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Bull's Run is well on the outskirts of the FTU between the Core Worlds and DS17, a particularly volatile area of subspace distortion where several ships have gone missing over the course of years.


Little has been documented regarding the subspace distortion phenomenon near the Bull's Run region. A number of ships have been reported missing over the years, mostly from the Klingons. A careful inspection of various reports from ships that have had difficulties in this region has revealed that most ships experienced disrupted subspace communications. Some, in more severe cases, reported losing warp field integrity resulting in a complete collapse of the warp bubble. One such ship, a Klingon vessel called the Makjoda, reported loss of warp drive and being stranded for no less than four weeks as they made their way back along their approach vector on impulse power. No surveys were on record showing the extent of these regions though they do not appear to be continuous throughout the sector.

The Bull's Run subspace distortions exhibit qualities of what are known to be called Subspace Sandbars which are caused by extremely "dense" pockets of subspace that will not allow a ship's warp drive to generate an effective warp field. This has the effect of stranding warp-capable ships much like seagoing vessels might get caught on a sandbar. Whether the subspace distortions are indeed subspace sandbars or some other anomaly, the effects on subspace technologies will be similar.

Free Trade Union Information Database

The FTU is well familiar for the area as well as giving the region's namesake, having suffered numerous losses of ships into the area. They make it a general practice now to avoid the area as much as possible, due to its treacherous nature.

The Starfleet Presence

Starfleet was not made aware of the area until the arrival of the FTU ship Ambuscader, captained by Commander Sskett (which originally assisted the former USS Independence during the battle of Furies Furnace, whereupon it was discovered the USS Benjamin Franklin had left an emergency beacon near the vicinity).
It wasn't until the dispatch of the USS Independence-A it was discovered there was, in fact, a wormhole hiding within the subspace distortion which was later discovered as a Type I Galaxy Corridor (see Way Corridor System). A buoy was launched marking the area as off-limits for Starfleet personnel and warning other ships to steer clear of.