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Four Letter Code SYAN
Federation Status Neutral
Planet of Origin Negan
Encountered RNN: "The Sya-Negan"
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N-
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"Sweet wind blowing, leaves rustling, flowers blooming, sunlight warming, may your climb be worthy."
a Sya-Negan greeting.
The Sya-Negan are a silicon-rubber-based species with one heck of a reputation as engineers. While there is no doubt that they are naturally gifted in this respect their incredible desire to remain on their homeworld of natural beauty has reduced their impact on the universe around them.

Home System

  • Quadrant: Beta
  • Location: Tirma Sector (coordinates B25-0003-1307)
  • Proper Name: Negan system in the Ithassa Region.
  • Star: It orbits a class A (White) star
  • Distance from Star:it's orbit is approximately 49 million km
  • Companions: It is the 3rd of 9 planets in the system
  • Moons: it has 3 moons.

Home World

  • Proper Name: Negan
  • Diameter: 18,976 km (11,791 miles)
  • Gravity: 1.02 standard gravity with a density of 3.8
  • Axial Tilt: 12.8%, with normal seasonal changes
  • Orbital Period: 438 days
  • Rotational Period: 26.6 hours
  • Classification: M
  • Surface Water: 47%
  • Atmosphere: 0.96% is a standard pressure with 71% nitrogen, 22% oxygen, 7% trace chemicals
  • Climate: Mainly a mild temperate planet
  • Terrain: It has massive forests with huge growth trees.
  • Population: Just over 4 billion


This unusual silicon-rubber-based species had no choice but to evolve so as to live in and be able to climb the massive trees that cover most of their world. Most of the food grew incredible far above the ground where the sunlight meets the forest canopy. While the trace chemicals in the atmosphere created a perpetual twilight effect above the forest canopy, below the canopy the forest seems to be lost in a darkness that can become complete at night.

To most experts it is a wonder that any life forms developed, let alone one capable of such complex intelligent reasoning. Regardless the fact remains that they did develop, flourish and evolve into the dominant life form on their planet. One that while capable of extraordinary engineering feats was more concerned with preserving the environment and their world as it is.

They spread across their world, living peacefully with each other. No civil unrest, no wars, no conflict. They never felt the need and it was not until they learned they were not alone in the universe that they even considered weapons research. Of coarse they understood that weapons would do them no good unless they could put them into orbit. As a result they now had two new areas of research that they needed to work on.

They put more effort into the creation of a space program than they did their weapons program. The challenges of creating one peaked their engineering curiosity and the many difficulties encountered just inspired them to new heights. As a result they were able to successfully launch a vessel into space in less than 5 years. It would be another 5 before the first useful weapons prototypes were constructed.

Eventually the Sya-Negan made their first warp capable ship but they delayed its first test flight as long range sensors detected the arrival of a large ship in their system. This ship was launching smaller vessels (fighters) into their systems outer asteroid field. However after a few days when the aliens made no move to come closer their curiosity inspired them to go ahead with their test flight in order to meet these strangers.

Their test flight was a complete success but when they dropped out of warp the sudden stop created a subspace ripple that scrambled the systems of the fighters and the USS Ronin’s systems as well. It created a very tense situation. One that could easily have ended in disaster but the Sya-Negan crew made peaceful contact with the crew of of the USS Ronin. Shortly after this first contact, the effects of the subspace ripple quickly drew the attention of other ships and species in the region.

For now they continue to develop and exist as a neutral entity, one that seems to have no real interest in the universe beyond their system.


It is hardly surprising that they are a democratic society, run by a large council or that this has been a fact for as long as they have kept any form of records. Peaceful co-operation and mutual agreed upon agendas have also made this one of the most efficient governments in the entire Ithassa Region.


This non-humanoid species has smooth grey skin that is slightly cool to the touch, having a lower body temperature than most species. In some ways the main body resembles a Russian doll in shape, though the swivelling head functions more like a Terran Owl, having no obvious ears to speak of and overly large eyes that take up most of the face. The eyes are moist and normally look like smooth dark jewels, though the colours vary slightly with emotion for example when enraged a dark ruby may gain a brighter red glow in the centre. A common symptom of illness is when the eyes lose their moist shine. The mouth is only slightly wider than that of a human but shallow with no lips.

An individual has six limbs around its circular body, three arm tentacles which split at the end to form two digits and three legs which work in a similar way to a crab's, though the ends split into three digits like the fingers. The legs and arms are equally spaced to allow access to areas all round, the head rotates fully to do the same. The Sya-Negan were originally tree-dwellers and prefer to make their way across cable-like bridges between dwellings, leading observers to believe they were Industrial by mistaking the bridges for messy power supply.

The senses of a Sya-Negan are extremely sharp compared to humans (especially touch) though it should be noted they have almost no sense of taste, presumably exchanged for the smell receptors in the mouth. Sound, touch and magnetic fields are felt by vibrations in the semi-rubbery limbs. Their home world's atmosphere is breathable, but a tinting effect in the upper atmosphere means that they live in constant twilight during the day, hence the sensitive eyes.


As with most intelligent species they have a very complex system with specialized organs, and unique hormones, chemicals and enzymes. They are in most ways a typical intelligent species with most of the physical, mental and biological medical problems that seem to plague most intelligent species.

