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Deep Space 285 is stationed in the Avalon Sector, under the command of Captain Shelther Faranster. The station serves as the primary support facility for the USS Doyle-A and was also home to the Epsilon Program Lab, one of two state-of-the-art facilities specializing in Deep Space exploration and cybernetics development, before it was relocated to the Daystrom Institute.

The Station is staffed by hundreds Starfleet personnel. Many have also brought their families aboard as well. In addition to the Federation forces on the station, scores of merchants, professionals, and food professionals operate dozens of shops, stores, facilities, restaurateurs, bars, and other establishments.

Bars and Restaurants

The Upper Crust Sandwich Shop on Deck 93. This quaint sandwich shop is located in a prime location on the Upper Promenade and specializes in Terran deli sandwiches and sides. The waitress who is usually on duty is a pretty auburn haired Terran female named Lyna River.

The Solar Panel on Deck 90 is easily the most famous club on Deep Space 285. Run by two scrupulous Tellarite brothers, the Solar Panel is the where the most popular and wealthy of the station's population spend their weekends. It's wide range of drinks and beautiful dabo girls also make it a popular location for Federation officers on shore leave. Lyna River works here as a bartender most weekends.

The Wagon Wheel Bar and Salon on Deck 95. A dive bar establishment with Wild West themed decor and the cheapest drinks on the station. Most certainly not for the faint of heart. The main bartender is a rough and tumble Terran male named Horace. He wears the same red plaid shirt and cowboy boots every single day.

Bolian Nights Restaurant on Deck 95. An upscale, rather classy establishment that blends classic Bolian dishes with new age concepts. They are known to have the best wine list in the region. Many senior officers dine here and the restaurant caters some of the more important events held at the station.


The station studies a dangerous but traversable region of space known as the Briar Patch, and to the Klingon Empire as the Klach D'Kel Brakt, which was the site of the Battle of the Briar Patch and near the home of the Ba'ku


Deep Space 285 was constructed in 2384, and commissioned under the command of Cpt. Victoria Samuelson for a year before her father, RAdm. Micheal Samuelson was given command of the Avalon Sector in 2385.

This tenure ended less than gloriously, with a recall after a legally dubious investigation of Cpt. Tyr Waltas, and Adm. Richard Hart steps up as interim commander before becoming the full CO after handling the Genura incident. In late 2389, Captain Samuelson is recalled with most of her staff and the entire command after the Gurab Incident. In late 2389, Lt. Cmdr. Glim Kyyrampa is named as CO of the station, only relinquishing it for a few months in 2390 as the Federation withdraws almost entirely from the Avalon sector. In late 2391, Starfleet Command reassigns a single Starfleet vessel to the region, the USS Constitution-B, and it may be a sign of re-engagement, but very few Starfleet resources are dedicated to this sector. In early 2392, the USS Constitution-B was withdrawn and replaced with the USS Doyle-A, a new Luna class ship.

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