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FMS Kasseka
Position DaiMon
Rank Captain
Species Ferengi
Gender Male
DOB 23605.18
Age 37
Birthplace Ferenginar
Writer ID C239607AS0


“I love the smell of profit in the morning!”

DaiMon Blet

DaiMon Blet was the Commanding Officer of the FMS Kasseka while it was blockaded above Theta 122 with the USS Arrow in 2397. He died when he was abducted from the Arrow by Orion pirates - ending up on the bridge of the Razor's Edge just as the Arrow and IKS K'prong dealt the final death blows to the ship.


  • Height: 5'1
  • Weight: 136 lbs.
  • Hair:Bald
  • Eyes:Green
  • Build:Pudgy.

Personal History

Blet was an seedy, immoral and unscrupulous Ferengi businessman working in the Theta 122 sector when the Sheliak blockaded his ship in 2397. A typical Ferengi, he saw profit everywhere and made unfair and backhanded deals with smaller, weaker ships in the flotilla above the planet. He profiteered from almost anything, even sending a drill team to the only known water source on the planet - an underground reservoir - in the hopes of gaining selling rights to the water. The team would later be killed for trespass by the dangerous group The Brotherhood of Thet.

He was known to 'press-gang' people he made deals with. If they couldn't pay up on their side of the deal, he would compound their vessels and enlist their services on his crew for room and board. He argued that this wasn't modern slavery since he recompensed them with a roof over their head in return for their labour.

Blet eagerly accepted Randal Shayne's invitation to the conference aboard the USS Arrow to hammer out a treaty of non-aggression, and even took a briefcase filled with 200 bars of gold-pressed latinum to bribe the Starfleet Commander to 'see thing's his way'. Shayne naturally refused the bribe and was horrified when Blet made references to people he knew who would 'pay' for girls matching Counselor R'Ariel's description.

He seemed genuinely surprised when Eru Ghant betrayed the group, launching an all out attack on Starfleet on the ground as well as the Arrow herself. He opted to stay with the other delegates when Gul Dakul offered to help security defend the ship. Orion boarders managed to infiltrate the Briefing Room though, and 'Blet-napped' the greedy Ferengi and transported him to the bridge of the Razor's Edge. Calling the Kasseka for help, his Second in Command - Durg - seemingly ignored the call, and took over as DaiMon when the Edge was left adrift after the Arrow and K'prong blasted the pirate ship, and Blet seemingly met the Blessed Exchequer in the Divine Treasury. At least he had 200 bars of latinum to pay his way...

End File