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The locet are a humanoid species native to the Ithassa region. They are warp-capable and were inducted into the Federation in 2385 after approximately one century of unified government on their homeworld Paryat.


Paryat: a Class M world in the Ithassa region, closer to the Tzenkethi Empire than any other landmark.


Locet generic.png
  • Humanoid species
    • They walk on two legs.
    • 3 fingers and a thumb on each hand and 4 toes on each foot.
    • Their height ranges from 4' to 5'6" and with an average height of 5' and a fairly skinny build.
    • Skin tone: light blue-green. (see below)
      • They range in color from a very light blue (almost white) to a rich vibrant blue.
      • Hair color ranges from jet black to deep green to a vibrant purple. Some members of the species have streaks of the various possible in their hair (ie mostly green with a streak of black).
  • Their face is flat where the Terran nose would be, but they have a small raised point in the middle of their forehead (similar to a very short "unicorn" horn).
    • Their olfactory organs are two small, round holes behind and below their ears. These are transiently covered by "lids" which can be opened and closed at will (much like "blinking")
  • Internal Organs
    • Their blood carries oxygen in a protein with a complex of 4 nickel atoms, instead of iron, at the center, forming a type of nickel-oxide when it is oxidized. This gives their skin the greenish color while the blue color of their skin is the result of chromophore tinting.
    • Their "heart" sits below their three lungs (rather than between) and underneath their diaphragm. It is six-chambered, rather than 4. Systemic blood enters the Low Atrium which funnels blood to the Low Ventricle. This pumps blood to the endpoint digestive organ (functions similarly to the Terran Liver). Returning blood enters the Left Atrium and is pumped out the Upper Ventricle to the lungs (3). Returning oxygenated blood is collected in the Upper Atrium and pumped into the systemic circulation via the Right Ventricle.
    • The Locet Respire through two skinny slits under the "jaw". These are also covered by flaps which can be opened and closed consciously, but usually fall under autonomic control.


  • Families
    • The Locet form family units of 4 adults (two males, two females) plus the children formed from the unions of the partners. Once the unit is formed, it remains unbroken for the life of the members. Surviving members rarely replace a deceased member.
    • Very rarely is biological parentage known. All 4 are seen as equal parents to the children produced.
    • The four adults settle on a new "family name" that their progeny will take. Some adults choose to take that name while other families only pass it on to their offspring.
  • Gender Roles
    • The males and females of the Locet share duties and responsibilities fairly equally. Both are found in equal numbers at the highest levels of government.
    • Parental units frequently share 3 jobs similar jobs between the 4 partners and take turns being the one to stay home and raise the children.
  • Government
    • The Locet have developed a democratic system fairly similar to those across the Federation.
    • The Speaker is the head of government and serves a term of 3 years. He or she can serve up to 3 consecutive terms if re-elected.


Encounter with the USS Independence-A

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