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The Kirby-Quay Expedition

Details from Kassa Quay's Notes.

First reports by unmanned probes, indicated that T8A was an uninhabited tropical paradise. On 238404.29 two USS Triumphant Security Officers, Kassa Quay & Thompson Kirby,set out to explore the planet as a project for the USS Triumphant.

Enlargement of the T8A area to show its relationship with DS17. The planet is A.K.A. Planta del Amor


::On approach, Kassa and Kirby could see that T8A was very small... hardly large enough to even be deemed a planet, but with an atmosphere, it could not be ruled out as one. Ensign Boatman circled it to find the best place to set the shuttle down, while Kassa sketched off a crude map.::

::They landed on the beach of what looked like the mouth of a seaway that nearly cut the land mass in half.::

Kassa: If DS17 had all the decks laid out side by side, it would be about the same size as T8A. Maybe a little smaller, but close, so it shouldn't take us long at all to cover the land mass with the ATV.

Atimen Sea and Sealife

  • Average Temperature of the water: 26ºC (79ºF).
  • We named the ocean, Atimen Sea, named for, Nemitor Atimen

  • The water so clear you can see for hundreds of feet when swimming, and it makes you want to chase the array of blue, purple, and yellow fish that abound all the way to the sandy depths. Game fish, an irridescnt silver color, play among their their brightly colored counterparts, and are easily taken with fishing gear from the shore.

Beach Areas

  • We have named our touchdown beach, T'Lara Beach in honor of one of our Commanders aboard the USS Triumphant. A waterway separates two land masses almost totally, making the beaches seem endless. The only land link between the land masses is the other end of the waterway, which we have name Prox Cove for the Triumphant's Doctor.
  • As we moved inward between the land masses, coastal lagoons form a build-up of sandbanks along shallow coastal waters.

NOTE: As you can see from the Topical Map below, we named key features on the planet to honor the present crew of the USS Triumphant.

Topical Map of T8A


Kassas pool.gif
  • Freshwater Pools and streams are fed by underground springs. Kassa's Pool is fed by Kirby Falls as it drops the waters from Reynolds Brook. The water in Kassa's Pool is a sparkling pool, warmed to about 29ºC by an unknown underground source, and it filled with soothing natural sulfurs and minerals.
  • Lake Perkins is the largest freshwater lake on the planet. It teems with fish and is home to a wide variety of flowering water planets.

Plants and Animals

  • The plants on Planeta del Amor were typical of the tropical islands of Earth with very slight variations. Kitigabizi Gardens seems to encompass all of them.
  • Animals were all non-predatory.

The Ruins

A 19th century French novelist named Gustave Flaubert, wrote, "I love above all the sight of vegetation resting upon old ruins; this embrace of nature, coming swiftly to bury the work of man the moment his hand is no longer there to defend it, fills me with deep and ample joy."

This was the feeling I had when I first saw the ruins. The metal spheres and the figure of a woman indented into the ground, were all that remained of an ancient civilization, that had evidently perished attempting to make changes to the perfection of Planeta del Amor. Luckily, the planet's beauty has remained unblimished, except for the ruins, and a few other spheres scattered about the land masses.


In conclusion, I would say that T8A is a planet to be cherished, visited infrequently, and preserved in its natural state. Any experimentations should be done off-planet as it is truely a paradise.

Exploration by the USS Ronin

T8A as imaged by Lt. Kevin Breeman on approach on stardate 238710.10
T8A as imaged by Lt. Kevin Breeman on approach on stardate 238710.10

On stardate 238710.10 the USS Ronin, under the command of Commander Toni Turner returned to T8A to investigate the disappearance of a Marine and a civilian.