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USS Veritas-logo.png
  • Rank: Lieutenant - Lieutenant Commander
  • Duty Post: Engineering Officer, Chief Engineering Officer
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Roshanara Rahman
  • Stardates: 239407.07 - 239510.31


Assessment: Captain Roshanara Rahman

Disciplinary Log


Transfer to the Veritas

Lael, Chythar, Alex, and Dassa all shared quarters on the Runabout Yahtzee enroute to Antor II, where the Veritas sat in orbit awaiting their arrival. Anjar Thoran and Greywin Fergus had taken Madeline Young, Lael's ward, ahead along with Liara (Anjar's daughter) to get settled in while the four friends had waited for medical clearance to travel. Alex took the opportunity to clear the air with both Chythar and Lael respectively. The four friends relaxed and talked, enjoying each other's company for a short time before each went off to their own respective space. [1] Shortly before landing, Lael goes to the runabout's mess for a cup of tea, unable to sleep. Chythar joins her and she wishes him a happy birthday, then gives him his gift: a video of Maddy presenting her science project for him. She reveals that the video played a big part of her decision to bring Maddy to the USS Veritas with them. [2]

Domes in New Macau, the Antor II capital.


Antor II is a mess. Tragic earthquakes caused by subspace rifts have rocked the planet, leaving a portion of the planet's domes uninhabitable. This has resulted in overcrowding and has led to violence on the planet's surface. Two bombings have taken the lives of many and has left many more in serious condition. Teams are still searching through the rubble for survivors. I've been assigned to work with Commander Blair and Lieutenant Commander Walker, our task: to rebuild the domes that housed the planet's population. We've come to the conclusion that once temporary housing has been established, it would be more efficient to come up with a design that would better withstand any future natural disasters.

Lael's Duty Log, 239407

Lael, Alex, Chythar and Dassa arrived on the planet, stunned to find the colony decimated by earthquakes. They later found themselves in Captain Roshanara Rahman's ready room checking in. During this meeting, Captain Rahman revealed that only 60% of the planets dome environments were sustainable and that the damage caused by the earthquakes was leading to overcrowding in the major population centers such as New Macau. They are interrupted by a call from the bridge. When they stepped out of the ready room and in front of the main viewer, they realized that an attack had happened. Buildings on the screen were up in flames. The Captain then ordered Alex and Lael to report to their posts in Engineering to begin working with Lieutenant Commander Walker. The name rang a bell for Lael, though she couldn't figure out why. She and Alex stepped onto the turbolift and headed for Engineering.

Once in Engineering, they met with the Chief Engineer, Luna Walker, to develop a plan for rebuilding the destroyed structures on the planet. After some discussion, they decided to first repair enough existing domes to resolve the overcrowding issue before working on designs that would better withstand future natural disasters such as earthquakes. However, a chat with the captain revealed one more factor that they would have to contend with -- radiation from the use of antiproton beams to close the rifts causing the disasters. Though the mines hadn't been an option before, they looked to be their best hope of protecting the inhabitants from the radiation. After gathering the needed supplies (including a matter/antimatter generator for a power source), Lael, Alex, and Walker beamed down to the planet to begin exploring and stabilizing the mines.

When a member of Commander Kelrod's team reported that they were on their way with the antimatter Alex needed for the antimatter reactor, Walker suggested Alex and Lael go retrieve it. However, they weren't completely out of the mine before something caused a cave-in. While Lael and Alex were fortunate to be on the side not cut off from the entrance, Walker wasn't so lucky. Alex notified Commander Kelrod's team of the incident while Lael commed Captain Rahman to report the situation. Shortly after Lieutenant Junior Grade Carter Greyson and his team arrived, the group began working on a way to free Lieutenant Thoran and Commander Walker from the debris. They settled on Greyson and Kelrod using a shuttle to beam out the debris while Lael, Alex, and the remainder of the SAR team established support beams to prevent more cave-ins and to monitor the shuttle team's progress. Finally, they managed to free their colleagues. Commander Walker was beamed directly to Sickbay while Lieutenant Junior Grade Thoran departed with the others, having suffered only minor injuries. The whole group reported to Sickbay to be treated before heading to a briefing ordered by Captain Rahman to provide their reports.


Lael attended the briefing where the senior staff as a whole viewed a message from a Klingon pirate named Jilor who claimed responsibility for the attacks. During this meeting, it was also revealed that at least one of the bombs used on the surface was, in fact, a Starfleet tricobalt device, which raised the disturbing possibility that a rogue Starfleet officer had supplied the device to Jilor. Commander Walker suggested taking a team down to the surface to explore the mines in case there were more such devices. Still shaken from the experience with the mines just an hour before, Lael protested. The conversation between her and Walker became rather heated and was only ended when the Captain called an end to the meeting.

While the other senior officers went about their tasks, Lael and Walker were asked to join the Captain in her ready room. Embarrassed by her earlier lack of professionalism, Lael apologized for her behavior, but stayed mostly silent. She was then dismissed and went to Sickbay for a hypo for her headache before returning to the bridge to begin working with her team. After a brief discussion, they decided the best course of action would be to scan the ships lost in the region that had carried a tricobalt device for the unique identifiers to determine if any of them were missing. They believed this was the most likely source for Jilor to obtain the devices. While Sepek tried to piece together the unique identifier for the tricobalt device that had exploded on the surface, Lael created an algorithm that would scan for that or any of the other unique identifiers. By tying this algorithm in with modified sensors, their hands would be free to pursue other tasks.


A day and a half after they confirmed that the Starfleet tricobalt device used to bomb the capital is indeed from one of the lost Starfleet ships, the USS Denali, Lael was headed to the auditorium for the governor's speech when the ship was attacked by a Romulan vessel and a Cardassian vessel. Surprised by the first blast, Lael was knocked into a wall and managed to dislocate her shoulder. As she continued toward the auditorium, she came upon Commander Mei'konda and Lieutenant Tuk, both of whom were hiding. The conversation that she overheard between them indicated that they were being boarded. Quietly, she joined them as the three formulated a plan. Tuk and Mei'konda would fire on the intruders while Lael used a nearby computer panel to erect a forcefield to stop the intruders.

