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The 8 x 8 began as a place for people to come and play chess on Starbase 118. The place is run by David G. Cox, a 44 year old retired Terran scientist, who will let anyone who can beat him at any of the games in the store come in for one month free. Although none have tried, it is certain that there will be a few that win over David. Almost all races have some version of chess, and most are represented at the 8x8. (David's specialty chess game is Terran chess, hence the name of the shop, 8x8.) From chess, former owner Reyko Gunto expanded to include poker tables. From poker tables, he added billiard tables. Many people come to have a drink and watch others play. It is said that quite a bit of money is wagered on the various matches. This is among the "quietest" places people go to have fun and relax. The 8x8 has a food bar that serves basically just finger food and appetizers. While alcohol is served, it is pretty much a cold beer or glass of wine. David will politely ask anyone who is drunk to leave. He makes his credits by basically renting out table space. You pay to stay, regardless of whether you drink or not. Some people just go there to watch others play. Whenever David does play any of his games, it is expected that the house will be packed with people just paying to watch.

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