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Ithassa Region
(Map, Stellar Cartography)
Major Neighboring Powers
Governments & Alliances
Known Races
Starfleet Presence

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  • Aurona Sector - A dangerous area of the Ithassa region with several nebula and uniformly poor communications and sensors.
  • Deep Space 17 - Starfleet's central command for the region, which orbits the neutron star known as Eratis
  • Eratis - The Vulcan Harp Nebula (mislabelled), is home to the stable end of a roaming wormhole.
  • 3A9 - A system with a M class world populated by a Tzenkethi research facility.
  • T8A - is an uninhabited tropical paradise according to unmanned probes. On 238404.30 exploration of the planet was begun by two Starfleet Security Officers from the USS Triumphant - Kassa Quay and Thompson Kirby. The explorers renamed the planet Planeta del Amor