She succeeded, but Tuk was shot in the process. She narrowly avoided being knocked over as he tumbled backwards. Stepping out of the way, she poked her head around the corner to fire off answering shots before returning to her cover. About this time, Kelrod arrived with a flashbang grenade and heavier artillery. Kelrod unleashed the grenade and the four managed to take out the remaining intruders. Once they were certain the area had been cleared, they headed to the auditorium to aid in the protection of the Governor. When they arrived, they found Jolara and Skyfire already taking measures to prepare for an attack. Once it was ascertained that the Governor and the civilians were safe, Tuk and Lael were both treated for their injuries. Lael then connected with a computer console, confirming that all of the intruders had been confined to the brig. With Mei'konda on his way to the bridge, Lael joined the others to keep the civilians calm in case the scans were wrong.


Time to Decompress

Once things had settled down, she and Chythar spent some time in his Skyfire Beach holodeck program decompressing after the stress of their recent mission. The next afternoon, they engaged in a sparring session to work out some of the remaining tension. She was pleasantly surprised when he was able to keep up with her and commented that he'd been practicing. This became more obvious when he caught her off guard while she was distracted, the move knocking her to the ground.

You Learn Something Interesting Every Day...Well, Almost Every Day

Following their sparring session, Lael placed calls to both her friend Elina and her brother to catch up. During the call with Elina, she learned that her direct superior was potentially the sibling of her friend Rebecca's former boss, Ben Walker. She also learned that there was a link of some sort between Luna and the Skyfire Virus. Her conversation with her brother led her to reveal more details about her connection with Chythar.

Necessary Socialization

After hanging up with her brother, she met with Commander Mei'konda to both formally check in and get to know him better. During this meeting, the topic of her outburst in the conference room came up and she acknowledged that she could have handled the situation better. They changed topics and began discussing past events, closing the meeting with Mei'konda welcoming her aboard.

I So Wouldn't Be Here If This Wasn't Required To Keep My Job

Her mandatory counseling session with Raissa Moonsong followed, forcing Lael to confront and re-examine her perspective on previous events such as her time Over There, the events that occurred in the mines on Antor II, and the nature of her connection with Chythar. Raissa then put into place a temporary shield that would block out the overwhelming emotions of others long enough for Lael to get some undisturbed rest.

Oversharing Isn't My Thing...Typically

The battle over Antor II resulted in damage near the secondary computer core, which Lael and Delano worked together to repair. They then decided to take a break from the work and began talking about their respective histories. After Lael revealed a few details about her connection to Chythar, Delano suggested that she consider seeking help from a group of individuals (the Reya-Laialara elders) who were experienced in telepathic healing. The two returned to work, but Lael was unable to stop thinking about the possibility that she and Chythar could sever their connection without it killing one or both of them.

Playing Mommy

The following day, Lael invited Rune Jolara to her quarters for two reasons: a playdate for Maddy with Jolara's 1-year-old son and curiosity. They discussed Al-Leyan culture and the differences in their respective upbringings. The subject of Lael's connection with Chythar also came up and she revealed certain aspects of it to Jolara, piquing the Al-Leyan woman's curiosity.

Coffee Exchange and Deep Conversation

The next day, after completing some repairs for Lieutenant Sepek in the Science lab, Lael sat down with Chythar for some best friend bonding time over coffee, bringing an Al-Leyan blend for him to try. In exchange, he offered a sample of his Uncle Chris's Raktajino blend for her to try. During their conversation, Chythar reveals to Lael what happened to his his parents. She realizes that, until that moment, Chythar hadn't really spoken about his parents. After a bit more conversation, the two head to the gym, hoping a sparring match will distract them both.

I Really Hate Physicals

She then visited Sickbay for a combined welcome-aboard physical and a follow-up for injuries she received in the Antor II mines and during the recent boarding of the ship. Nikki Ryan brought up inhibitors as a possible solution for the nightmares she and Chythar often share. Lael also revealed that because of her history of serious physical injuries and psychological issues, Starfleet reviews her contract each year and to keep her commission, she must attend weekly mandatory counseling and medical check-ups.

Bonding Experiences

While wandering the halls after her visit to Sickbay, she ran into Alex, who she found out was going against medical orders by working. During their conversation in his office, Lael revealed that the real reason she sought Chythar out that night in the Sto'Vo'Kor Lounge [3] was to confront him about the Skyfire Virus and how it had impacted her life...and not in a good way. After her confession, the two began discussing Lael being back in Engineering, which led to her asking for his help on her side project--a more durable version of the domes on Antor II. This was the beginning of them working together in hopes of drafting up a proposal to submit to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers.

The Beginning of...Something

In the evening after her conversation with Ryan, she had difficulty sleeping and decided to go to the gym for a workout. She ran into a somewhat familiar face from the USS Za, Jon Cumar. He served as a Security Officer responsible for arresting Zogi, a Ferengi who had plans to bring aboard potentially contaminated good. Curiosity led to a sparring match and chemistry between the two. Following the match, Jon asked Lael on a date. Lael accepted on the condition that he allow her to pay for her own dinner.

First First Date in Forever

The two indulged in a holodeck program that replicated the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. They rode a rollercoaster and got to know one another a bit better over beer and corndogs. Later, they walked along the beach and enjoyed a nice bonfire, concluding the evening with their first kiss.


The following morning, Lael wandered into the Ship's Chapel to find Dassa alone and in the middle of her daily prayer. They got into a discussion about the events of the last couple months, including what happened aboard the USS Za. This then led to them discussing the unspoken tension between them and could-have-beens--how if things had been different, they might have ended up together. But Lael changed the subject, saying that it was in the past and that Dassa should have faith in Tobian and their relationship. She then confessed to running into Jon at the gym and their subsequent first date. Dassa was surprised, but happy for her. Near the end of the conversation, Dassa told Lael that she was taking some time off to visit Tobian on Betazed.

