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“When you go home, tell them of us and say: For your tomorrow, we gave our today.”

John Maxwell Edmonds; Epitaph, World War II Allied War Memorial - Kohima, India

USS Ronin Ship Crest
USS Ronin Ship Crest

The USS Ronin is an Akira Class vessel relaunched in late 2400 under the command of Commander Karrod Niac, formerly First Officer of the USS Arrow. After decades of dedicated service the Ronin spent the last several years in the Utopia Planitia fleet yards undergoing extensive refurbishment and refit to bring it up to modern Starfleet standards. Although that effort wasn't scheduled for completion until mid 2401 Stafleet Command pressed the Ronin back into service early to supplement existing forces in the Alpha Isles due to an increase in adversarial behavior from several power blocs in the region.

Initially launched from Starbase 118 in 2375, the Ronin was the direct replacement for the USS Obertha and was commanded by Captain Skyfire. His departure from Starfleet a year later led to Captain Alder taking command of the Ronin until she also left in October 2377.

The Akira Class USS Ronin

Following Captain Alder's unexpected departure, the vessel's first officer Michael James took command of the vessel in 2378 and acted as CO until the ship's inactivation in January 2380. The vessel was taken out of mothballs and sent to the remote Ithassa Region to aid in the Gorn conflict of 2383. Following repairs, she was reassigned to the command of then-Commander Idril Mar in December 2383 and has remained in the region.

The heavily armed vessel is generally seen as a gunship, and in its history the Ronin has seen its share of conflicts with groups including the Grendellai and the Cardassians. However, under the command of Idril Mar, the USS Ronin has also broken sterotypes and engaged in a variety of peaceful missions that have included a First Contact with the Sya-Negan and a diplomatic dinner with the Gorn.

In the summer of 2385, command of the Ronin was transferred to Capt. Bert Morgan after Capt. Mar's medical quarantine at Starfleet Medical, Earth. That fall, Captain Morgan was transferred to the USS Wellington and command of the Ronin was passed to Commander Ben Walker.

Upon Captain Ben Walker's retirement (238707.23), command of the USS Ronin passed to Commander Toni Turner, and when its crew was reposted to the Duronis II Embassy, Captain Tallis Rhul took command with his own crew on stardate 238808.10, until it was inactivated again on stardate 238812.07, when they relocated to the USS Mercury.

NPC Listing   ·   USS Ronin Crew Manifest   ·   Crew History
Niac crop angry.gif
Commanding Ofc.
Karrod Niac
Toryn Raga.png
First Officer
Toryn Raga
Alieth ltcmmdr.png
Chief Science Ofc.
Luxa Lorana Ensign close up.png
Science Officer
Luxa Lorana
V'len Kel.jpg
Chief Medical Ofc.
V'Len Kel
Ian O'Connor
Chief Tact/Sec Ofc.
Kirsty Lee Carpenter
Security Officer
C'iri Mingan Hopkins
Tactical Officer
Maverick Kenmore
Kammus Corelli-Ensign.png
Chief Engineer
Kammus Corelli
Marty Tucker.png
Engineering Officer
Marty Tucker
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