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The Alpha Isles

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Atlas Base

Atlas Base is a self-contained, independent research station located on the planet Theta 122 in the Alpha Isles.


An unusually small endeavor built on Theta 122, Atlas Base was the brainchild of notable scientist Frederick Immelmann. Acting as the administrator to a colony fitted for approximately one hundred, Immelmann commissioned Atlas Base with a single-minded mission; to explore the depths of and area surrounding the planetoid known as Theta 122. The base itself is tiny; unlike most other Federation installations, it was designed for compactness and functionality, with limited amenities. The base is composed of three individual sections, constructed concentrically - a Habitat Ring, Work Ring and Support Ring.

Atlas Base resides near several small water sources, and supplements its replicator rations with grown fruits and vegetables, as much of the energy allotted for replicators is used in the pursuit of scientific endeavors. The base itself is poorly defended; a single small ion cannon is perched in the middle of an open complex, and a weak deflector shield is usable. Aside from these minimal tactical advantages, the colony is mostly unguarded, depending on its small size and relative obscurity for protection.

Crew Complement

List of known crew members of Atlas Base:

  • Chief Administrator/Head Scientist: Frederick Immelmann, gruff and secretive. He doesn't get on with Commander Randal Shayne.
  • Requisitions Specialist: Isla Zh'vhaonnin. A fiesty Andorian woman with a Northern English accent. She's rather taken with Lt.Commander Quentin Collins.
  • Junior Engineer: Mees Van Day. A young Dutch engineer who struck a flirty friendship with Lieutenant(JG) Regan Wilde
  • Civilian Geologist: Grexa. Old Denobulan woman who enjoys drinking and playing cards. Romantic interest of Thaon Brom.


  • Class: Surface Base
  • Type: Research and support facility
  • Commissioned: 2397
  • Diameter: 3,842m
  • Height: 1,445m
  • Decks: Several levels in three concentrically operating rings.
  • Crew:
    • Civilian: 106
  • Mass: 12,000,000 metric tons
  • Light Duranium hull
  • Low level Structural Integrity Field

Docking Facilities:

  • Internal docking bay, capable of holding up to 15 small craft/shuttles.

Operating Systems:

  • Reactor Systems
    • Main Reactor Core: M/AM reactor
    • Secondary Systems: Fusion reactor
    • Backup Systems: Solar generator
  • Armament & Defense Systems
    • 1 small ion cannon
  • Shields
    • Low capacity 215,000 Terrajoules system.

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