Time On the Practice Range

Later, Lael and Chythar met at the phaser range for some shooting practice, where she nagged him for the upteenth time about his refusal to carry a phaser. To her surprise, she managed to convince him to carry a concealed one.


Following shooting practice, Lael went on a second date with Jon, both enjoying a fencing program on the holodeck and sushi for dinner. They met for lunch the next day and they continued getting to know each other, talking about where they grew up and their respective early years. Lael found herself experiencing the beginnings of romantic feelings for Jon. After their meals, Lael returned to duty with Jon promising to make her dinner in his quarters sometime.

I Didn't Expect To Find You Here

She saw Dassa off the next day and again found herself in the Ship's Chapel, this time bumping into Chythar. She talked to Chythar about her recent epiphany and change in perspective. They also talked about Maddy and the huge impact Chythar had had on the young girl's life in such a short span of time. Wrapping up their conversation, Lael left him to his thoughts.

Awkward Exchanges

Seeking a drink the next evening, Lael entered the Lounge to find Chythar lost in thought. She joined him only to be joined moments later by Raissa. There was an unexpected tension between the three as Alex sat down with them. Chythar then introduced Raissa and Alex. After a few awkward exchanges, Raissa left. A short time later, Sepek joined them, and they quickly changed topics of conversation, talking about unimportant topics.

Senior Staff Party

At a somewhat formal dinner in Rahman's quarters the night after, Lael was awarded the Silver Star for her part in halting the intruders who boarded the ship and the Joint Meritorious Unit Award for her part in working with Antor II's government during the crisis. She also received the UFP Medal of Freedom for stopping Jilor's forces. Once the awards and promotions had been handed out, she sought out Rahman, engaging her in conversation that got more personal than she'd anticipated, the topic shifting to her newfound abilities. The two wrapped up the conversation and Lael, seeing that Chythar and Alex had left, headed back to her quarters.

Cargo ships travel along the Mother Road for speed and safety.

Captain Rahman has ordered me to work with Commander Tristam Core, the Engineer in charge of repairs for Outpost 3, an abandoned station along the Mother Road. Progress has been slow, but Commander Core and I have discovered a hidden, encrypted message that we believe may be of interest to the Captain.

Lael's Duty Log, 239410

Rahman called a briefing in Sickbay for Lael's team (Blake; Tuk; Sepek; Ryan), where Lael learned that mass quantities of a highly addictive drug called felicium had been discovered aboard Outpost 3, an abandoned station along the Mother Road while the station was being repaired. Commander Blake and Lieutenant Commander Ryan were assigned the task of analyzing the batches in hopes of discovering their origin. The rest of the team beamed over to the Outpost, where they were greeted by Lieutenant Commander Tristam Core, the Engineer in charge of repairs. Rahman instructed Lael to help Core with repairs while the others went to investigate the damage caused by the Klingon attack on the station.

While working on the communications systems, Lael and Core discovered a hidden, encrypted message. They were able to decode enough of the message to get a few keywords...possibly a name. Any attempts to dig deeper were interrupted by Klingons boarding the station and hacking into the systems in an attempt to take control of the station. Lael was successfully able to lock them out of critical systems such as life support, weapons, and communications. But while she was distracted by the hacker, the Klingons were able to beam out the supply of felicium that Core's team had located. The Klingons then demanded they "surrender all narcotics or risk being fired upon". Fortunately, Captain Rahman was able to resolve the situation diplomatically.

Lael and Core got back to work on the communications console and, while studying the logs, discovered a hidden message containing a name: Khrelen Milol. They share their findings with the captain, who sends Lieutenant Sepek and Ensign Taryn Slater down to help them decode the message further. The investigation is halted, however, by the USS Veritas picking up some unusual readings that Captain Rahman believed warranted further study. Lael, Slater, and Sepek left Core and the Klingons to the message while they returned to the USS Veritas.


Diffusing the Tension

When turning in her AAR, Lael found Luna in her office clearly upset by something. Lael attempted to extend an olive branch in hopes that the concession would begin to alleviate some of the tension between them, However, she got more than she bargained for when Luna opened up to her about the circumstances surrounding her mother's death. This resulted in Lael telling Luna the story of her first mission as an officer. The personal nature of the truths each shared helped Lael to better understand and trust Luna.

Gaining Perspective

The crew got a bit of a break after their last mission and, upon seeing Commander Kelrod sitting alone in the Mess Hall during her late tea break, she decided to get to know him better. After a slightly awkward start, she found herself enjoying his company. Following several exchanges, she wraps up the conversation to get ready for her date with Jon.

Small Talk Between Friends

The next evening, she was in the Officer's Mess relaxing with another mug of her favorite tea when Chythar came in and ordered food. They talked briefly about the Prospero shuttle project before they were interrupted by Ensign Slater's arrival. There were then a few brief exchanges before Chythar excused himself to feed Devlin, get Alex his dinner, and get back to work, leaving Lael and Slater to talk.

Hard Truths

After the conversation in the Officer's Lounge with Slater, Lael got ready for yet another date with Jon. She decided to tell Jon the whole truth about her connection with Chythar and she became very emotional. Lael gave him the choice to leave if he wanted, even though she really wanted him to stay. He hurt her by leaving anyway and this caused a rift between the two.

Hours afterward, Chythar sought her out on the holodeck where she's was taking her anger out on holographic Klingons. He pushed her to talk to him and she eventually told him about what had happened between her and Jon. Lael had been trying to avoid a repeat of what happened with her and Jansen by being honest with Jon. Talking with Chythar helped her work through her feelings. The two then meditated for a little while before Lael returned to her quarters.

Later that evening after spending time with Chythar and Maddy on the beach in the holodeck, Jon surprised her by coming to her quarters, asking to talk. They began the awkward conversation regarding the pink elephant in the room. Lael didn't forgive him right away, but was able to hold an honest conversation with him about her feelings. They began their mending of trust with some quiet time alone together and dinner. Lael sought Chythar out the next day to tell him about Jon stopping by her quarters to apologize.

