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The Alpha Isles

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"The Big Six" refers to the non-Starfleet members of a brief septumvirate that held the principle power to protect the planet Theta 122 during the Sheliak blockade of 2397.


  • Captain Oqidd of the Chalnoth Vessel Dagger. He prowls Theta 122 with his pack, and there have been reports of his crew cannibalizing others in the flotilla. He ignored Shayne's invitation and did not attend the gathering. It was later reported by Atlas Base that Oqidd and his pack broke into their stores and stole scientific supplies, including bio-mimetic gel...
  • The Caldonian scientist Beriali Dau, captain of the Syrtan. His mission over Theta 122 was to synthesize a toxic irritant to silicon-based life - like the Sheliak - and test it on the uninhabited planet.
  • Gul Dakul, commander of the CDS Hecklat represented the Cardassian Union above Theta 122. An angry and moody veteran of the Dominion War. He died onboard the Arrow, and command of the Galor class ship transferred to his Glinn - DeKeal - who left the system shortly after on the orders of Central Command.
  • DaiMon Blet, the seedy and unscrupulous commander of the FMS Kasseka. Blet seemed to enjoy 'press-ganging' unsuspecting business partners into his service if they reneged on deals made with him, and exploited the smaller ships in the area. After Blet's demise on the bridge of the Razor's Edge, his second in command - Durg - took command of the Kasseka.
  • General Murkad, commanding the Klingon vessel IKS K'prong, trapped alone above the planet. His primary goal appears to be keeping the Sheliak at bay, and denying the aggressive expansion of their kind.
  • Orion privateer Captain Eru Ghant of the Razor's Edge represented the fast growing contingent of pirates and privateers in the region. Wanted on several counts by the Federation, the deadly femme fatale betrayed the conference on the Arrow - unleashing a simultaneous attack on the ship and on the away team. She was apparently killed on the Arrow.

The Sheliak Blockade of Theta 122 (2397/98)

In 2397 the advances of the Sheliak Corporate sent thousands of ships scurrying for cover and protection. A flotilla gathered in orbit of Theta 122, including the USS Arrow. When the Sheliak blockaded the planet the ships found themselves stranded above the desolate planet. Factions and alliances were made and broken, and the Arrow observed six big figures operating among the thousands of ships. The received their moniker, "The Big Six", from Captain Shayne.

In A Scouring of Stars (Arrow) the USS Arrow played host to these figures in an attempt to hammer out a pact of non-aggression. The conference was not entirely successful: at the end of the mission, DaiMon Blet and Gul Dakul had been killed, General Murkad had begrudgingly aided the Arrow on the promise of Sheliak-killing weapons from Captain Dau, and Eru Ghant had seemingly been killed, only to be revived in secret by Sheliak Captain Tamazotz.

At the end of The Ultimatum (Arrow), Arrow received word from Starbase 821 that a temporary truce has been signed between The United Federation of Planets and The Sheliak Corporate. The Sheliak would be taking Theta 122, and Arrow was free to move about the Isle's after nearly nine months under blockade.