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The Constellationites are a multi-armed, multi-eyed race native to a region of space in the Ithassa Region named "the One Kingdom." They have, in the past, clashed with the Grendellai. It is also known they they prize Gorn eggs, fertilized or not, as a delicacy.


The Constellationites have a cone-shaped body, oval head, and four tentacle-like legs. They are covered in tiny scales, are silver-gray in color, and possess three to four eyes, one being on top of their heads. They breathe out of ventricles. Their arms extend from their midriff and number from two to one hundred.

Rank System

The fewer the number, the lower in rank. The highest-known rank below the one hundred armed deity, the Star Lord, is Raja Ulsheen, having ten arms and being the leader of the Triceblessed system and most favored of the Star Lord. Uksheen, another member of the honored Sheen family, possesses six arms and is the younger spawn/sibling and first helper to Ulsheen. Their arms are present at birth, so their place in the One Kingdom is known from birth, as well. Their duty in life is revealed by the Star Lord when the child is approximately three months of age.

They serve at this level for life, lesser families serving the higher-ranking families. Their bondservants serve the same masters for life and are expected to worship the Star Lord. All serve the Star Lord. To fail in this duty is worse than dishonesty. It is considered blasphemy. Punishments are harsh. The Truth Stone causes severe pain or death to those who lie, and demotion from a Constellationites place in life, their birthright, is carried out through dismemberment of arms.



There are three distinct types of ships within the Triceblessed System

Main Ship Design

The ship design of the TriceBlessed System is a long, needle-thin ship, shiny-like chrome.

  • The warp engine design compromises the aft section, 1024.73 meters in length and 50 meters tall to compromise approximately 10 decks.
  • Hull composition is Tritanium.
  • Three torpedo bay tubes, each holding ten torpedoes each.
  • Shielding is minor due to energy nets that surround each ship almost immediately after initiated, which are located aft and port. This energy set subsumes 657,360 TeraJoules of energy. It has an added advantage from direct fire from an enemy combatant ship in tractor, increasing the shield energy output.
  • Warp speeds can reach 4.0, but there are very few of this specific warp design, primarily a privilege for many-limbed ranking officials
  • Standard warp speed: 2.3 max
  • Weapons systems: Low-yeild particle weapons and chemical torpedoes.
  • Defense Systems: Polarized hull plating

Repair Ships

These are small, cloaked ships that service the main of the Constellationite Fleet.


These small ships are dedicated for the Triceblessed priests (originating from the ship that landed on the USS Kodiak), boasting anti-gravity motivators which lift the ship and a multitude of fins springing up to give the appearance of a snowflake. These fins contain artificial stabilizers for smooth acceleration. .

Defensive Systems

The Constellationites riddle their sectors with magnetic minefields that react to warp signatures and radiation output. Navigation of these fields is difficult and deadly.


  • The Constellationites communicate by stepping through a sheet of pure light. It makes the person seem to appear in another place, even up to hundreds of light years away. Instead of viewscreens, they have crystal spheres.

Personal Armament

Hand-carried weapons are spherical objects that shoot out a miniature version of the Shivari’s energy net.


The homeworld for the Constellationites, Triceblessed architecture reflects monolithic towers and spires. Their water is controlled by pipes and aqueducts. The tallest buildings are temples and they are also the most opulent. As the more affluent are seen as more richly blessed by the Gods, so too are they richly adorned. Raja Ulsheen’s house is like a mansion, encrusted with jewels and expensive fabrics. The Triceblessed pray while viewing images of their homeworld during travel to ensure safe passage. The people of Triceblessed gather outside temples for worship every day. Often crowded, those still outside when the chimes sound must worship outside. They immediately drop to the ground and begin chanting. The away team reported a sense of calm and peace while on the planet before the Trendal device was activated.

First Contact

A species of contradictions, the Constellationites that the Kodiak recently made first contact with believe in peace, their way of life being one of servitude, yet underneath their spirituality is a widely accepted practice of control, even violence.

After initial contact was made with Admiral Hollis by the Constellationite liaison, Raja Ulsheen of the house Sheen, the Kodiak departed Deep Space 17 for the Constellationite homeworld, Triceblessed, to begin diplomatic relations. The premise for these relations was due to conflicts the Constellationites were having with the Grendallai, a canoid species that had recently tangled with the Kodiak crew and lost. The Triceblessed people were seeking to form a relationship with the Federation in order to aid their defense against the Grendallai, or as these silver-gray, glistening creatures term them, the Void Dogs or Unwarranted Ones in order to restore peace with Goldenectar, one of the 16 systems that comprise Constellationite territory, called the One Kingdom.

