The Ties that Bind (Resolution)/Security After Action Report (Sherlock)

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Submitted by Security Officer Aine Sherlock.

Mission Assignment

The USS Resolution was tasked to mediate negotiations over the planet Vionus IV. Representatives from the Thama and Nascaik were present. Delegate Soaha Niran and Diplomatic Aide Ashal Koas from the Thama. Rossk Shes Ar-Dev as representative of the Nascaik with his aide Terza Malyk Vey-Dex. Ar-Dev's son was also present, Foss Dev-Yem.

Mission Summary

On stardate 239802.28, we began preparations for the visiting delegates. Various environmental adaptations needed to be made including reduced gravity and tracking for the Thama and methane breathers for the Nascaik. Off duty crew were restricted to quarters for the duration of the visit. Initial contact with the Thama delegation was quick and civil. Commander Amari and Doctor T'Suran took them on a tour of the ship. Meanwhile, Commander Ilsam, Lieutenant Yalu, and myself took the Nascaik on their tour. The Nascaik seemed less enthused to see the ship. I, personally, attempted to keep their attention drawn towards tactical systems since their own society seemed to revolve around such. At one point, they even threatened to leave the ship until Commander MacKenzie was ready to begin negotiations. During this time, Doctor Adea lead a team on the surface of Vionus IV to attempt to discover what either species wanted with the planet. Security's primary concern with threats was directed at the Nascaik, being the more militant of the two species (see below).

Mission Result

Despite a peace accord being formalized between the two species, the negotiations were interrupted when Aide Ashal Koas used a high frequency resonator to blow out the transparent aluminum windows of the conference room and adjoining quarters of Commander MacKenzie. During the rapid decompression, a pre-programmed shuttle was inbound in which Koas had absconded to with Ar-Dev, now paralyzed from a toxin administered by Koas. Koas had taken Ar-Dev to the lost colony of Aspiration. We later learned that Koas' family was lost in the massive reactor failure on Aspiration, which she had blamed on Ar-Dev. An ad hoc rescue team was formed and we (Doctor Adea, Commander Ilsam, Lieutenant Yalu, and myself) flew via Waverider shuttle to the surface. Koas had Ar-Dev restrained near what appeared to be a small reactor or explosive device. Doctor Adea, admirably, attempted to distract Koas while the rest of us had made our way around to flank them. We charged for Ar-Dev and were successful in retrieving him via transporter to the Waverider. Unfortunately, Koas was not retrieved and is believed killed in the explosion she had set herself.


The lack of information regarding the delegations was a failing of Intelligence. The over focus on potential threats of the militant Nascaik was a failing of the Security department. I would not consider the death of Koas a failure as we were still able to rescue Ar-Dev and thus the negotiations were able to continue and succeed. I do feel, however, given proper time a more thorough rescue and arrest could have been made. The Resolution is not equipped nor crewed adequately for such situations.


For future negotiations, it is recommended more Intel be procured regarding who will be on the ship, so as to form a proper threat assessment. Full transparency concerning all delegates could have prevented such an attack from happening. Cross training of staff most likely to be assigned to a potential rescue operation should go through regular training and drills for such events including short time/high risk scenarios.


While the mission could be considered a success, there were many shortcomings including lack of intelligence, lack of consistent training for a rescue team, lack of proper preparation pertaining to the culture of delegates.