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Ithassa Region
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Major Neighboring Powers
Governments & Alliances
Known Races
Starfleet Presence

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Starfleet had originally established an observation station serving the needs of both Science and Exploration in 2312 with the commissioning of Deep Space 17. However, events that led up to the Tomed Incident forced Starfleet to abandon the station in 2339. Ithassa Region continued to be an area of interest that Starfleet returned to in the late 2360s, reclaiming the station up until 2373, where Starfleet had decided to refocus their attention elsewhere.

Finally in 2380, Rear Admiral Hollis spearheaded the Taskforce: Discovery Fleet which allowed Starfleet to return and maintain a presence of what's usually ascribed as a political hot-bed of neighboring major powers as well as the smaller factions and governments within the region itself. As such, the growth of Starfleet has continued through present day.

Taskforce: Discovery Fleet

Supporting Vessels