Let the Work Begin

While working out in the gym with Anjar, the two bumped into Sepek and engaged in a bit of light conversation. She was later recruited for the Ferdinand crew, pitting her against the two shuttle teams for the second trial of the shuttle races.

Wearing Her Heart On Her Sleeve

When the shuttle races were complete, Lael found herself still on duty nearly two hours after her shift has ended, most of which she spent in the Engineering Workshop, trying to come to terms with Alex's sudden departure. In that time, she realized what bothered her most wasn't that he'd left on a mission of indefinite length, but that he hadn't even said goodbye. Chythar had gotten a letter, but she hadn't. She was surprised when the Captain arrived. A brief exchange reminded Lael that she and Alex were supposed to present their pet project to the Captain before his sudden departure. Not feeling right about talking to Rahman about it without Alex, she'd instead offered the Captain her After-Action Report (AAR) as a cover. However, Rahman had seen right through her attempt to divert the topic and confronted her about it. Lael reluctantly admitted the difficulties she was having with Alex's sudden departure. Perhaps seeing that Lael needed a distraction, Rahman had surprised Lael with an invitation to join her for an inspection of the ship, which Lael had accepted gratefully. The two had made small talk as they walked and had gotten to know each other a bit better.

The New Helm Officer

Later, Lael found herself in the Officer's Lounge reflecting on a recent communication from her brother, attached to which had been many childhood holophotos that she hadn't seen or thought about in some time. One in particular caught her attention: herself and her childhood best friend, Nicholas Swett. The two had been incredibly close throughout her grade school years and she'd even had a crush on him. In the midst of her trip down memory lane, a young ensign approached her table and engaged her in conversation. She learned that the young woman was the new Helm officer, T'Venna. They talked for some time, mostly about duty, settling in, and briefly about their childhoods.

Go To Your Happy Place

Knowing that Chythar was still upset over Alex and in an attempt to soothe her own feelings, she took him to the holodeck and shared one of her childhood happy places with him (Carr-Fles Planetarium on the Muskegon Community College campus near her hometown of Cedar Springs). The two shared a bottle of brandy and stared up at the stars, talking. Alex was mentioned briefly, but Lael quickly changed the topic when they both started getting upset. Instead, she goaded him into going to the senior staff party in the Officer's Mess as her date, joking that he might actually get to dance with her to real music without Jansen being there to steal her away.

Senior Staff Party

Still upset over Alex's unexpected departure, Lael attended the party in the Officer's Mess reluctantly and spent the first part of the evening at Chythar's side. the staff then gathered for the awards part of the evening and the entire crew was awarded the Extended Service Ribbon for their time serving in the Shoals. Evan was then called forward and Lael knew what was inside the box Mei'konda retrieved. She felt envy and a touch of jealousy as he was reinstated as a Lieutenant Commander.

Following Evan's promotion, Mei'konda announced the Prospero (Chythar's team)) as the winners of the shuttle trials. Mei'konda, Harik, Alex, Chythar, Kelrod, Wolfe, Walker, and Evan were then awarded the Innovation Ribbon. Chythar and the rest of the Prospero team were also awarded the Captain's Commendation.

But the ceremony wasn't over yet. As Mei'konda retrieved another box, Lael was shocked when Rahman called her forward. She moved to join Rahman, standing frozen as Rahman pinned a third pip to her collar. The ceremony done, Lael and Chythar then moved to congratulate Evan with the intention of leaving afterward.

After a bit of small talk and a toast, Lael spotted Raissa across the room. Politely concluding the conversation with Evan and Mei'konda, she steered Chythar in Raissa's direction in hopes of breaking the tension between them. But she only succeeded at making things worse, Raissa cutting the conversation short, leaving Lael confused and frustrated.

The USS Astraeus, a Galaxy-class vessel designated for long-term exploratory missions.


The day following her promotion, Lael handed a report on the functioning of the warp core to Commander Walker, only to notice that she was distracted and that Lieutenant James wasn't at her usual post. Concerned Lael asked if everything was all right. Luna led Lael to the Chief Engineer's Office where she disclosed in confidence that Danni might be pregnant. Lael offered congratulations, but the rest of their conversation was cut off by Acting Captain Mei'konda calling from the bridge to inform them of the situation with the USS Astraeus, and asked them to come up with a way to get the ship out of danger. She and Luna worked through the situation, strategizing on how to do so without risking the safety of the Veritas and her crew. However, a yellow alert ruined those plans and forced Lael and Luna to also come up with either a way to increase the Veritas' defenses.

Shortly after, Crewman Recruit Tasmin Shandres approached her and Luna, taking the initiative by asking where she could help out. Noticing the young woman's enthusiasm and dedication, Lael decided to take the young woman under her wing. At first, Luna was going to assign Shandres to do research, but when a message came in from the bridge regarding an idea Ensign Jael Yal had to use the deflector in their plan, she suggested to Luna that maybe Shandres could help them sort through the specifics of Yal's proposal.


I've been asked to lead an Engineering team to the USS Astraeus to help with repairs in hopes of getting the ship stable enough to at least tow it out. I've selected Lieutenant Anjar Thoran and Crewman Recruit Tasnim Shandres to accompany me. Both are skilled Engineers and are very dedicated to their duties. I have no doubt they will be valuable assets in achieving our objective.

Lael's Duty Log, 239501

As the Veritas arrived to help the Astraeus, however, they came under attack and Acting Captain Mei'konda ordered Security, Engineering, and Medical to prepare teams. Commander Kelrod's team was already in place, attempting to repel the boarding parties. The other teams eventually beamed over to the other vessel into the Engineering section to find many wounded being treated by the ship's CMO, Doctor Rajan.

Once there, they learned that internal communications were down, which would make it impossible to communicate with Kelrod's team through conventional means. Also, there was a forcefield in place to keep the intruders out, but it was running on ship's power. After a great deal of discussion, the leaders of all three teams decided that the Engineers would work on reinforcing the field with a generator so the barrier didn't continue draining the little power the ship had left. Lieutenants Tuk and Jon Cumar remained with the Engineers to protect them and the medical officers, including Chythar and Doctor Solok, who were working to stabilize the patients.

