Craft assigned to USS Kodiak-A

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To serve, to strive, and never to yield!

Deck 4 Saucer Section Shuttle Bay I

  • Koala

This is a small-unarmed SW-21 Long-Range Warp Shuttle capable of carrying up to 2 crew and 10 passengers and achieving warp 3. It is used to convey officers and crew between distant points in secure areas of space.

  • Black Bear

A S-20 Standard Administrative Shuttle this shuttle is not warp capable. It is crewed by 2, and can carry another 6 passengers. The vessel is ideal for away missions and movement within friendly solar systems.

  • Cave Bear

A SC-22 Sphinx Class Cargo Shuttle it is manned by the standard 2 person and like the S-20 may accommodate another 6 passengers. It can transport 25 cargo units and tow additional Cargo pods.

  • Cubs

The Kodiak Fighter Wing consists of 4 GS-50 IV tactical fighters. They are not capable of warp speeds, armed with a fore phaser, and have 360 shielding.

Deck 14 Star Drive Shuttle Bay II

  • Red Panda

A S-20 Standard Administrative Shuttle this shuttle is not warp capable. It is crewed by 2, and can carry another 6 passengers. The vessel has a modified sensor array and computer system for scientific missions.

  • Grizzly

A Jovian Class Runabout, this large shuttle was assigned to the Kodiak during the last days of the Dominion War. A marine transport vessel, it sports extra armor and firepower than the Danube Class Run About.

  • Ottawa

A Danube Class Run About, this standard shuttle replaced the run about Brown Bear damaged beyond repair at AB-45.

Kodiak Flyer: Attack Shuttle Class

  • Class and Type: Kodiak Flyer: Attack Shuttle Class
  • Name: USS Smokey
  • Registration: NX-769012
  • Commissioning Date:
  • Hull Characteristics:
  • Size: 2 (40 meters long: 1.5 decks)
  • Operation Characteristics:
  • Crew: 4
  • Passengers: 4
  • Evacuation: 12
  • Computers: 1
  • Transporters: 1 padd of three
  • Tractor beams: 1FD
  • Propulsion and Power Characteristics:
  • Quantum Singularity (classified): 5.0/9.0/9.975(8 hours)
  • Impulse Systems: .75/.9
  • Slip Stream Propulsion Unit: (Tested once then failed, still accessable)
  • Sensor Systems:
    • Long-Range Sensors: 10 Light years
    • Lateral Sensors: 1 light year
  • Navigational Sensors:
  • Weapons System:
    • Type X phaser cannons. Quad phaser set on manual. One on top and one on bottom. Set up as in old-style fighter mode.
    • 2 Micro torpedo launchers Aft and Forward Number: 20
  • Defensive Systems:
  • Starfleet Deflector-Grid Advanced
  • (Can manifest Metaphasic shielding)
  • Sensor Ghost and Screening. Casts a sensor shadow of the scanning ship back at them as if it were a sensor ghost.
  • Basic Layout:
    • Front of shuttle holds the so called cockpit. There are four stations: Pilot, which consists of Navigation and Ops, Tactical, which includes communications, shields and sensors, Weapons, this is obvious, and Engineering console. The set up is on forward, one aft, one port and one starbard: sort of like a cross.
    • Behind the main bridge section is the medical/temporary quarters section. Two beds, which act as biobeds and medical supplies are here. Storage areas are aligned within the walls.
    • After this is a small step down area for storage and direct access to the engines and work stations.
  • History:
    • The Smokey began as a prototype vessel created by Star Fleet Engineers at AB45, a classified research lab. It was given up due to engineering problems. One such problem could have been the difficulties with the slipstream drive. Discovered by LCMD Xan Hebron, the shuttle was taken to the Kodiak due to lack of an escape route from a hostile situation. Hebron noticed the creativeness of the vessel and conducted a test of the drive. In doing so, the shuttle malfunctioned and a disastrous effect occured. The loss of a crewmen and Hebron's wife. The shuttle did go into slipstream, but only for 2.5 seconds. The shuttle then was comprimised and severely damaged.

Shortly there after, the shuttle craft Brown Bear was destroyed by an accident on the same mission. LCMD Hebron, along with Lt. Cyrce and N'Val, combined the two craft and made one mix-breed shuttle. So far the combination has turned out to be an tough combination, but the Smokey is still riddled with mishaps. Recently a bomb was planted on the Smokey in order to get rid of its small crew, for what purposes, it is not known.

Lost or Destroyed Shuttles

  • Brown Bear

A Danube Class Run About destroyed at AB45 when boarded by mutants.

  • Shuttle X

A super weapon designed and then moth balled by the scientists at AB45. The test fleet of the shuttle determined that majority of the systems were either to hazardous to operate, or seriously flawed. The test flight of the vessel killed one officer.