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Karakka is a Federation colony and a member of the Colonial Coalition. It is located exactly on the edge of Klingon territory.



The most remote colony of the Coalition, Karakka would be a completely worthless ice world were it not for the fact that it is home to some of the richest dilithium mines known in the quadrant. This makes the freighters that take the raw dilithium from Karakka to Havley's Hope for refinement tempting targets for the bandits and pirates that hide in the Shadows. The recent discovery of benamite on the planet (the crystals vital for the quantum slipstream drive, which like high warp ironically has no use in the Shoals itself) has only made the prize even greater for those who can successfully capture a shipment traveling along the route now known as Widowmaker Trail.

In mid-2396, USS Montreal arrived at Karakka after chasing wanted criminal Lenik from Meridian. They discovered suspicious activity in the mountain peaks of Karraka, and that two Klingon warbirds were in an unusual state of alert. After entering orbit, Karakka’s weather satellites explode, and scans reveal that they had been embedded with antimatter mines—though the surface of Karakka remained silent. Further investigation yielded evidence of a string of security incidents, and that they had broadcast a coded alert across the planet’s surface until the day before Montreal arrived. The colony does not respond to attempts at communication. An away team is sent to the surface, and detects the crash site of the vessel Miran’s Tifar, detouring to investigate, but the team is ambushed and split up.

Montreal discovers a tight beam communication that is aimed at an asteroid field within the Karakka system and becomes unable to detect their away team’s life signs. Upon investigating the disappearance of their away team, they find only a Ferengi scavenger, who they began to interrogate, but a shuttle containing one of their crew bolts for the asteroid field, and while they immediately pursued, notifying the away team that they were on their own for the time being, they could not intercept before it reached the Belfast, the freighter that Lenik has hijacked. He demands a slipstream capable vessel to meet them just outside the Shoals in return for hostage.

The planet re-establishes their communications network, and the Karakkan militia reactivate their defenses, but the Belfast is set on a collision course with Karakka, which had an impact yield in the teratons. The Montreal is sacrificed to destroy the vessel, successfully averting it’s collision with the planet.[1]

Planetary information


Karakka houses Humans, Klingons, and Romulan refugees alike in a similar fashion to Nimbus III - though this is where the comparison ends. Settlements have a predominant race of people, somewhat suffering from certain favoritism to factions.[2] Because of it's location in relation to the Klingon border of the Shoals, there is a heavy IKS presence around Karakka than there is any other Colonial Coalition colony.[3]

Defense capabilities

Karakka has a matrix of defense satellites located in it's orbit, capable of targeting vessels and opening fire on command. They appear to be inert, and were once a well-kept secret between the militia Captain Alan Hackett and Governor Lawroc.[4] They've so far failed to inform other colonies or the Federation of its existence, though record of it was made following an incident with the SS Belfast in 2396.[5]

An air fleet is also active on Karakka, presumably equipped with tractor beams.[6] Ground forces have ground-based missile launchers at their disposal. Due to their close proximity to Klingon space, the KDF also provides the colony with relevant assistance when required.[7]


Karakka is home to the native "Karakkan Krakens", a large sea ice dwelling creature.[8].

Galactic Atlas


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