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Cait is the homeworld of the Caitian species and a member of the United Federation of Planets.

Cait Spacedock is the headquarters for Starfleet Operations in the Tholian Region, which includes the Shoals and Menthar Corridor.


  • Cari'Ol

The capital city of Cait is a port town, nestled against a large, bright blue sea with busy docks and port quarters. There's been a thriving fishing industry in the city for years, and multiple fishing quarters border the sea. The architecture of Cari'Ol is a perfect fusion of old and new, a testament to the Cait that was and the Cait that will be in the future[1].

  • Draivon

A smallish town named after Draivon Canyon which lies just beyond it, this area of Cait is practically untouched by the wave of modernity sweeping the jungle planet. The Draivon District houses the Lorana Preserve, a large area under the protectorate of the Lorana Clan. This is also the location of the Lorana Estate, an expansive estate. [2].

  • Qeh’teah

Home to both a popular resort and a wildlife preserve, Qeh'teah sees its fair share of tourists, both amongst the Caitians themselves and from off-worlders.

  • Rylar

One of the more administrative-heavy areas of Cait, almost none of the classic Caitian architecture remains in this modern cityscape of tall glass and steel skyscrapers, towering above most other Caitian buildings[3].

  • Sh'erato City

Home of the lauded Institute of Art, Sh'erato City - a city of art and culture - is a popular location for Caitians and tourists alike. The city has none of the larger skyscrapers of other larger cities, instead opting for elegance and refinement in the architecture. The city itself is filled with culinary establishments, antique vendors and numerous smaller galleries, but it is the Institute itself that is the main attraction of the city, placed in the very centre of it, and with all main thoroughfares leading towards it. [4].

  • Shuuras

Famous for its market, held every Saturday and Sunday in the city’s centre. Fresh local agricultural produce, seafood, and spices were the genesis of the markets, but over the last century that has expanded to all kinds of goods, such as trinkets, clothing, and the latest in tech gadgets. It has about 4,000 stalls, and occupies an area of approximately 30,000 square metres. A map of the markets shows the sections of it: clothing and textiles, seafood and produce, tech, spices, and a food section in the middle[5].

  • Tecain

This city is home to the Hrrr'ston Space Center, and is a city caught in the throes of the modernization of Caitian architecture that is progressing across the planet. Many buildings in this city have a distinct style, blending classic Caitian and modern architecture together[6].

  • Y'rabba

A small island city on the island of Huiz-kah, the island is notable for its beautiful beaches that, regardless of the weather, can boast about being sparsely populated given the native peoples' inherent distaste for all aquatic activities. [7].

Notable Residents

  • Rear Adm. Joseph Washington, Commander of Starfleet Operations along the Tholian border
  • Lt. Cmdr. Kinan Venroe, personnel administration officer, looking after officer management

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