Beriali Dau

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Beriali Dau
Position Commanding Officer/Head Scientist
Rank Captain
Species Caldonian
Gender Male
DOB 234708.20
Age 50
Birthplace Caldonia
Writer ID C237708DW0

Beriali Dau

“With all due respect Captain, the Federation Science Council does not regulate our research in the Caldonian Cooperative.”

Beriali Dau to Randal Shayne

Captain Beriali Dau is the Commanding Officer and Head Scientist of the Science Vessel Syrtan, a large and modern science ship orbiting Theta 122.


  • Height: 200cm (6' 6")
  • Weight: 110lbs.
  • Build: Tall and thin
  • Physical Limitations: Physically weak
  • Hair Color: N/A
  • Length of Hair: N/A
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Skin Tone: Dark Brown.

Character History

Beriali Dau is the Captain and Head Scientist of the Caldonian vessel Syrtan. He is amiable and polite, and was quick to sign the pact of non-aggression proposed by Captain Shayne in A Scouring of Stars (Arrow). He is committed to scientific research and advancement and the goal of peace, though in a private conversation with Shayne, he confessed to feeling liberated by not having to conform to the Federation Science Council's restrictive ethics. In order to aid the USS Arrow against the attack by the Razor's Edge, Dau made a pact with Klingon General Murkad in order to bring the IKS K'prong into the fight.

It was revealed that Dau's mission above Theta 122 was to research and bio-synthesize a toxic radiation which could be deployed on the planet in order to stop the Sheliak advancement into Caldonian space. The substance, which Dau successfully produced, would not harm carbon based life but would irradiate silicon based life such as the Sheliak. The radiation was not designed to be fatal - only a cellular irritant which would mean the Sheliak would never be able to stand living on an irradiated planet. In his bargain with Murkad, Dau promised the Klingon warrior to help weaponize the substance and help the aged warrior fulfill his revenge against The Corporate. However, Dau realised the complications of this arrangement and informed Captain Shayne of the plan, much to his condemnation. In order to keep the peace, Dau promised to submit falsified reports to Murkad and trick the General into believing the radiation could not be weaponized. Though not a villain by any means, Dau's drive for pure science and his own interpretation of ethics means he could be just as culpable to an attack on the Sheliak as Murkad. His final thought after the meeting with Shayne was that telling the Federation officer of his deal with the Klingon was too problematic and in future it might be best to simply not tell the Federation anything at all.

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