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Alleran Tan and Zlix, a pet cat currently lost on DS-17.

Lt.Jg. Alleran Tan


"Hey, two sorties, two broken fighters, two trips to sickbay.
At least I'm consistent!"

-- Ensign Alleran Tan to Dr Sasak, June 2387.


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Old profile.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Alleran Tan (formerly Alleran Mapak) is a joined Trill, helmsman and pilot assigned to the USS Independence-A. Alleran is currently engaged in a relationship with Fleet Captain Sidney Riley.

Alleran's writer can be found here.

Biographic Information

  • Full Name:Alleran (Mapak) Tan
  • Host Age: 29. Birthday 236212.01 (1st of December 2362).
  • Symbiont Age: 116. Birthday 227409.06 (6th of September 2274).
  • Species: Trill (joined)
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Height: 5'1"
  • Telepathic status: NA. Tan's previous host's voice can be heard occasionally in his head, usually giving sarcastic advice or admonishments, but this is normal of joined Trills and does not extend outside his head.
  • Place of Birth: Byroni, Trill Prime.
  • Tattoos/Body Modifications: Trill symbiont. After his stay on Devinon V, Alleran received a two-inch scar just above his left eye.
  • Skin Tone: Olive and significantly tanned, with dark Trill spots.
  • Handedness: Right.
  • Languages: Trill (native), English (accented but clear), Vaadwaur (weak vocabulary and heavily accented but otherwise understandable), Romulan (fluent with slight accent, from previous host).



  • Quarters: Tan is currently in the process of moving in with his partner, although this is a slow process and requires Belleau's approval.
  • Favorite Room: Pilot's ready room. Tan feels most at home with fellow pilots, although he had many friends amongst the USS Independence-A crew.
  • Mannerisms/Habits: Impulsive, even reckless, Tan's aggressive flying style has earned him both praise and scorn from his crewmates. Several notable "incidences" have lead him to begin to consider the wisdom of defensive flying, if only occasionally.
  • Temperment: Tan becomes nervous in formal situations, such as mission briefings. When relaxed, his sense of humour is often self-depreciating and occasionally crude. Since returning from Devenon IV, Tan is a lot more confident socially.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Tan is not a religious individual, but he has an open mind towards spirituality of various forms.



An ancient Terran tradition was for pilots to record their victories over their foes. Tan has adopted this practice.

  • Ebon Hawk, frighter- 1/6th kill (assisted).
  • Vaadwaur Assault Fighter - 1 kill, solo. (Second Battle of Eratis)
  • Vaadwaur Assault Fighter - 1 kill, assist (sh'Shar credited). (Operation Bright Star)


Technically not tracked in any formal or informal sense, it is nevertheless important to point out Alleran Tan's defeats. Specifically:

  • Hammerhead Fighter, Starbase 118 (damaged): Damaged by onboard feedback device. The perpetrator was never apprehended.
  • Longbow Fighter, Deep Space 17 (lost and presumed destroyed): Damaged by combat. Two civilian children had snuck onboard, due to negligence on Tan's behalf (no preflight inspection was performed with no extenuating circumstances). When the civilians were discovered, Tan damaged the ship and activated his emergency transporter, hoping to hide the children in the wreckage. The Longbow was programmed to 'reactivate' after a time, then flee- but the civilians and Tan were picked up by a Maul from the USS Ronin before this took place. The damaged fighter was abandoned and presumed captured or destroyed.

Permanent Record

  • 2387, April: Commander Thelev reports that Alleran Tan performed well in a scramble-and-intercept sortie, despite accidentally boarding and subsequently damaging Commander Thelev's personal fighter. Tan assisted in the capture of a rogue civilian freighter, the Ebon Hawk.
  • 2387, April: Alleran Tan is treated aboard Starbase 118 for radiation burns and a broken femur resulting from damage to Commander Thelev's Hammerhead fighter.
  • 2387, June: Alleran Tan destroys a larger and better armed Vaadwaur Assault Fighter in a Longbow fighter, earning his first complete victory.
  • 2387, September: Mikali Sh'Shar destroyed a Vaadwaur Assault Fighter with Alleran Tan acting as her navigator.

