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TE IV is a previously Gorn occupied planet with a Nitro-methane atmosphere in the Triades-Episolon (TE) System. The planet is home to a mining colony inhabited by but not limited to Grendellai, Tzenkethi, Constellationites, FTU members, as well as other prisoners from the Gorn Hegemony.

It is situated in a system traditionally under predominantly Gorn control, though the system declared independence from the Gorn Hegemony less than a month after the Gorn Conflict. After declaring independence, it filed for admission into the Federation (motion denied, but will come under review again in the next year or two). Unfortunately, their supplies were also cut short, which resulted in opening talks for other avenues of trade with various powers, both major and minor.

They live in Environmental Domes that are connected by a series of tunnels and networks through the mines as well as at surface level. While there is no "main city", such a place would be under a Main Dome that is connected to all the other environmenal domes on the surface. It’s not a major metropolis, mainly one small colony.

The colony on the planet suffered an outbreak of sarcoptic mites in 2384, and issued a request for medical supplies. This was replied to initially by the Southern Cross, then by the USS Phoenix-C which was being used by the crew of the USS Independence-A.