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Four Letter Code GNTI
Federation Status Friendly
Planet of Origin Genti II, Alpha Isles Region, Alpha Quadrant
Encountered ARR: "Freaky Friday"
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level M
List of Named Gentii

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Home System

  • Quadrant: Alpha Quadrant
  • Location: Alpha Isles
  • Proper Name: Genti
  • Star:
  • Distance from Star:
  • Companions:
  • Moons:

Home World

  • Proper Name: Genti II
  • Diameter:10,000 - 15,000 km
  • Gravity:
  • Axial Tilt:
  • Orbital Period:
  • Rotational Period:
  • Classification: M class
  • Surface Water:
  • Atmosphere: Nitrogen, oxygen, trace elements
  • Climate:
  • Terrain: Large land masses and few oceans.
  • Population:









Gentii society is one of the most heavily regulated and laden with rules. They are notoriously bureaucratic and demand order and excellence from everyone they encounter. Though their laws are quite detailed and complete, the true sophistication and restriction of their kind shows itself in the Gentii cultural norms.

During one of Starfleet's attempts to forge better relations with the Gentii in late 2398, Lieutenant JG Alvarez accidentally sparked a youth counter-culture movement that pushes the boundaries of many of the Gentii societal norms that have lasted for roughly the last four hundred years.


Gentii excel as debaters, politicians, lawyers, diplomats, scientists and much more, but the greatest treasure of Gentii culture is its artists. Enormously disciplined and trained rigorously from an early age, few individuals of other species can rival the technical perfection of Gentii artists of any discipline. They particularly revere performance art, believing that it somehow reveals something intimate about the inner self and inner truth that is otherwise hidden. According to one of their ancient philosophers, "The truest soul and self of a being flows forth from its art." The Gentii also enormously admire athleticism, but don't particularly care for competitive sports, and dislike violent sports especially.

The Gentii have a fascination with the inner self and capacity to learn new art forms that led Lieutenant JG Alvarez to calling the Gentii "A cultural sponge since they evolved language."


The oldest and most significant custom among the Gentii is the Bairiri. The ceremony originated thousands, possibly tens of thousands, of years ago as a way for early nomadic tribes to establish trust with each other, while exchanging gifts, food, and supplies. The most important part of the Bairiri is at the end, when cultural artifacts - meaning sculpture, art, music, dance - would be exchanged. The events are some mix of exhibition, festival, and grand performance that lasts days or even weeks depending on the nature of the relationship being formed. Tribes would even commission works and performances for each other to be exchanged before parting ways, incorporating what they'd learned of each other. Often how well the Bairiri went had a big impact on whether the tribes would continue to trade decades, or even millennia later.

Over generations, the practice modernized and evolved into ever-larger affairs. Countries seeking peace or large companies pursuing mergers would hold Bairiris in more recent centuries. Even families in advance of weddings have a smaller version of the Bairiri to solidify the new bonds being forged.


The Gentii are a warp-capable species with technology largely equivalent to many other younger alpha- and beta- quadrant powers. They are quite an industrious and focused species, and have constructed massive artificial rings around their home planet

The Gentii possess an experiment neural imaging probe with capabilities (both range and resolution) far beyond anything else in Federation databases. During a visit by the USS Arrow in 2398, a glitch in the probe accidentally rearranged the personalities of the crew demonstrating an ability to also project entire neural energies onto other, compatible, sentient beings. As part of the terms for continuing negotiations with the Federation, the Gentii allowed Starfleet scientists and engineers access to the details schematics and studies of the device.


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