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Venthis Diplomatic Council
Position Head Diplomat
Rank Ambassador
Species Venthis
Gender Male
DOB 237801.02
Age 23
Birthplace Northern State, Venthis
Writer ID C237708DW0

Ambassador Dran

Ambassador Dran is a Venthis Ambassador tasked with receiving the crew of the USS Arrow for Second Contact, and prepare his planet for possible membership into the Federation.


  • Full Name: Dran
  • Race: Venthis
  • Place of Birth: Northern State, Venthis
  • Birth date: 237801.02
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: 0


  • Height: 6' 0"
  • Weight: 76kg
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Birthmarks, Scars: None
  • Poses (Hands/Gestures, Feet/Legs, Torso/Head): Muscular and confident.
  • Voice: Confident
  • Handedness: Right

Personal History

Ambassador Dran was assigned to the Diplimatic Council of the Venthis Coalition in 2398. Before his posting to the council, he was a Major in the Sixth Battalion fighting in a war that had raged on the planet Venthis for over two hundred years. Historical records are incomplete (or destroyed) as to why the conflict started, only that all of the Nation States of the planet have been raging war and making truces between themselves since the start.

Everything changed c. 2395 when an event occured which Dran cryptically only refers to as The Miracle, which ceased the fighting and seemingly united the previously-warring States. In the resulting peace, Venthis has developed - extremely quickly - Warp Drive, Food Replicators, Mass Production and Scientific Infrastructure.

After First Contact with the USS Arkhipov, the Venthis petitioned a committee to begin preparations for membership into the United Federation of Planets. The USS Arrow was assigned to this 'Second Contact' task, to evaluate their position and investigate their sudden technological advances.

Dran is portrayed as nervous in his new responsibilities, but a competent leader and war veteran. He's not entirely comfortable with the important diplomatic responsibilities he's been granted, but believes membership into the Federation will strengthen his world. He's also only twenty years old, having become a soldier in the war at very young age.

Dran was very keen and adamant to join the Federation and was shocked when it was revealed that The Miracle he was so in reverence to was actually an Omega Molecule, and the societies great use of it was ultimately infecting the planet and its people. He tasked Madam Alios with destroying it, but she was less than happy to do so. Dran then enlisted Captain Shayne's help, and he joined the away team to locate Omega after it was apparently stolen by Southern Militants - angry at being excluded from the new Venthian way of life.

During the away team Dran was shot by a militant and had to be transported back to the Arrow for treatment. After the mission, he thanked Shayne for the Federations help in installing new power generators for the planet, and explained that the Ministry was instigating a new training program for all States of Venthis to learn about this new power, and hoped Madam Alios and Feren Industries would pioneer the effort. After long consideration, he withdrew Venthis' application for membership to The United Federation of Planets and stated that in time, he would gladly reapply - once Venthis had become the society he thought it was originally.

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