Time in a Bottle (Resolution)/Security After Action Report (Sherlock)

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Submitted by Security Officer Aine Sherlock.

Mission Assignment

Routine survey of the Borderlands.

Mission Summary

On stardate 239807.21, the Resolution was participating in a routine survey of the Borderlands. During the survey, the Resolution came under attack by an antique Klingon D-7. Severe damage was sustained and it was initially believed that the attack cause a breach of the warp core. We successfully maneuvered into a position to disable the older D-7. However, in the process, the breach was not able to be stabilized and an explosion ensued. It was then that we thought we had discovered that we were in a temporal loop as everything appeared to reset to five minutes prior. The next evolution, we had prepared for the attack and pre-emptively prepared to defend ourselves. However, we still had a warp core breach. After a brief engagement with the D-7, the core was ejected. The D-7 then destroyed the ejected core before the Resolution was out of range, destroying the ship. At which point, another evolution began. This continued three more times. It was discovered that Nurse Nusin was also experiencing a condition in sickbay wherein their lungs appeared to be missing. During the fourth evolution, it was discovered by Counselor Sirin that a Q named CloQ, a right [REDACTED], was behind the entire event. Over the course of the final evolution's, a mutiny had occurred aboard the Klingon ship, this was resolved by their crew for the benefit of all and myself and Lieutenant Yalu were able to beam aboard the ship to assist in breaking the space/time barrier erected by CloQ. After two attempts to break the barrier, we finally were able to leave.

Mission Result

The successful escape from the space/time cube created by the Q and the successful allying of the Klingon crew, who were put into contact with the Klingon liaison to be integrated into and reassigned to the Klingon fleet. The unfortunate loss of one of our crew, Nurse Nusin.


Given the limited information and the known abilities of the Q, there was little the crew could have done to prevent the events of this incident. Save for the loss of Nurse Nusin, which appears to be the doing of the Q, all other incidents of this event can be considered a success.


Somehow, find CloQ and destroy them.


The unlimited power of a single Q cannot be underestimated. The trauma to the entire crew cannot be understated. This incident, by this officer at least, will not be forgotten or unfelt for some time.