet was gifted to the Vaadwaur by the Federation after the events of Operation Bright Star in 2387. Technically an M class planet, its primary features are very rough ground including vast deserts with a significant maze of underground rivers, swamps and dense jungles.

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The planet, being the fifth planet in the Devinon system, is officially titled "Devinon V". However the Vaadwaur give it a different name; "Nisel" (pronounced "Nai-cell"). They named it after their original homeworld.

According to Vaadwaur scientific methodology, the strange orbit of Devinon III leads them to class it as a rogue moon instead of a planet. Accordingly, most Vaadwaur discount Devinon III as a planet and instead refer to Devinon V as "Nisel IV".

Planetary information

Devinon V's orbit is approximately 271 million kilometers from its star, Devinon. It is a greenhouse planet with a diameter of 13,291 km (8,307 miles). It has a density of 4.3 and a gravity of 0.82 G's, along with a standard atmosphere with a pressure of 0.97 with with nitrogen 72%, oxygen 23% and argon 3%.

Devinon V possesses an axial tilt of 16%, which gives it minor to noticeable seasonal variations and daytime temperatures are on average between 17C and 29C, while the night time temperatures can drop to 9C to 21C. In the southern part of the planet, however, large deserts ringed by mountain ranges can cause the average temperatures to soar to up to 38C. In the northern hemisphere, seasonal variations can result in the temperatures varying by as much as +15 or -15 degrees.

The surface of the planet is approximately 47% salt water. Fresh water, aside from the jungle areas, is scarce... but large reserves exist under the surface in subterranean lakes.

A year on Devinon V is 303 days, with each day being 27.1 hours long.


Devinon V is a mineral rich planet but possesses very little fresh water. The large oceans that cover almost half of its surface are shallow and seasonal variations can cause largescale evaporation, with flooding rains coming shortly after.


Devinon V has one small moon and one medium moon. These provide interesting tidal affects on the planet's small moons.

  • Devinon Va: is 730 km (456 miles) in diameter, with a density of 2.5 and a gravity of 0.03 G's. It orbits the planets surface at a height of 133,622 km. (83,514 miles)
  • Devinon Vb: is 2,046 km (1,279 miles) in diameter, with a density of 2.9 and a gravity of 0.08 G's. It orbits the planets surface at a height of 138,117 km. (86,323 miles)

Both moons are uninhabited and barren rocks.

Vaadwaur colony

The Vaadwaur survivors of Operation Bright Star have been resettled on Devinion V. Reports are that this planet is much like the pre-bombardment Vaadwaur Prime.

In order to prevent the spread of disease and to better their odds, four settlements have, so far, been erected on the planet's surface. These are creatively numbered one through four.

Settlement IV, the largest of the settlements and placed in the southern hemisphere, has a power plant, a communal dining facility, a hospital and a communications array. By the terms of surrender, the Vaadwaur are prohibited from having warp technology or access to weapons beyond personal defense for five years. There is also a company-sized Marine detachment, a wing of Hammerhead fighters and a Starfleet security squad in a small Marine Air Base about 15km northeast of Settlement IV on a plateau that overlooks the surrounding area.

At time of settlement, the planet was home to 798 Vaadwaur refugees of various ages and a company of Marines. With the second batch of clones currently being grown this number is sure to swell.

Population breakdown

As of 2387, the population of Devinon V can be determined as follows:


  • Population: 798 (446 males, 352 females)
  • Leader: None (formerly Sedrin during Operation Bright Star, previously Marari).
  • Age information:
    • 0-5 years: 103 (97 clones of various parentage)
    • 6-10 years: 3
    • 11-15 years: 5
    • 16-20 years: 111
    • 21-25 years: 139
    • 26-30 years: 320
    • 31-35 years: 107
    • 36-40 years: 8
    • 41-45 years: 3
    • 46-50 years: 1

The vast body of Vaadwaur above the age of 15 have some form of military service in their records. This is due to the nature of the Vaadwaur survivors awoken by the USS Voyager.


  • Population: 75 (32 males, 43 females)
  • Leader: Marine Captain Suval of Vulcan, who has granted himself the title of "Administrator".

The majority of the Marines stationed on Devinon V are enlisted personnel and were drawn from a number of ships in the Ithassa region, although Suval was originally from the USS Kumari.


"Devinon V from the surface."
Devinon V from the surface.