However, as the Engineering team is working, a group of intruders is able to break through the weakened forcefield, shooting Lael in the shoulder and injuring a few others, Cumar among them. He took a hit jumping in front of Lael to protect her from a second shot. In the scuffle, a transport inhibitor was activated, preventing the teams from beaming out. Also, the intruders hit a panel that closed the blast doors, stopping the teams from gaining access to engineering. When they hit the panel, the intruders caused a radiation leak that the Medical teams had to treat with radiation inoculations.

Lael was ready to take hers when a man began seizing, leaving Chythar with no choice but to treat him with the last dose of anti-seizure meds. Without those anti-seizure meds prior to her radiation inoculation, Lael risked becoming incapacitated and possibly entering a coma due to her allergy. She urged the teams to focus on disabling the transport inhibitor and deactivating the blast doors to get them into Engineering.


Finally, they were successful, allowing the anti-seizure meds to be transported so Lael could receive her radiation inoculation with minimal risk. With the blast doors open, the teams gathered and focused on taking back Engineering. Weapons' fire was exchanged and they managed to regain control of Engineering, but Chythar was shot in the leg while trying to avoid getting shot. He was beamed back to the Veritas to be patched up while the rest of the team cleared Engineering and got to work setting things up to tow the Astraeus out.

Shortly thereafter, Cumar discovered a bomb inside the warp core. It was thought to be a tricobalt bomb at first, given Jilor's recent use of them. But upon further inspection, they discovered it was in fact a ultritium bomb that the Starfleet database described as "an extremely powerful chemical explosive, virtually undetectable by conventional sensors and therefore frequently employed in covert operations. Ninety isotons of enriched ultritium had enough explosive power to destroy almost anything within a radius of eight hundred kilometers".

The check-in call from Kelrod's team gave Lael the opportunity to ask for his expertise. While Kelrod's team was enroute, Lael and her team continued brainstorming solutions. At last, Kelrod's team arrived and they all opted to use cryofreezing combined with a chroniton generator to slow the clock. They then intended to beam it into space. They were successful up until they tried to beam it off the ship. The bomb exploded, though thankfully it didn't destroy the ship, only damaged Engineering aboard the Astraeus.

Lieutenants Tuk and Cumar beamed back to the Veritas to help secure the prisoners they'd captured while Lael and her team stayed behind to finish preparing the Astraeus for towing. Once that was complete, they beamed back to the Veritas to help with final preparations there. After a great deal of hard work, they put their rescue plan into action and it went off without a hitch. The Astraeus was successfully towed out and the Veritas picked up Captain Rahman from Outpost 3 and continued to Esperance to enjoy the lull between missions.


Well That Was Unexpected

After Luna returned, Lael left for Sickbay for a check-up only to find Chythar already there being assessed by Dassa. As it turned out, Dassa was in a particularly irritable mood. She chastised Chythar for being reckless and getting shot. Somewhere during the conversation, Dassa revealed that she hadn't gotten her birth control injection before going to Betazed to see Tobian like she'd been supposed. A scan confirmed that she was, in fact, pregnant.

Looking Forward

With her AAR completed, Lael reported to the Captain's Ready Room to give it to Mei'konda in person. The conversation eventually turned to command and their goals for the future. Lael revealed that she'd been eyeing the Assistant Chief spot and Mei'konda encouraged her to talk to Luna about it.

This Is Just What We Do After A Mission

Lael checked in with Chythar after Sickbay, partly to not be alone and partly out of concern for him and his injury. After pestering him to make sure that he'd eaten, she sat down next to him on the couch and they talked, Lael expressing her guilt that he and Jon had gotten shot on her watch. She came to the realization that in their line of work, him being in danger was just a reality she was going to have to learn to deal with. She then invited him to join her and Maddy for dinner, an invitation that he accepted. After feeding Devlin, the two went to Lael's quarters.

You Mean I Actually Have To Work Between Missions?

With the Captain's Mess seriously damaged during the firefight with Jilor's ships, Lael along with Blair, Delano, Walker, and Chief Drys meet up to plan a surprise makeover of the Captain's space. They talk about different options that will make the space functional and practical for multiple purposes. Lael suggested some more personal touches, such as painting the walls and a shelving unit to display artifacts. They also discussed a means for temporarily moving elements such as the table near the sitting area so that they weren't destroying it completely and it could be easily brought back into the space when needed. With all of the suggestions and ideas talked out, they got to work investigating ways to bring the designs to life.

I'm Going To Try A Different Approach

Searching for a cup of her favorite tea, Lael entered the Officer's Lounge and was surprised to find Raissa there alone. She took advantage of the opportunity, taking a seat with the older woman, determined to figure out what exactly was causing the tension between them and how she could convince Raissa to hold a conversation with Chythar. At first, no matter what Lael said, Raissa seemed intent on countering it. But by the end of the conversation, Lael had earned the beginnings of trust from Raissa. She then wrapped up their conversation to continue working on the Captain's Mess project with Delano.

Another Day, Another Opponent

While working out in the gym, Lael's fighting technique captured the attention of a new officer on board Ensign Wrader. She approached him to welcome him aboard and the two got into a conversation about different martial arts styles. Intrigued, Lael challenged him to a sparring session. She was able to get a few well-placed strikes in, but was surprised by a particularly aggressive combination that had her flat on the mat. The moves impressed her and she asked him to teach it to her. They spent the rest of the session with him breaking down the combination and allowing her to practice it. Following their sparring match, the two met up in the lounge to talk and get to know each other.

Trying Hard To Be Sneaky

The day after her sparring match with Wrader, Lael ran into Rahman in the ship's library and decided to do a little subtle investigating. She mentions the hideaway design that she and the others had been considering for the table under the guise of installing a hideaway bed in Maddy's room. She then asked Rahman's opinion on the invention. However, concerned that Rahman might be getting suspicious, Lael quickly redirected the conversation. After a few more moments of talking, she excused herself and went back to work on her project.

