Stranded (Resolution)/Security After Action Report (Sherlock)

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Submitted by Security Officer Aine Sherlock.

Mission Assignment

The USS Resolution was tasked to find the crew of the missing Starfleet science surveyor the USS Hanno. The Hanno was an Oberth class vessel. In addition, Romulan Senator Vreeya came aboard the Resolution with a similar dilemma. Two Romulan transport ships carrying refugees had gone missing in the same area of the Briar Patch.

Mission Summary

On stardate 239805.03, we began preparations for a search and rescue of the USS Hanno. Various modifications were made to the ships impulse cooling system to allow us faster than normal travel through "The Patch." Inoculations for the entire crew to prevent radiation sickness were administered and a full evacuation of Deck 2 for quarantine purposes was undertaken (Ms. Kettleworth was not happy). Using telemetry from the last known communication of the Hanno allowed the Resolution to quickly track her path to a nearby rogue planet. Upon arrival, the Resolution was caught in what appeared to be a micro-asteroid storm. The ship began experiencing random power loses. Being pulled into the gravity of the rogue planet, a Blue Alert was issued. Lieutenant Yalu was able to land the ship, roughly, but intact. A small away team was dispatched to search the nearby wreckage of the Hanno. During the search of the wreckage, Lieutenants Sherlock and Etan were "attacked" by an unknown species. A single "rock person," who quickly escaped. While pursuing the creature, the away team came across members of the Hanno's crew and numerous Romulan survivors. It was then that most of the survivors made their way back to the Resolution. A small group followed one of the "rock people" (known here on out as the Skarn) to meet with their leader. Despite their friendliness, the leader of the Skarn, Arbelo, seemed intent on killing all transgressors to their planet. The Skarn are telepathic and posses telekinetic abilities. Being surrounded by numerous members of the Skarn loyal to Arbelo, Lieutenant Sherlock devised a quick plan of action and used her Type II Phaser as an improvised explosive device allowing the group to escape. The team then gathered what they could from the remains of the Hanno and made their way back to the Resolution. Upon their return they learned that the destruction of the cave seemed to be the key to returning power to the ship. After a few days repair, the Resolution was able to depart the planet for DS224.

Mission Result

Rescue of 20+ members of the Hanno crew and approximately 19 Romulan survivors was attained. One Romulan, Ferzdy, chose to remain on the Skarn homeworld for reasons unknown.


Given the nature of the Briar Patch and specifically the power of the Skarn leader, many small incidents added up to large problems. All things considered, there were no failures on this mission. Many close calls that were admirably addressed by all members of the Resolutions crew.


Though it appears that the danger posed by the Skarn homeworld has been subdued, it is recommended that Starfleet install navigation beacons in the area to warn other ships to avoid close proximity to the planet. More than anything, for the benefit of the Skarn peoples to be able to live contently and without interference.


The mission was a success despite many close calls.