The Longbow Incident

  • 2387, June: Alleran Tan discovers two civilian children hiding on his Longbow fighter. He abandons ship, damaging it in the process, attempting to hide the two children in the "wreckage". Captured and abused by the vaadwaur but rescued by marines from the USS Ronin, a formal reprimand is issued; a note was placed in his permanent record by Tracey Townson that Tan was negligent in his duty, having failed to perform a pre-flight inspection before launching in a non-emergency situation.

Tan was specifically reprimanded for attempting to place blame on others, for going off-mission and complicating rescue, as well as the psychological effect of abandoning two children in the middle of a combat zone. Mention was made of his overly aggressive flying and reckless behaviour, with Tracey nearly considering taking him to Courts Martial. Major Rowten of the USS Ronin also lodged a formal complaint regarding Tan's behaviour, criticising the trill's plan to hide the children on a wreck as 'fundamentally flawed'.

Subsequently, Tan was stripped of his flight privileges and ordered to undergo 72 hours of remedial training before being offered the chance to re-qualify.

  • 2387, June: A note is placed in Tan's medical log stating that, possibly due to recent injuries sustained after bailing out from a Longbow, his isoboramine levels have fallen below average. The risk of symbiont rejection is classified as 'very low', with 5 cc's of benzocyatizine being prescribed by Dr Sasak.
  • 2387, June: Alleran Tan is promoted to Lt. Jr Grade. The loss of his flight privileges, however, remains.

Leave of Absence on the recently colonized Vaadwaur world

  • 2387, October: Alleran Tan is rejected by Sidney Riley. Unable to cope with his mounting personal issues (stemming from the Vaadwaur occupation of Deep Space 17), Tan is clearly unable to perform his duties. Despite repeated attempts to council him by members of the crew, Tan eventually writes a personal letter to every single member of the command staff and files for a leave of absence. He plans to spend this time living on the newly settled Vaadwaur world, assisting with the relief and reconstruction effort there. He expects this absence to last a long time, but he vows very clearly to return.
  • 2387, November: Alleran Tan arrives on the Vaadwaur homeworld and begins assisting with the reconstruction effort there. He meets the wife of the man he killed during the Longbow Incident and apologizes to her. Yin is distraught to learn that her husband is dead, but does not hold any lasting anger towards Alleran. This becomes a very important part in his healing process.
  • 2387, November: Alleran Tan, for the first time in his life, prays to the Trill Four Virtues. Specifically he asks them to put Passion out of his life and for Courage to endure his pain.

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
01-Ens-Gold.png Ensign 238704.15 - 238704.30 Starbase 118 Flight Ops Officer
01-Ens-Gold.png 238704.30 - 238706.26 USS Tiger Helm
01-Ens-Gold.png 238706.26 - 238706.27 Deep Space 17 CAG
Note: 238706.27 Official Reprimand placed by Tracey Townson. Flight privileges revoked.
02-LtJG-Gold.png Lieutenant JG 238706.28 - 238708.28 USS Tiger Helm
02-LtJG-Red.png Lieutenant JG 238708.28 - 2387-10.19 USS Independence-A Chief Helm Officer & Commander, Air Group (CAG)
Leave of Absence. 238710.19 - present Broken by his rejection by Sidney Riley and unable to cope with taking a sentient life, Alleran Tan temporarily retired for some soul-searching.

