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The Grendellai (sing. Grendellus) (sometimes spelled Grendallai) are a canoid race (canine-humanoid, similar to the Chalnoth). While it is unknown if they developed warp-drive themselves, they certainly have scavenged enough technology from various races to prove a threat throughout the region. They possess a form of stealth technology on many of their ships, the material for which has been linked tentatively to the Federation's Wheeler Colony in the Deadwood system. One of their major bases is in the Igloo Cluster (IC-93).

  • This base was severly damaged when it was attacked by the USS Kodiak, USS Triumphant and USS Independence.
  • Then-Lt. Commander Mar and Ensign Walker were attacked near this system as well during a mission in a runabout. They were rescued by the timely intervention of the USS Achilles.

Only slightly taller than average human height, of bipedal appearance, and of average physical strength, many of the Grendellai work as scavengers and pirates. They have been known to capture and cannibalize old hulls and to capture ships' crews for disposal as slave labor. These cannibalized hulls have become known within the fleet as "Frankenstein" ships. The Grendellai are numerous throughout the sector.

Starfleet sources do not know of a 'homeworld' for the Grendellai, nor an organized government. Many Grendellai exist in anarchy or in small autonomous groups operating ships. Officially, these are considered traders. In practice they operate either so close to the law as to make no difference, or as pirates and slavers. They operate a pack heirarchy, with the captain as the alpha male.

  • Larger networks of co-operative pirates and slavers. Similar to the smaller organizations, there is a strict hierarchy between the ships as well as the vessels.
  • Slave labor utilized by the One Kingdom (see below). These Grendellai are seen as sub-Constellationites.

Grendellai encountered

Kullyer – leader of a rebellion on Space Station Elvar
Grrrath - leader of the New Dawn pack

Grendellai facilities

Igloo Cluster Base

History and Culture

Within their packs the Grendellai appear to have a very rigid hierarchical social order, with one alpha male surrounded by several other males to do his bidding. Grendellai appear to be patriarchal, as they possess genitalia that would facilitate sexual reproduction while the female counterpart Grendellai do not often appear in packs thus far observed.

Below is a sample of Grendellai writing, from a note passed between two Grendellai during a recent cultural exchange aboard DS-17.
Grendellai Writing


The closest thing to a homeworld the Grendellai possess is a class N1 planet. This planet is still divided into nation and tribal regions, notable examples including the Domain of the Trisimene Pack. Grandellai military conquest and interstellar operations mimic those conducted on the surface of the Grendellai homeworld.


The best known piece of Grendellai technology is their pseudo-cloak, which is created by lacing the hulls of their ships with Walkinium, a mineral first discovered at Wheeler Colony. Although it cannot hide the ships completely, it disrupts sensors enough to make it difficult to precisely locate their location or get a good weapons lock. Because of the nature of the cloak, it is always "on", and does not seem to interfere with the Grendellai use of sensor and weapons technology.

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