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The Alpha Isles

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Genti II


Genti II - home of the Gentii species - is a strategically placed M-Class planet in the Alpha Isles.

Heavily industrialized, the crew of the USS Arrow noted the planet had artificial rings around it, constructed via immense technology.

Genti II had large land masses and few oceans. The species of the planet were descended from ancient nomad tribes, but unified and built the technological Capital City many thousands of years ago. The culture is notoriously bureaucratic and demands order and excellence from everyone it encounters. It took months of preparation to even approach Genti II for diplomatic talks by Starfleet.

Class M Planets

Class M planets are typically about the mass of Earth and are in their sun's habitable zone. Their atmospheres contain significant oxygen, liquid water is a significant surface feature, and lifeforms are generally abundant. With more water they would be class N.

  • Type: Terrestrial (Minshara Class)
  • Age: 3 - 10 billion years
  • Diameter: 10,000 - 15,000 km
  • Location: Ecosphere
  • Surface: Surface water abundant; if water or ice covers more than 80% of surface, planet is considered Class O or Class P
  • Atmosphere: Nitrogen, oxygen, trace elements
  • Evolution: n.a.
  • Life-Forms: Extensive vegetation, animal life, humanoids
  • Examples: Earth, Vulcan, Cardassia Prime

Capital City

The Capital is the cultural, industrial and political centre of the world.

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