Southern Continent

The southern continent of Devinon V is almost completely barren desert, although life exists beneath the ever shifting sands. Many lizard-like creatures and worms burrow into the sand at nighttime, coming out during the day. The general inhospitableness of the planet has been the primary reason why a planet in such an otherwise attractive location has yet to be settled by any other race.

The primary form of vegetation in the southern continent are fungi which grow in the few salt water lakes that dot the continent's surface. These fungi take the form of large mushroomed stalks which rise out of the water, somehow able to survive in high-salinity liquid.

Aside from insects and creatures smaller than a human hand, this does not posses a great deal of animal life. Rumours persist of much, much larger creatures (fish and amphibians) inside the subterranean limestone caverns which harbour most of the planet's water supply, but there is no scientific evidence of their existence.



The Vaadwaur population of Devinon V, beaten after the events of Operation Bright Star, have accepted their fate as refuges with dignity. Many of these issues stem from the horrific loss of life in Operation Bright Star, where the bulk of the dead were Marines, resulting in a significant amount of bitterness from the Starfleet personnel.

Accordingly, Administrator Suval and his men treat the Vaadwaur as prisoners instead of refugees.

No substantial cases of abuse or "barter" have been reported by any visitor to the Vaadwaur planet, although several Vaadwaur have commented that it's "bound to happen eventually".


Although significant steps forward were made in the years before the Vaadwaur entombment, Vaadwaur women who marry are considered the property of the male who marries them. A Vaadwaur tradition states that if a male kills another male, then all of the victim's property (including wives) belong to the victor. This attitude is beginning to change due to many factors including the large number of female Marines assigned to watch the Vaadwaur, Marari's influence who was a former equal rights campaigner and visits from Starfleet officers outside the colony.

Surprisingly, homosexuality is not seen as any different from hetrosexual relationships and several such relationships exist between the Vaadwaur.

The role of females in the military has continued to be an issue in the now-civilian Vaadwaur society. Because their numbers are so few, there is significant pressure on Vaadwaur women to "settle down" and begin the task of repopulating their depleted ranks. Understandably, this has caused a great deal of pressure between the male and female population.


Although each settlement has their own issues, as of 238711.06, fresh drinking water is at a premium in Settlement IV. A new well, dug by hand by the inhabitants of the settlement, promises to relieve some of this pressure. This water will serve many purposes, including irrigation, and is feared by some Marines as a means for the Vaadwaur to ease their reliance upon Starfleet, eventually gaining their independence. Administrator Suval particularly opposes this course of action, instead seeking to retain more control over the "wards" in his "camp".


Turner and Tallis visit

On Stardate 238711.10 Toni Turner and Tallis Rhul visited Alleran Tan at Settlement IV. Tan gave them a brief tour of the facilities, where he introduced them to the settlement and explained some of its issues. Toni promised new power generators for the Vaadwaur, which arrived a few days later. The power generators allowed the clone maturation facilities to have their own dedicated power source, saving dozens of children's lives.

This act quickly made Tallis and Toni into heroes of the Vaadwaur, one of their precious few friends in this galaxy.

Riot and Aftermath

On Stardate 238711.16, a riot occured on Deep Space 17 in response to continued Vaadwaur presence on the station. News reached Devinon V remarkably quickly. Most troubling was the abduction of Toni Turner's children in the chaos.

The Vaadwaur inhabitants of Settlement IV, the largest of the settlements, along with Alleran Tan wanted to depart the planet and assist the search for the freighter bearing the children- their visit on Stardate 238711.10 had been extremely beneficial to the Vaadwaur who felt that Toni represented one of their few allies in the sector. The Marines, however, did not permit the Vaadwaur to rearm themselves nor did they send the Marine fighter wing to assist the USS Ronin in its search for the freighter bearing the children.

These issues came to a bloody head during an outdoors confrontation in the middle of a violent rainstorm. Tan was injured by Marine Captain Suval and several Vaadwaur were hospitalized. As a direct result, a huge wave of communal grief was expressed by the Vaadwaur who felt that the riot on Deep Space 17 (and abduction of Toni's children) was indirectly their fault. The sentiment was expressed that, although Toni had saved the lives of many of their own children, they were unable to repay the favour when it was her children that were in danger. A large outpouring of sympathy for Toni was experienced by the settlers... who also expressed rage at their hamstrung, dependent existence.

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