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ICV Dagger
Position Pack Leader
Rank Captain
Species Chalnoth
Gender Male
DOB 236407.22
Age 36
Birthplace Chalna


“The strong feast on the weak”

Chalnoth Proverb

Captain Oqidd is the Captain of the ICV Dagger currently patrolling the planet Theta 122 in the Alpha Isles. Chalnoth hunting vessels patrol in packs of two or three ships and generally target and pillage smaller and weaker ships. Recon reports of the USS Arrow showed that the Dagger was attacking small ships and cannibalizing the crews...


  • Full Name: Oqidd
  • Race: Chalnoth
  • Place of Birth: Chalna
  • Birth date: 236407.22
  • Age: 33
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: 0


  • Height: 6' 5"
  • Weight: 120kg
  • Hair Colour: Red
  • Eye Colour: Black
  • Birthmarks, Scars: Various old scars from in-fighting
  • Voice: Gruff
  • Handedness: Right

Personal History

Captain Oqidd of the ICV Dagger is a fearsome and determined hunter for his people. After being stuck in the Sheliak blockade of Theta 122 in 2397, several reports came to the attention of the USS Arrow that the Chalnoth pack were targeting small, weak ships for salvage and eating the crew. Chalnoth can only survive on fresh meat, and so cannibalizing the crew is natural Chalnoth custom. Nevertheless, Commander Randal Shayne of the Arrow sent an invite to 'The Big Six' - Six of the biggest players currently operating in the flotilla - to come together to work on a treaty of non-aggression. Other delegates included Klingon General Murkad, Caldonian Scientist Beriali Dau, Orion Privateer Eru Ghant, Cardassian Gul Dakul and Ferengi businessman DaiMon Blet. Oqidd never responded to the invitation, and didn't show up for the conference.

Later reports given in The Ultimatum (Arrow) showed that a pack of Chalnoth had broken into stores on Atlas Base.

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