Cats Among The Pigeons (Resolution)/Security After Action Report (Sherlock)

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Submitted by Security Officer Aine Sherlock.

Mission Assignment

Distress call during routine patrol.

Mission Summary

On stardate 239809.20, the Resolution was on routine patrol under command of Acting Captain Genkos Adea. We received a distress call from Rinascita Research Station. Enroute, we attempted to gain as much information as we could. The only reference to their research was the name Doctor Carol Marcus. We believed they may have been attempting illegal research into mass terraforming in the way of a Genesis device. Shortly after, the distress call was rescinded. We continued on to investigate. Upon arrival Ben Rackham, who seemed to be a director of the project, invited us aboard to investigate. A team lead by Commander Yalu went to their Sickbay to tend to the wounded individual, a Doctor Keita, while Commander Adyr lead the other team on a tour of the station administered by Chief of Security Nat Careswell. When it was discovered that Doctor Keita had been attacked, we attempted to regroup our teams and it was at that time that Careswell locked our team in a Science Lab behind a forcefield. Later reports indicated that Commander Yalu's team was being threatened by an armed Suliban who had transformed his appearance into Doctor Morka, one of the stations doctors. Doctor Morgan, who was on Commander Yalu's team, was taken hostage. Both teams were able to reunite in the Science Lab and I was able to drop the force field. At that time, Commander Adyr, Lieutenants Sirin and Yellir, and myself set out to perform a hasty rescue of Doctor Morgan while Commander Yalu's team would attempt to reclaim the Genesis device. Communications between teams and with the Resolution were down. Audibly, we could hear the Resolution was in a battle as well. Our team made its way through the station to the Control Room. We could see through the viewports that Doctor Morgan was there with one other person. I laid out the plan to enter and clear the room. We did not have all the equipment that is recommended for a hostage rescue/room clearing (distraction devices, intel, etc.). I had determined that I would enter the room first and establish a point of domination so as to allow the lesser trained team members to be injured or halt the advance into the room. Upon entry, I was able to ascertain that there were only two people present, one being the hostage taker. I attempted to get off a shot to subdue him and it was then I was struck with a low power disruptor to my lower thoracic/upper abdominal region. After I lost consciousness, Doctor Morgan apparently attended to my wound as best he could. Upon awakening, I could see that the Suliban had been subdued and Lieutenant Sirin had been injured, to what extent, I did not know at the time. Once it was determined we could be moved, the Suliban had given us information about a yacht on the station, that was losing life support, which we could use to escape. We egressed and rejoined the other team who had also capture a Suliban terrorist. Upon departing the station aboard the yacht, I could see the end of the battle between the Resolution and an unknown vessel. The vessel departed and I witnessed the Resolution collide with a nearby asteroid. At the time I assumed all hands were lost. It was not until later that I had learned the order to abandon ship had been given.

Mission Result

Destruction of the USS Resolution. Loss of thirteen crewmembers and one officer of Starfleet Intelligence. Failed to recover Genesis device, presumed destroyed along with the Resolution. Semi-successful hostage rescue.


Numerous fails were experience on this mission. To start with, the lack of intelligence shared on the part of Starfleet Intelligence on operations in the region of the Resolutions patrol zone, in the opinion of this officer, directly contributed to the loss of the Resolution. Had we known more, multiple other failings could have been avoided. In the way of the hostage rescue, the injury of two personnel, while statistically likely, was unacceptable.


It is recommended that Starfleet Intelligence share at least a bare minimum of intel operations within a ships patrol region. As to the failings of the hostage rescue, it is recommended that in the future a team of Security Officers be trained to respond to such specific missions and that all staff regularly assigned to away teams undergo a minimum of tactical readiness training.


The loss of the Resolution and thirteen of her crewmembers was an outright avoidable tragedy.