As Though From A Dream

Insatiably curious, Lael found herself contacting Toryn Raga, the man her father tried to set her up with, despite her better judgement. To her surprise, the two connected almost immediately despite the physical distance between them and had what was ultimately a very emotional conversation. This caused her to question her feelings for Jon and created tension between them.

SIMMS: Interstellar Pen Pals, Parts I - III

A Nerve-Wracking Conversation

After talking to Mei'konda, Lael summoned her courage and approached Luna about the open Assistant Chief Engineering Officer position. At first, Luna was convinced that she'd sent a communique to Lael offering her the position. The two talked about Lael's reasons for wanting the position as well as some of the realities that came along with it. Their conversation ended with Luna saying she'd talk to Captain Rahman about making it official.

SIMMS: Put Up or Shut Up, Without A Doubt, Guilt Does Funny Things To People, The Eternal Question

Unexpected Recognition

After a rough away mission to save the USS Astraeus, Lael attended the staff gathering where she received an Innovation Ribbon and Chythar received his fourth Purple Heart, a fact that greatly distressed him. When all of the awards had been presented, Lael proposed that she, Chythar, Alex, and Dassa retire to her quarters for a nightcap or two.

SIMMS: A Mix of Emotions

A New Counselor

Lael attended her weekly counseling session with the new ship's counselor, T'Katt Dugoras. Though the session started out light, Lael was surprised at the counselor's insight as he seemed to catch on to the fact that something was troubling her.

SIMMS: Long Overdue Session, Surprisingly Relaxing, Reflections on the Past, Well...This Is Different, A Wrap Up (Dugoras)

Friends Getting Married

Lael attended Evan and Mei'konda's wedding with Jon as her date. She did her best to hide the uncertainty caused by her last conversation with Toryn, but Jon seemed to guess that she was hiding something and this created a lot of tension between them. At one point in the evening when Lael asked Alex to dance as an excuse to seek his advice about the situation with Toryn, Jon became jealous. This led to a disagreement between Lael and Jon. Though they eventually changed the topic and brushed the angry feelings aside, they didn't resolve the real reason for the disagreement and their relationship remained tense.

SIMMS: A Date To A Wedding, Parts I & II, More Than A Little Distracted, Even More Confused Than I was Before, Advice From A Friend

V'teridix-class Romulan warbird, employed for use by the Romulan Star Empire in the 23rd century.


We've arrived at the coordinates Kallo Ver gave us, a ship graveyard of sorts for the wreckage of what we've determined to be a fleet of 23rd century Romulan warbirds. I have to admit this discovery has piqued my curiosity. Captain Rahman has ordered two away teams--one per intact vessel--to investigate. In the mean time, I've been asked to help monitor their progress from the bridge. I've left Lieutenant Thoran temporarily in charge of Engineering while I'm away.

Lael's Duty Log, 239504

While Lael was working in Engineering Alex came in and she noticed from his concerned expression that something was bothering him, but couldn't tell exactly what it was. After a little more beating around the bush, Alex revealed the reason for his visit: recent sensor readings showed an explosion between the Veritas and the Star Station Esperance, where they were currently docked. Unable to get detailed sensor readings, she suggested they check in with the bridge, which Luna did.

Later, with the away teams off exploring the shipwreck they'd been directed to by Kallo Ver, Lael was asked to join Rahman on the bridge to monitor the teams' progress and to clean up the sensor readings so they could better track the teams' locations in the wreckage.

Meanwhile down in Engineering, Anjar Thoran detected a slight variance in the anti-matter ratio that he cited as 'concerning'. Lael told him to keep a close eye on it and closed the conn. Rahman then asked Lael to join her for a conversation with Kallo Ver in the Brig.

Once in the Brig, Lael assessed Ver in an attempt to understand him. She suspected, from what she'd read about him, that Ver had an ulterior motive, even if she couldn't pin exactly what it was. As the conversation continued, she, Rahman and Blake learned that Ver had staged the explosion to evade the Orion Syndicate, who he'd made agreements with regarding a treasure potentially buried in the wreckage the away teams were currently surveying. After hearing this, Rahman had one condition for his continued stay aboard the Veritas.

Ver followed Lael, Blake, and Rahman down to Engineering to help them better understand the nature behind the malfunction Thoran had reported. Their conversation is interrupted by the bridge notifying Rahman of an unidentified vessel off the port bow. After a brief, staticky conversation with the vessel's captain, Niraa, a frustrated Rahman ordered the small craft brought aboard for a face to face conversation.

When Lael first met Niraa in person, she'd already had her suspicions when she'd learned that Ver knew her and that the two had worked together at some point in the past. Her suspicions were confirmed when Niraa admitted that she had tracked the Veritas to its current location. When Niraa outright stated a curiosity about the treasure, Lael's suspicions regarding the woman's motivations were confirmed. It led her to believe that Niraa was after the treasure for herself.

Curious herself, Captain Rahman elected to send over three away teams led by Commanders Mei'konda, Delano, and Walker respectively while Lael remained behind with Rahman to monitor their progress. The teams later returned from the wreckage of the IRW Pellecia with a mysterious box that they believed contained a single artifact.


Lael, Commander Blair, Commander Mei'konda, and scientist Timothy Alentonis were tasked with studying the mysterious box. In doing so, they discovered Romulan markings on the exterior of the box, confirming that it was of Romulan origin. They also learned that the material the box was made of deflected tetryon fields and radiation.

The issues with ship's systems were growing increasingly more frequent and disruptive. She'd initially believed it had to do with the wreckage, but with them now traveling away from it, she began to believe they were dealing with something aboard the Veritas itself.

Later in the Engineering workshop while attempting a deeper analysis of the metal's composition, one of the microscopes sparked and nearly started a fire. Lieutenant Thoran rushed in to put it out. Fortunately, Lael had managed to put it out before it had become anything more serious. As he was leaving, Thoran handed Blair the sodium bicarbonate, joking, "Here. Just in case she starts another fire...this time, one that she isn’t able to suppress in time." [4] Meanwhile, Dr. Alentonis had identified the metal as a rare Romulan element called Reskariaehhrr (Reskari for short). [5]


Captain, May We?