The plan was set forth by the Constellationite ruler, the Star Lord, Vish IX, emperor and god to his people, in order to allow them to focus on the problem of GoldenNectar, a system that is responsible for producing an herb that causes higher fertility rates in the Gorn species. In exchange for this herb, the Constellationites had been provided with unfertilized Gorn eggs, which are seen as a delicacy. However, others of the Triceblessed, not having the same privileges as the GoldenNectar, had caused severe diplomatic discord by taking the unborn young of the Gorn in battle.

Over time, GoldenNectar grew distant, separating themselves from the Star Lord and One Kingdom, becoming more like “the many” that the Triceblessed view as living societies of chaos. The Federation is made up of many such societies. The Star Lord sees GoldenNectar as a society of blasphemers, faithless traitors. He is beginning to lose control of more systems and sees control of GoldenNectar, with its valuable export, as the first step he must take to regain his divine right.

In addition to this plan, four away team members from the Kodiak, sent to the home of Raja Ulsheen to ensure the safety of four blessed Triceblessed priests during their stay upon the Kodiak discover an unmentioned reason for the diplomatic negotiations with the Federation. The team, mentioned as both hostages and guests by Raja Ulsheen, learns that an uprising is imminent. For underneath the city streets, escaped bondservants, ancestors of the free Grendallai that plague the Constellationites, are planning to take control. Aided by Constellationites not loyal to Vish IX, these Grendellia rebels use violence to put their plan into action. Served by willing and unwilling participants, the rabid leaders have altered a harmonic device once used to bring about peace in order to bring out the suppressed primitive instincts of the domesticated bondservants of Triceblessed. The Kodiak is used as an amplification instrument for one half of this piece of technology, named the Trendal device, to spread its poison. Only the death of Lt. Nicholas Michael Nash, killed while disarming the weapon, is able to stop total destruction to the planet below.

The rebellion now out in the open on the streets of Triceblessed and the away team caught in the middle, the second half of the device is disarmed by Lieutenants Graves and Lt. Terpes, and the rebels become fewer in number. Only those who are resistant to the device’s effects are able to advance on the Constellationite soldiers and the away team. A partial objective achieved, the away team is suddenly beamed back to an awaiting shuttle, the Kodiak is dead in space, and the commanding officers are sent to Deep Space 17 for further diplomatic action where later, negotiations are abruptly ended.

Interesting Tidbits

  • The Constellationites quiver when thinking or trying a new food. They tend to quiver more when the food is enjoyable. The Triceblessed don’t believe in fighting their natural rulers. They don’t understand the Federation, especially the Bajoran people.
  • The enslaved Grendallai are smaller in stature than their free ancestors. They also tend to have multi-colored fur, unlike the primarily brown and gray fur of the free Grendallai. They were domesticated over the years by use of devices just like the Trendal device. In its proper use, it was intended to inspire feelings of peace and servitude and is how the Constellationites now extend throughout sixteen systems.
  • The Constellationites view themselves as a blessed collective. They believe themselves to be superior to all other species, but they do tend to respect those of a higher rank within Starfleet, like Admiral Hollis.
  • They worship multiple deities but believe the Star Lord is a living god. The living gods that proceeded Vish IX were Vish VIII and Iskis III, and Trendal VII. The Trendal device was made up of the light of Trendal as she lay dying.
  • The priests of the Star Lord have fewer arms than Raja Ulsheen, but they earn their place serving the Star Lord by allowing the eye on top of their heads to be burned out by the sun to show their devotion to the living god. Instead of appearing before the Star Lord completely prone and crawling, as the few who are allowed into his presence must do, the priests must simply bow. As they enter his throne room, they dance, their many arms intertwining as they sing a welcoming hymn.
  • The Constellationites refer to Itahassa space as Ulsjifga.


  • "As the sun rises we greet you. As the divine egg bursts forth the life we great you Our sun, our life, our Star Lord god king." –Triceblessed Priests to the Star Lord, Vish IX, Emperor of Stars.
  • “May you have eternal light in the endless dark.” Raja Ulsheen to Admiral Hollis at first contact.
  • “May the light of the Star Lord shine upon you.” Raja Ulsheen to Lt. Reed as he presents the Kodiak with a star map to navigate through the minefield.
  • “I am Uksheen, first helper to Ulsheen, most favored to the Star Lord.” Uksheen to Commander Perkins as the first Kodiak away team arrives on the Shivari.
  • “May the divine light of the One Kingdom fill your eyes Admiral Hollis.” Otto Sheen, spawn/cousin to Ulsheen as he and several others arrive on the Kodiak.
  • “Is your Doctor' species a bondservant of the Federation?” Clutcher, bondservant to Sheen family, asking about Doctor Solok’s status.