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The Leadership Roster lists the non-ship-based leadership positions throughout the fleet. If you would like to apply for one of the open positions, please head to the Leadership Roster Maintenance Thread on the forums, and reply per the directions.

If one of the people below is inactive, please remove their name and replace it with ''VACANT''. If we're missing a Taskforce, please add it.



Captains, Commanding Officers, and Above

Members of the Executive Council, Flag Officers, Captains, and Commanders acting as Commanding Officers hold full discussion rights and 1 vote each. They may put motions to vote before the Council and second such motions.


Any officer who is not acting as the Commanding Officer of a vessel, but has officially been recognized as a Commander, has full discussion rights and will have 1 vote on the council except in votes of the following matters: discipline of officers; nominations for, or promotions to the rank of full commander; creation, alteration or amendment of the requirements for advancement to the rank of full commander. They may put motions to vote before the Council and second such motions.

Lieutenant Commander-Ranked First Officers

Any officer who is acting in the official capacity of First Officer of a vessel, as recognized by the ship’s official Commanding Officer, has full discussion rights. They may not put motions to vote before the Council, but they may second such motions.

Council Administrative Staff



Executive Council Magistrate


  • Officer: Kali Nicholotti
  • Duration of Appointment: 1 year (2 Term Limit, in 5 years)
  • Rank Required: Captain
  • Site: Staff area on the Website

Captains Council Magistrate

  • Officer: Aron Kells
  • Duration of Appointment: 1 year
  • Rank Required: Commander
  • Site: Staff area on the Website


See also: Teams for an overview of each team.

StarBase 118 Academy


Training Team

Cadet Stewards

Academy Statistician Team

UFOP: SB118 Group Elements

PT logo.jpg

Publicity Team


Community News Team

  • Facilitators: Tristan Wolf
  • Deputy Facilitators: VACANT
  • Duration of Appointment: Indefinite
  • Rank Required: Lieutenant JG
  • Site: Newsies Team on the Wiki

Newsletter Team


Calendar Team


Wiki Administrators

Wiki Ops logo.png

Wiki Operations Team

  • Facilitator: VACANT
  • Duration of Appointment: Indefinite
  • Rank Required: Lieutenant JG
  • Site: 118Wiki:Operations page

Chat Team


The (Image) Collective


Department of Veterans Affairs


Community History Team


Radio & Podcast Team

Poll of the Week


Federation News Service Team


Advanced Starship Design Bureau

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