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The Dragon's Lair is a small specialty shop that caters to Terran medieval fantasies. It stocks a variety of garb, weapons, tools and armor - much of it accurately sourced from the Sol system.

Also available are Holo-Suites to test out your new purchases and to relive the days of old where Dragons ruled the wilderness, minotaurs ruled the labyrinths, and adventure was around every corner.

Weapons Instruction Available

Demonstrations upon request

Tournaments Starting Monthly

  • proprietors: Gerric Durslap; Galvagon Knapp; Paul Diamond

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Upper Dome

Starbase 118 Promenade

Main Dome

Shi'Kahr (Hurutam Sub-district) · Ohmallera · Qo'noS · Ashalla (Coranum Sub-district)
Mak'ala (Little Risa) · San Francisco (Hong Kong Sub-district) · Trinity City

Lower Sections

The Dungeon · Laikan District · Nuova Eleganza

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