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This M class planet of average size is home to the Oxian. A planet of lush plains and mild environment. About 39% of the surface mass is water and another 22% is composed of small mountains ranges or rocky outcroppings. The rest has been converted into farm land.

Few really large communites are to be found due to the Oxian's love of their planet. They only build homes and communities on land that can not be used for farming. The capitol of Bramha has been built in one of these desolate locations. It is a huge sprawling city easily thirty times as large as any other community on the planet.

Most of the planet is farm land, with almost every bit of available crop land in use. They produce way more than they can ever use and export approximately 60% off world. Communities and homes are built mostly on rocky ground or land that is not considered to be useable as farm land.