Starbase 821

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Starbase 821

Starbase 821 is a Federation starbase situated at a cross roads of the Alpha Quadrant which serves as a jumping point into the Alpha Isles and the Aavaro Wilds.


The USS Arrow leave Starbase 821 (2398)

Starbase 821 is a Sigma Class starbase situated on the edge of the Alpha Isle's. Despite it's solitary location in the Alpha Quadrant, it's a bustling and prosperous station filled with all forms of life from across the galaxy. Sigma Class bases sport a large docking facility on the front face of the installation, and four round docking pads at the bottom of the base capable of hosting small/medium craft.

Crew Complement

List of known crew of Starbase 821:

  • Commanding Officer:
  • Executive Officer:
  • Chief of Security:
  • Chief of Operations:
  • Chief Medical Officer:
  • Chief Science Officer:
  • Head Counselor:

Technical Specifications


  • Class: Deep Space
  • Type: Starbase
  • Commissioned: 2345
  • Diameter: 2,842m
  • Height: 3,445m
  • Decks: 297
  • Crew:
    • Starfleet: 2,500
    • Civilian: 3000
  • Mass: 23,000,000 metric tons
  • Light Duranium/Tritanium Double hull.
  • Low level Structural Integrity Field

Docking facilities

  • Internal docking bay, capable of holding up to 5 starships.
  • Four docking pads capable of hosting one small craft each.

Operations Systems

  • Reactor Systems
    • Main Reactor Core: M/AM Reactor
    • Secondary Systems: Fusion Reactor
    • Backup Systems: Solar stores
  • Armament & Defense Systems
    • 4 Type-3 burst fire photon torpedo launchers
    • 50 Type-XII phaser arrays
  • Shields
    • High capacity 1,215,000 Terrajoules system.

Deck Layout

  • Communications and Deep Space Sensors (Decks 1 - 5)

Besides the controls and access to the electronics that control all the communications and deep space sensors this area also houses an emergency back up power system. This system is strong enough to operate the top 15 decks of the station. Their is also an emergency back up life support system that can do the same.

  • Ops (Decks 6 - 15):
    • Operations Centre (Ops) - Deck 6
    • Observation Room - Deck 9
    • Security Office - Deck 7
    • Main Brig - Deck 7
    • Main Infirmary, Wards and Morgue - Deck 12.
  • Civilian Habitats (Decks 16 - 121):
  • Officers Quarters (Decks 16 to 40):
    • Decks 16 to 30 are for senior officers with quarters for 20 officers per deck
    • Decks 31 to 40 are for junior officers with quarters for 40 officers per deck.
    • There is a Gymnasium on Deck 35.
  • Diplomatic Quarters
    • Diplomatic offices and quarters are situated on Deck 41.
  • Science Labs (Decks 42 - 46):
    • Chief Science Officers Lab.
    • Multiple science labs and experiment centres.
  • Commercial Sector/Main Promenades - Decks 200 - 215:
    • Holodecks: There are four holodecks situated close to the commercial sector. These are available for booking twenty fours hours a day, and are full size holodecks.
    • The Treble Clef Jazz Bar: Situated just off the main track of the main promenade, The Treble Clef is a medium sized yet intimate Jazz club operating round the clock. You are treated to bar-side, booth or table service by a dedicated waiting staff, and the venue boasts a small but delicious food menu. Open mic night is Thursdays at 1930 hours.
  • Life support systems (Decks 236 - 239)
    • Besides the main life support system, their are also 2 back up systems. The stations water purification and reclamation facilities are also located here.
  • Main Engineering
  • Power Systems
  • Docking Bay
    • The starbase boasts a large ship hangar on the front face of the base capable of berthing 5 small starships or smaller craft. Larger ships are free to dock externally.

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