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FMS Fortuna
Position DaiMon
Rank Captain
Species Ferengi
Gender Male
DOB 234008.09
Age 60
Birthplace Ferenginar
Writer ID C237708DW0


“What has exploration ever done for the Ferengi Allance? Captain, we do not explore. We purchase. We acquire!”

DaiMon Slek

DaiMon Slek was the Commanding Officer of the FMS Fortuna, which was confronted by the USS Arrow in a remote and unexplored region of the Alpha Isles in 2398.


  • Height: 5'4
  • Weight: 146 lbs.
  • Hair:Bald
  • Eyes:Green
  • Build:Fat

Personal History

Slek is a fat and ungainly Ferengi DaiMon in command of the FMS Fortuna. He's described as a traditional Ferengi who opposed the reforms on Ferenginar instigated by Grand Nagus Rom. He is greedy, manipulative and seemingly quite wealthy. He believes that a Ferengi's wealth should be reflected on his body; therefore, the fatter you are, the wealthier you are. He has a Symbol of Ferenginar tattoo on his forehead inked in pure latinum.

It's revealed in Hunt for the Hulk (Arrow) that although he is very wealthy, he has no power of influence on Fereginar and is hemorrhaging latinum to pay for his crew and ship in the hopes that the space hulk will provide for his future. He warns Captain Shayne that under interstellar law the derelict vessel is his alone, but allows Starfleet to confirm the hulk is abandoned.

A cunning businessman, he offered a helping to hand to the Arrow in exchange for stellar cartography maps of the Alpha Isles so he could exploit further business opportunities. He also demanded that Commander Ash MacKenna - Arrow's Intel Chief - deliver the information he request personally. Against his better judgement, Shayne dispatched MacKenna and Collins over to the Fortuna.

Slek's plan was to extract vital intel from MacKenna, but never got the opportunity thanks to the ever present Commander Collins. After striking Ash, Shayne became engraged and fired a warp-powered phaser blast at the Ferengi ship, crippling it. Slek employed the 'Slek Gambit', transporting over to the Space Hulk with MacKenna and Collins before self-destructing his own ship, so Shayne would believe his officers perished by his own hands. On the hulk, Slek abandoned the Starfleet officers and procured what he was employed to do by the Gorn - acquire the ancient Gorn eggs stowed in stasis.

After escaping the hulk, Slek steals the incubated egg from the Gorn Throne Room, which hatches in his shuttle before his Gorn contact arrives. Slek's fate is left ambiguous as he's caught between his phaser at one end of the cockpit, and a very hungry Gorn hatchling at the other...

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