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A region of space near near the Gorn and at the tip of the One Kingdom (before reaching the Igloo Cluster). The Furnace is composed of asteroids, various gases, and materials. It is also the first known location of an unidentified substance (believed to be feces of a space-faring entity within the region) that renders sensors unreliable and, upon contact with metal-based material (such as ship hulls), is corrosive.

Previously, the Furnace was an established trade route for the Free Trade Union which also operated the Furies Furnace Base. The FTU base was first discovered by the crew of the USS Independence, serving aboard the USS Hammond. This base was destroyed in the first battle of the Gorn Conflict that lead to the Battle of Eratis.

The destruction of this base led to the FTU signing a treaty with the Federation. This treaty, known as the Furies Furnace Treaty, opened the door for future interaction with the Union.