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Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Silver Lifesaving Ribbon
Purple Heart
Prometheus Ribbon
Prisoner of War Ribbon
Medical Science Ribbon
Captain's Commendation
Quantum Reality Service Ribbon
Extended Service Ribbon
Legion of Merit
Distinguished Service Ribbon
Joint Meritorious Unit Award
Explorer's Ribbon
War of Shadows Ribbon
Orion Syndicate Service Medal
Silver Star
UFP Medal of Freedom
Innovation Ribbon
Good Conduct Ribbon
Peacekeeper Service Ribbon
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal
Federation Cross
Maiden Voyage Ribbon
Diplomacy Ribbon


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  • Rank: Ensign – Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Duty Post: Engineering Officer, HCO Officer
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Nugra
  • Stardates: 239202.24 - 239207.16


Assessment: Captain Nugra

Disciplinary Log


Lael joined the crew shortly following the Luxis III mission. She played a role in repairs to the damaged vessel until the crew was temporarily re-assigned to the USS Achilles while the Victory was in port for repair and refit. The Achilles was sent to work with the Romulan Republic in hunting down missing vials of the Skyfire Virus. During the course of the mission, Ensign Janel Tarna noticed a suspicious-looking female carrying what he thought to be the missing vials in a box and immediately gave chase when the woman ran. Lael went after Janel to offer back-up. However, she found herself caught in a firefight and was kidnapped in the chaos that ensued.

She awoke to find herself in a shuttle with her captors. Despite her fear, she taunted her captors, refusing to provide them with the information they were seeking. Lael and Janel were held in an unknown facility and tortured for three days by Sicarius. It was later discovered that part of that torture was a drug that enhanced the emotions of its victims, administered on the first day of their captivity. This resulted in a strong sexual attraction between the pair. While Lael and Janel were attempting to escape, Janel took a severe beating which led to a head injury and Lael took a Romulan knife to her right side while attempting to stop the Romulan from claiming Janel's life. They were later rescued by Lieutenant Tarsii Asmara and his team. After the team recovered the vials, Janel was rushed back to the Achilles, where he underwent surgery and care for his injuries. Even after the drug was out of her system, Lael found that her attraction to Janel hadn't faded. She stayed by Janel's side during and following his recovery.


Lael was called to the Captain’s Ready Room, where Nugra commended her on her actions. During this meeting, she requested and was granted a transfer to Helm/Comm/Ops. During the awards ceremony, she was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and awarded the Prisoner of War Ribbon, the Silver Lifesaving Ribbon, and a Purple Heart. She later discovered that Janel wasn’t present at the awards ceremony because he had gone AWOL. Consumed by a desire to become a host to a symbiont, he had defied doctor’s orders and piloted a lone shuttlecraft to Trillius Prime, desperate to make it back in time. Upon his forced return, Lael visited him in his quarters and learned that he had been rejected by the Symbiosis Commission and his family had disowned him. Neither he nor their blossoming relationship were the same after that. She then underwent counseling for her time in captivity (aka the Temlai incident). [1][2][3][4]

Following the awards ceremony and shoreleave, the Victory was again underway. Once out of dock, Harrington James, a space pirate and captain of the SS Lady Adventure, contacted the Victory and provided Captain Nugra with the coordinates to a Starfleet vessel, the USS Arrow, an Archer-class vessel lost in the early 23rd century. James came across the distress signal from the vessel and decided to pass the information along. Nugra pursued the lead and had Lael set a course to retrieve the ship. Upon arriving, Nugra assigned away teams to investigate. However, due to minerals in a nearby asteroid field that were confusing sensors, the teams were forced to use shuttlecraft out of concern that the same minerals would interfere with the transporter signal. Lael picked up some strange readings but couldn't get an accurate scan due to the interference from a nearby nebula. Though the readings weren't clear, the pattern indicated it might be another ship.

Once the away teams were on board the Arrow, the readings grew stronger and became more clear as the vessel approached and made contact with the Victory, stating that the Federation ship was in Tholians space and must leave immediately. However, they could leave until they had retrieved the away team. With the clock ticking and sensors limited, Lael and the Asmara work to find a way through the faraday field preventing them from rescuing the stranded away teams. The two were able to work a solution that used the Veritas orbs, lining them up to create a subspace relay of sorts, allowing them to extend their sensor range and target an asteroid. This would create a hole large enough in the field for the Victory to fit through.

However, before the plan could be implemented, the enemy ship attacked with Tholians webs that caused radiation leaks on Decks 5, 6, & 7. Lael reported to help evacuate the affected decks and treat the evacuated crewmembers. She donned an environmental suit and met Janel and Danny Wilde on Deck 5. Lael used the Jeffries Tubes to travel down to Deck 7 to find anyone left behind, then work her way up. While on Deck 7, she set up a containment field so the leak didn't reach the lower decks. During the course of her search, she came across Michael Goodwell, a suited up security Ensign who aided her in her search. They brought a few groups back to be inoculated.

Leaving Goodwell behind to wait for the next group, Lael went back down alone to check the remaining sections. However, she experienced hallucinations and passed out. When she awakened, she realized that her environmental suit was ripped and that the hallucinations were most likely caused by radiation exposure. She was able to seal the crack in her suit with duct tape, but she had already been exposed. She hurried to finish her search and report back for inoculation. By the time Lael got the last small group back to the meeting point, the Tholians had taken over Sickbay. Working with Goodwell, she inoculated everyone, hoping to delay onset for the less severe cases. Goodwell inoculated her, but she had a severe reaction to the inoculation and began seizing.


After the away teams returned safely to the Victory, the Tholians left abruptly and the Victory managed to use a tractor beam to tow the Arrow back to drydock. When Lael awakened, Janel filled her in on what happened. She then joked about how they haven't had a real first date and the two briefly discussed the possibilities before she placed calls to her worried mother and brother. She and Janel attended the awards ceremony together. She was awarded a Medical Science Ribbon for her part in rescuing and inoculating the crew. Following the presentation of the awards, Janel revealed to Lael that he had been transferred to the USS Darwin-A. While Lael was saddened by the news, she was determined that they would make the relationship work. When shoreleave was over, she reported for her new assignment, Helm/Comm/Ops aboard the USS Gorkon.


Notable Relationships
  • Janel Tarna: Lael and Janel developed feelings for one another while both were held captive and tortured. They dated for a period even after Janel was transferred, but mutually ended the relationship due to the distance.
  • Tarsii Asmara: Though the two only served together briefly, she came to highly respect his intelligence and his dedication to his duty.
  • Nugra: Despite her initial hesitation, she came to highly respect him as a commanding officer and as a colleague. She enjoyed working with him and was sad to see him step down from command of the Victory.


Mission Logs