Ma'vil III

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In the beginning this planet was just a ball of rock. Then a sudden cataclysmic expansion of the planet's core shattered the planet's crust. For some unknown reason the planet did not explode. It survived but with its 5,000' thick crust cracked, splintered into a vast network of random canyons that covered the entire surface of the planet.

In time life developed within these deep canyons. The vegetation is, on average, huge with most trees being over 1,000' tall and on average 50' to 100' round. The many vines, ferns and creeper type plants climb, crawl or grow just about everywhere. The only water to be found on the planet is at the bottom of these canyons.

The rest of the planet's surface is a rocky wind swept set of rolling ridges and empty plains. Almost no vegetation grows outside of the canyons and the entire network of canyons which cover about 23% of the planets surface has become one large community.

Most of the Ilbera live off the ground among the trees, vegatation or along the cliffs. They grow their food, both plant and animal off the planet surface amid the lofty reaches of their homes.

They export rare fruits, spices and a thick amber ale called Mavilian ale. It is produced by one of their domesticated creatures. This ale is probally its main and best known export. It is sweet and very potent. Only the Ilbera consume it with out watering it down. Most species need to water it down by 50% to 75%.

After contact with off worlders they constructed 3 cities on the rocky surface in protected lowlying areas. These cities are where aliens can mingle, trade and live. These cities are close to huge, massive cliff formations where most of the Ilbera live while the flat level areas are used by the off worlders and the Ilbera as meeting places. It is here that the buildings, shops and workplaces of a more conventional nature can be found.