We’ve made some headway with our investigations into the Romulan element Reskariaehhrr, but most of what we have is based on simulations. As easy as it would be to just use bits of the box for further study, I can only imagine that the Captain and Headquarters want it intact. This really leaves little option but to take a team down to the planet in hopes of finding enough of the element to continue investigating its properties as well as the possibility that we could create an isotope that is similar enough in composition to its parent while being easier to replicate.

Lael's Duty Log, 239505.24

Lael compiles their findings regarding the box and the Reskari into a report, which she uses to persuade Rahman to let her take a team down to the surface of Pellecia in hopes of recovering more of the rare metal for further study. [6] She is successful and asks permission to take Dr. Alentonis with her. [7]


Embarrassed but desperate, Lael gathers the courage to tell Chythar about her very private predicament. She strongly suspects that she is entering her season and if she doesn't find a suitable mate, it could kill her. [8] Chythar runs some tests to see if he can find a way to slow down the progression and buy her more time. [9]

Unexpected Invitation

Lael received an invitation to Brell's promotion party. Though she was excited at the chance to support Brell, she was most excited, and a bit nervous because the USS Atlantis was the ship Toryn served on. Their first meeting was intense with the two having a telepathic and empathic connection that rivaled her and Chythar's. Though she was a telepath with other Al-Leyans through touch, it seemed she didn't need to have physical contact with Toryn and they could hear one another's thoughts even across a large room.[10]

In the midst of their conversation, Lael realized that Toryn was emitting pheromones like crazy. This led her to the conclusion that Toryn was experiencing his Season and led her to wonder if he had somehow been the catalyst for hers. Though she'd been experiencing mild symptoms, her Season had laid dormant until she'd arrived on DS26.[11]

They were separated by the arrival of Rune Jolara, who pulled Toryn aside to talk. Lael sought distance and found a corner of the room where she could hide. She was briefly confronted by Valin Dermont about her and Toryn before Rear Admiral Renos getting everyone's attention. She slipped past Dermont and moved closer to the stage. She watched as Brell was promoted to Captain. [12] Toryn was promoted to Lieutenant, received a Purple Heart, and assigned as Chief of Security and Tactical. Serala was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Following several very emotional moments where the crew honored the lives of those lost, Lael asked Toryn for a dance to celebrate his promotion and new department head role, an invitation that he reluctantly accepted. They talked while they danced and Toryn unexpectedly opened up to her about the mission that earned him the Purple Heart. [13] But Toryn pulled back, leaving her there when things became to intimate. [14] With no further reason to stay, she returned to her temporary quarters and began to make arrangements for her return to the Veritas the next day.

All About Family

Concerned about what will happen to Maddy in her assets if she passes before Maddy turns 18, she had reached out to her lawyer. On her way back from Brell's promotion party, she receives a letter from her attorney with regard to the home that her father gifted her on Leya-I and her last wishes can't be finalized until it is resolved. During a video communication with her father, she confesses that she has entered her season. The news clearly hurts her father. He tells her he will look into the files of exiled Al-Leyans to see if he can find her a suitable mate to help her endure her season, even knowing it could get him charged with treason. [15]

From there, the topic changes to the home he gifted her and she finally learns the truth. He created a whole identify for her as his full-blooded Al-Leyan daughter to hide her Human identity and protect her from scorn and the Council. She's astonished by the depth of her father's love and dedication to her well being. By the end of the call, she has a completely new perspective on her parents and their short-lived relationship. [16]

After the call to her father, she contacted her twin brother, Kellan, in need of reassurance that her twin had always been able to provide. She told him everything about Toryn and all that had happened in the couple of days prior. The conversation made her brother realize that he'd likely face a similar situation with his boyfriend, Layton, down the road. Despite the stress of the situation, Lael felt a renewed strength and determination after talking to him. [17]

There Has To Be A Way

After her return to the Veritas, Lael went to see Chythar in hopes that he'd made progress on a way to slow the progress. Fortunately, Chythar had been able to come up with something and only needed a blood sample to customize it to her specific biological profile. [18]

Another Day, Another Counseling Appointment

Lael attended her first session with Counselor Dugoras since starting the medication regimen meant to slow the progression of her season. [19] She opened up to him both about what she knew of the Al-Leyan season and its effects on the body as well as her telepathic and empathic connection with Toryn. [20] The session concluded with her realizing just how complicated the situation had become and that she might have to make a choice that she didn't want to make. [21]

Another Perspective

Unable to sleep, Lael nursed a mug of Ligonian Spiced Tea while going over the team list for her trip down to the planet tomorrow. Alex approached and she tried to put on a smile to disguise her distraction. However, Alex saw right through her attempts and she confessed that the situation with Toryn was bothering her still. Again, she was told things she didn't necessarily want to hear, even though she realized that Alex was right. Changing the topic, the two began discussing shoreleave plans and if either of them was planning to enjoy recreational time on the planet. Not for the first time in recent months, Lael teased Alex about making an honest man out of Chythar. [22]

The Omega moleculue.

Lael was on a leave of absence during this mission, spending the time on Earth attending a custody hearing regarding her guardianship of Madeline Young.

Not An Easy Subject


En Route To Earth


Drama--And Not The Good Kind


Meeting The In-Laws
There's Another Way
Relationship Woes And Drinks


The Hearing


The Aftermath



Heading for the Veritas

Lael and Chythar arrived at Esperance and were readying themselves to board the shuttle back to the Veritas when they caught sight of Captain Rahman and Commander Mei'konda, who were apparently taking the same shuttle after having been away. Also boarding the shuttle and serving as their pilot was the newly assigned Ensign Valoru. The five talked sporadically for the journey until at last they arrived at the Veritas. [23]

So Many New People

The next evening, Lael forced herself to leave her quarters and at least pretend to be social. As she's ordering her drink from the bar in the Officer's Lounge, one of the new ensigns--German Galven--approached her and started making conversation. [24]