Due to the fact that they are a silicon-rubber-based species, everything about how their systems work is radically different from just about anything ever encountered by our medical experts.


They require 3 sexes in order to procreate, a male, a female and a umale and when giving birth a female almost always produces 3 babies, a male, a female and a umale.


They are generally a peaceful, gentle and caring species, working to live ever more in harmony with their environment. However they love puzzles, one of the things that makes them such good engineers and they will spend hours and days trying to find the solution to a problem.

The umales are slightly different with no interest in puzzles, engineering or problem solving. Instead they are only interested in taking care of plants, the environment and caring for the planet and its creations in a simple, holistic approach.

Many experts believe that their extremely unusual silicon-rubber-based physiology and their completely alien mental make up are the main reason why less than 1 in every 100,000 of them ever even consider leaving the surface of their world.


They believe in a universal force, they call the “Divinity of Three”. This force is responsible for life, the universe and the interconnection between everything in existence. They use a triangle balanced on one tip as the emblem of their belief with the symbol for umales at the bottom corner and the symbol for males and females at the top two corners.


It is doubtful that they have any as no records have ever been found to support the possibility that they do. Also when exposed to the myths of other species they become confused, showing a high level of difficulty in distinguishing between fact and fiction.


Their cities and communities are designed and constructed in such a way as to ensure that there is no damage done to the environment or nature. In fact they utilize the natural splendor of their environment to build their cities and communities.

In this their natural love and skill at engineering has been taxed to the max but so far they have always found a way to overcome all the challenges. As a result their tree top homes are complete with all the perks and necessities of life. Their cities and communities have ample power, water and transportation, recreational facilities, health care and educational facilities.

However most of them prefer to spend their efforts on comfort, pleasure and harmony, living quietly so that people will not bother them. Few want to leave their planet at all and it is only the engineering challenges of perfecting warp flight and conducting space travel that has managed to lure those few special members of their society brave enough to tackle the risks.


As a species they tend to enjoy music without any vocals or vocals that blend into and modulate along with the music which can best be described as a kind of techno-funk. Most other species would probably just call it ear splitting noise.

The only other form of artistic expression that seems to have wide spread interest and dedicated artists is that of intricate sculptures with complicated lines, a flowing symmetry and mind boggling sophistication in the design and conception as well as the construction and use of materials.


The only really noticeable customs relate to their need to procreate. A complex and age old ritual is used to select an available male, female and what they call an umale. These three are then placed with in a secluded tree top birthing facility and sealed in.

Once the female has become pregnant they all remain locked up in the facility until the female has given birth to the traditional 3 children. A male, female and an umale. Then 3 weeks later the doors are unlocked and they all leave. The adult female takes the baby female, the adult male takes the bay male and the adult umale takes the baby umale.

They each raise the child they have with them till adulthood, sometimes never meeting the other two who were present and part of the miraculous biological mystery that is procreation.


This species produce a lot of generally amazing engineers due to their high flexibly and sensitivity to magnetic fields. Almost every single one of them is capable of performing their own repairs and many dabble in various projects. However it seems that most prefer to build rather than pilot ships and only a very small number of them ever leave the safety of their homeworlds surface.

Upon ignition contact most species get the wrong impression that their level of technology, is far below what it actually is. This may be partly because the walkways connecting the various structures in their tree top communities were initially thought to be power cables. However most experts believe the actual reason is simply their concern for the environment combined with their engineering skill meant they had no period of mass energy consumption marking a conventional industrial phase. Something very few other species could claim.

Warp Drive

They make an efficient warp engine that, like other warp drives, treated subspace as a sea, however instead of creating a wave to 'surf' on they used the principle of a 'Sea cat' on earth, gathering enough speed to lift out of the water and hence reduce resistance. The problem with this method is that they create a subspace ripple when they come out of warp, the equivalent of settling back into the water. Unfortunately it can create a temporary disruption of many other species ship’s systems.


As an active member of the Free Trade Union they have been able to establish a number of long term trade deals and greatly improved the overall economic conditions on their homeworld.


As a result of their gentle nature their military technology is designed to disable attackers rather than do damage. In fact they have not yet even built any true warships. Instead what they have done is to beef up their transports and freighters so that they have increased defensive capabilities. These include energy beams to disable enemy systems and manipulating magnetic fields in order to divert attacking missiles.

For planetary protection they have designed and launched over 1,000 satellites with extensive defensive capabilities as well as very powerful shields. These satellites have crossed firing arcs, excellent sensors and an interconnected, intuitive AI system that allows them to work together.

Federation Intelligence Files

The Sya-Negan are a species who recently achieved warp capabilities in the Ithassa Region. The USS Ronin made first contact with them on Stardate 238407.16 shortly after their first successful warp flight.

The Sya-Negan are a newly warp-capable silicon-/rubber-based species native to the planet 7AE38, known as Negan to the inhabitants. Sya-Negan literally translates as "Negan born", though it has come to mean "Children of Negan" in relation to the species and "Child of Negan" for an individual.


This is an original Starbase 118 species created by the crew of the USS Ronin.


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