Wheeler Colony

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Wheeler Colony
Region Ithassa Region
Sector {{{sector}}}
System Deadwood System
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Class M
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Points of interest Wheeler (Captial)
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Population 50,000
Technological Classification Tech Class N
Major cities Wheeler
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Exports Mineral Resource
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Government Independent City States
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A colony established in the Deadwood system in 2320 as a mining outpost. Taken over in 2322 by the Pearson Corporation, its valuable mineral deposits were played out in ten years and it was written off as a loss in 2333. Contact was lost with the colony in 2375 when the Pearson Corporation dissolved. A recent mission to the colony by the Independence found a world populated by city-states.

The main city, only known as Capital or Wheeler, was rated at late 22nd-century in technology level, though with the visit of a number of Federation ships this is beginning to come up a little, especially with regards to basic services. It has an average population of about 50,000.

While the main mineral resources for which the colony was formed did play out there are still enough present for the colony to support itself. Most of the infrastructure was in place prior to their being abandoned so that they were able to survive and flourish.

Part of their development resulted in the forming of a few small independent city states. These are called Alpha, Gamma and Theta. More like mining outposts they still average between 5,000 and 10,000 people each. They trade the metals they mine for other resources from the main capital colony of Wheeler.

While each of these small city states are independent the very nature of survival requires a great deal of co-operation between them. Also in times of danger or need the central government of Wheeler tends to step in and give whatever assistance is needed. Their own survival depends on the survival of the smaller mining colonies.

There are now 2 new mining colonies called Beta and Delta that are slowly being built up. They are still a long ways from being able to stand on their own feet.

The crew of the Independence deposed a quasi-dictator and placed his chief advisor, a man by the name of Tully Andromeda, in control of the city of Wheeler.