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Voyage I

Captain Rendary - Kodiak (Galaxy Class)

Kodiak Galaxy Class Shakedown Cruise

Captain Rendary and Commander Vedoc take command of the USS Kodiak. While Captain Rendary remains on the bridge, Commander Vedoc runs the crew through a variety of simulations including a Holo Deck malfunction, and a faked Romulan attempt to steal the ship.

Mission: Classified

There are consistent rumors that the Kodiak discovered an inter-dimensional rift. Starfleet refuses to confirm or deny the rumors. All logs are sealed.

The Daris Distress Call (237603.30 – 237604.03)

Just fresh in receiving crew, the USS Kodiak is assigned by Starbase 118 operations to proceed directly to the Daris Colony and assist in the evacuation of the colonists. They proceed at full speed for fear of a dominion attack. Proceeding at full speed for a few days, the tactical officer, Ensign Gildor Alexander reported that they had begun picking up life pods massing around the second moon of Daris II. The Captain orders the cargo bays aboard the USS Kodiak converted to allow civilians to stay.

Upon arriving in orbit, Commander Vedoc ordered Ensign Ngyun to begin scanning the colony to find out why the tectonic plates had become unstable as they were causing massive earthquakes across the planet’s surface. While Ensign Nguyen is attempting to find the cause of the disturbance, Captain Rendary receives a call from one of the escape pods and he is told that Captain Paine is safe and that there are no causalities so far among the escaped civilians.

Most of the injured were simple bumps and bruises with a few with de-compression sickness. It is report that Captain Paine, Lt Cmdr Valeris and Lily (civ) were unable to be found. Ensign Felix was able to confirm that the colony’s captain’s yacht had launched, but they were unable to find it in the debris field in orbit. The three were listed as Missing in Action.

CLASSIFIED: Captain Paine was found to have deserted with Lt Cmdr Valeris when sensor readings were discovered in 2381 by the USS Oscar from sensor bouy wreckage near the inner orbit Daris’ sun. No efforts by Starfleet command have been made to apprehend and their case is considered closed.


Captain's Log

Date: 237604.03 Entry By: Captain Jacen Rendary

“Captain's Log, Stardate 9904.03. Kodiak's first mission has been bitter sweet. We were sent to the Daris 2 Colony to provide assistance with the evacuation. Captain Paine ordered the planet evacuated due to huge seismic activity and the growing possibility of a crack in the environmental dome forming. When we arrived all of the colonies inhabitants were grouped together in the shadow of the small moon that orbited the planet. It wasn't until all the lifeboats and escape pods were on board that we found out that Captain Paine, Lieutenant Command Valeris and a civilian by the name of Lily were not present. We initiated a search to locate the missing personnel after 5 hours tactical sensors picked up the wreckage of a Federation Shuttlecraft. Scans indicated that the Shuttle was Captain Paine's personal Command shuttle. It appears that his shuttlecraft might have come in contact with another escape pod and thus account for the missing personnel. Dangerous tremors and volcanic activity near the crash site made impossible to launch a search party. I have contacted Starfleet Command to dispatch a Search and Rescue Team to the area as soon as possible. We are currently 10 hours away from Star Base 118. The officers from the colony have been assigned jobs and sections while they are aboard, but I am concerned about their welfare. They have been going about their duties with little or no interaction with the my crew. I fear that they are not adjusting to what has happened on the colony. I am going to call Lieutenant Commander Y'Shirad in to talk about how her crew is adjusting.”

Choices at Lithron

Lithron VII - 2376.05.20

Casualties of War

Garnet - 2376.07.15

Voyage II

Captain Lang Vedoc - Kodiak-A (Dauntless Class)

  1. Leave SB118 - Temporary Reassignment to USS Regent: 2376.08.01
  2. Enli Cultural Observation - 2376.09.14
  3. HoloDeck Training - 2376.09.15
  4. Vorash Peace - 2376.11.22 - Commissioning of Kodiak-A (Dauntless Class)
  5. Beta Quad/Seth - 2377.01.15

Voyage III

Commander Hollis - Kodiak-A (Dauntless Class)

  1. Risa Orion Syndicate Investigation - 2377.03.15
  2. Atholeen Colony (diverted): 2377.06.04
  3. AB45: The Klingon Affair - Mega Sim - 2377.06.20
  4. AB45: Destroying AB45 Labs - 2377.07.04
  5. Leave: Vulcan Base - 2377.08.09
  6. The Nos - 2377.10.04
  7. Qunos 'Sins of the Father' - Joint Sim USS Ronin: 2377.11.13

Voyage IV

Captain Hollis - Kodiak-A (Dauntless Class)

  1. Gamorae - Sons of Kalath - Joint Sim USS Ranger 2378.01.18
  2. Leave: SB118 2378.002.01
  3. Orion Syndicate Purge - 04.10.01
  4. Kismet - 2378.06.01
  5. Rescue USS Tiger - 2378.07.25
  6. Breen Peace Mission - 2378.09.08

Voyage V

Fleet Captain Hollis - Kodiak-A (Dauntless Class)

  1. Leave: Kismet Colony
  2. Web Nebula/Dyson Sphere - 2379.02.01
  3. Hell's Gate "Triumph" - 2379.07.01
  4. T'lithian War - 2379.09.01
  5. Decomission Kodiak-A: 2379.12.15 - At Midway Repair Facility Kodiak-A is decommissioned, and the Norway class Kodiak-800101 is commissioned.

Voyage VI

Rear Admiral Hollis - Kodiak NCC 800101 (Norway Class)

  1. Commission Kodiak: Norway Class - 2380.01.01 - With great fanfare, the Kodiak 800101 is commissioned at Midway Repair Facility.
  2. Treasure Hunt - Joint Mission with USS Independence - 80.02.01
  3. Leave: Bajor
  4. Specter of the Past - 80.03.15