After a brief exchange and puns galore on Galven's part, he asked what Commander Mei'konda was drinking and offered to take him a refill. Once the Denobulan was out of earshot, Lael took a minute or two to process what had just happened between them. Another moment or two of conversation with Tobian and she joined the group that had surrounded Mei'konda, introducing herself to new ensigns J'vreh and Lorian Lovar.[25]

The group talked for a bit before Commander Mei'konda excused himself to go to bed and Lael was left with the new arrivals, carrying on the conversation a bit. [26] Soon after Lieutenant Carter Greyson and Doctor J'vreh excused themselves to go to bed, leaving her with the Vulcan scientist. She and Lovar began talking about her Engineering project with Alex. However, their conversation was interrupted by a comm from Anjar asking for her help with an Engineering issue. Forced to cut her and Lovar's conversation short, the two agreed to discuss more details later and she left to help Anjar. [27]

Lending A Hand

Lael's holodeck time was interrupted by Lieutenant Commander Evan Delano to inform her that he needs to run maintenance and safety checks. At his request, she ends her program and Lael offers to lend him a hand. While they work, the two talk about how Lael is adjusting and she brings up strange dreams she's experiencing due to her psionic connection with Toryn Raga. [28] After hearing what she was experiencing, Evan suggested meditation and even offered to teach her some of his techniques. She agreed and thus the two began sessions to help her get her emotions better under control. [29]

Flirty Denobulan

Lael's holodeck time is interrupted by Galven. His entrance distracts her and she's injured by the Romulan opponent she's fighting. He seems impressed by her skills. The two talk and then he replays the last few minutes of his Academy final. Following that, the two retired to the officer's lounge for a drink. [30]

They talked and Lael opened up about something she rarely discussed with anyone--her first mission as a Starfleet officer. As the conversation progressed, she got a distinct feeling like he was trying to impress her. Even after she subtly revealed the fact that she was engaged, Galven asked her to dance. Despite her uncertainty, she agreed. She was enjoying the experience until she noticed people starting to whisper. Suddenly uncomfortable, she broke away and attempted to end the evening. Galven, not picking up the hint, propositioned her. After stammering a polite decline to his invitation, she turned and all but ran to her quarters. [31]

Celebrating Friends

Despite having missed the last mission and wanting nothing more than to stay in her quarters, Lael reluctantly dressed to attend the post-mission ceremony nonetheless. The possible announcement of Alex's transfer to the USS Constitution-B to serve as first officer made her even more hesitant to go, but she was determined to support her friends. With Jon back on Earth, Anjar had agreed to escort her so that she wouldn't feel so awkward and alone.

Not long after her arrival in the Officer's Mess, Captain Rahman made the announcement she'd been dreading. It hit her harder than she'd expected and she had to lean on Anjar for emotional support. At a loss for words while the others congratulated him, she could only think her congratulations. Despite the bittersweet news of Alex's impending departure, the announcement of Evan's promotion to Commander cheered her up a little. [32]

As awards were handed out, she got to enjoy a rare moment--Anjar flustered as he received two awards he hadn't been expecting. When he rejoined her in the crowd, she didn't hesitate to rib him.[33]



With all of the repairs from the Veritas’ encounter with the Borg at last complete, we can focus on the situation at hand. Captain Rahman has called for a briefing, which I assume is related to our next mission. Given that we are headed toward Havley’s Hope and the Captain hasn’t seen fit to alter our course, I suspect that we are needed at the mining colony. I’m curious as to why they would request assistance from a Starfleet vessel given how independent the people of the Shoals are and how much some seem to resent Starfleet interfering with their affairs.

Lael's Duty Log, Stardate: 239509.08






Notable Relationships
  • Alex Blair: When they initially came aboard the USS Veritas together, their friendship was just beginning to recover from the obstacle of Lael and Chythar's unexpected telepathic bond. However, over the course of a couple missions working closely together, they have developed a strong trust and mutual respect for one another. Lael has come to value Alex's friendship nearly as much as she values Chythar's.
  • Chythar Skyfire: Their friendship went through a rough patch. As a result of his desperation to bring her back when she flatlined, the two formed a telepathic connection. This led to the revelation that Lael harbored non-platonic feelings for Chythar. They barely spoke for months. After a nearly-deadly experience aboard their previous assignment, Lael and Chythar arrived on the USS Veritas in the process of repairing their friendship. Though it's still awkward between them at times, they have managed to regain the majority of what they'd lost in those months of silence.
  • Dassa Alexander: Though her telepathic/empathic bond with Dassa was severed some months before, the two still remain close friends. They have provided emotional support for one another on several occasions.
  • Jonathan Cumar: What began as a chance encounter in the Gorkon's gym has blossomed into a loving, committed long-term relationship. However, that relationship recently became strained due to Lael's past non-platonic feelings for Chythar. This led to a breakdown in communication between them. Though this shows signs of improving, they still struggle with openness.
  • Anjar Thoran: The older man is a regular source of irritation for her with his brash attitude and his cocky demeanor. His attraction to Lael puts a strain on their friendship, but the two still manage to enjoy one another's company and she still feels comfortable confiding in him regarding personal problems.
  • Madeline Young: Lael has grown to love Maddy a great deal and sees her as a daughter. Her connection with Maddy has healed her heart in ways she never thought possible. The young girl looks up to her and sees her as a source of safety and comfort.
  • Roshanara Rahman: Despite a less-than-stellar first impression (what Lael has come to call "the conference room incident) in her first days aboard the USS Veritas, she's developed a rapport with her Captain and has been surprised at how comfortable she is bantering with Rahman. She respects her Captain on a personal and a professional level, looking up to her. Rahman has assumed the unofficial role of "mentor" in Lael's life and is a constant source of support in a variety of areas.
  • Mei'konda: Though nervous at first to meet the Caitian first officer, she was surprised to find that he has a mild personality and is often surrounded by an aura of calm. Like Rahman, she enjoys Mei'konda's company both on a personal and professional level and looks up to him as an unofficial mentor in her life.
  • Evan Delano:
  • Luna Walker:
  • Sepek:
  • T'Katt Dugoras:
  • Marcus Wrader:
  • Timothy Alentonis:
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