Personal Story Arcs
Name Location Dates Theme Music Assignment Notes
"The Forge of Heroes" USS Centris-A 238703.25 - 238704.31 Rock Anthem for Saving the World Cadet Training Shuttle Pilot. Managed to land the shuttle in the middle of a terrible blizzard; Commander Tel-ar and Commander Reynolds were the FO and CO respectively.
"Spearing the Raptor's Heart" Starbase 118 238704.14 - 238705.07 Hammerhead Pilot Earned his first victory; a shared kill against the Ebon Hawk.
"The Touch of Shadow" Deep Space 17 238705.07- 238706.17 Now we are free Longbow Pilot Otherwise known as the "Longbow Incident". Loss of flight privileges and a note on his permanent record. Tan takes a life; the effects on his psyche begin to manifest themselves.
"Whispers of Dark Temptations" USS Tiger 238706.17 - 238708.207 Lithium Helmsman Tan is tracked down by Docent Takkani Melan who demands he submit to his long overdue Zhian'tara. She also tracks down some of his fellow crewmates and, by phrasing her questions in a cunning way, makes Tan (and the crew's impression of Tan) look very bad. She offers him an "honourable" way out of his "unpromising" life by arranging his death, freeing his symbiont for another; sorely tempted for a moment, Alleran rejects her offer.
"The Seeds of Passion" USS Independence-A 238708.27 - 238710.07 Life Primarily shoreleave. Tan begins courting Sidney Riley. Meanwhile, Tan seeks counciling for his dark thoughts and cannot keep the horrific flashbacks out of his head.
"Ashes of Despair" USS Independence-A 238710.07 - 238710.19 Little Lion Man Primarily shoreleave. Due to Tan's mounting issues the budding romance between Riley and Tan falls apart. Tan, devastated, is overwhelmed by dark impulses... but chooses to relocate to Devinon V to assist the Vaadwaur rebuild their lives. Nobody sees him off the ship, a fact which causes him some distress.
"Acts of Contrition" Devinon V 238710.19 - 238803.01 The Cave Humanitarian assitance. Tan spends time on Devinon V, helping the Vaadwaur who call the planet home after the events of Operation Bright Star. He returns to duty after a call from Sidney Riley.
"Second Chances" USS Independence-A, Deep Space 17 238710.19 - present Just A Dream Unknown Called back to duty by Sidney Riley, Alleran Tan leaves Devenon IV a much better place for his visitation. Upon arrival at Deep Space 17 Tan is swept into Riley's arms and doesn't let go...



Tan is a social animal and loves to talk. Although he can come across as a little silly or immature, Tan has found many friendships amongst his comrades.

  • Thelev, Jhen - Commander Thelev is Tan's hero, sans cape. A fellow pilot and helmsman, Thelev was Tan's first Commanding Officer and the impression the stoic Andorian left on the Trill man is long lasting. Tan was extremely saddened upon hearing of Commander Thelev's transfer, although he holds out firm hope that one day the Andorian will return. Upon taking a leave of absence on Stardate 238710.19, Tan expressed extreme regret that Jhen would be disappointed in his behaviour.
  • Zhou, Tenzin - Upon arriving at the USS Independence-A, Zhou was Tan's first choice for alternate host if something happened to him. Despite a rocky beginning, Tan and Zhou forged a fast friendship which Tan admitted in a private message to Zhou was worth a great deal to him.
  • Shan, Darren - Despite the Longbow Incident, Tan finds Shan to be an outstanding officer and an inspirational family man. Tan once told him that he was extremely proud to serve alongside him.
  • Avandar, S'Peek - Tan trusted Avandar to be the host for his Zhian'tara, even against the advice of the Symbiosis Committee who felt that Avandar's telepathy might cause... unexpected side-effects. These have so far presented themselves as Marlee's voice chatting away inside Avandar's head, plus one minor instance of Tan's thoughts bleeding into Avandar's.
  • Townson, Tracey - Tan finds Tracey to be an incredibly competent officer who has the intestinal fortitude to tell her superiors the truth without sugar-coating it. Tan wouldn't call himself a very close friend of Tracey's, but he certainly respects her a great deal. When Tracey was promoted to a full Lieutenant, Tan figured she wasn't that far away from her own ship.
  • Whale, David - Tan and Whale never really spoke, until Tan punched a bulkhead right in front of him. Dealing with the fallout of his failed relationship with Captain Sidney Riley just as Whale was dealing with avoiding his feelings for Doctor Fiona Shelley, Tan and Whale struck up an fast friendship... both within days of transferring off the Independence to different postings (Whale to the USS Constitution-B, Tan to the Vaadwaur planet). Not getting to know Whale better is one of the great disappointments of Tan's life, and he made an effort to call Whale via subspace while he was on Devinon.
  • Marari - Marari and Alleran spoke at length on Devinon V. Initially very reluctant to engage in dialog with someone who had wounded and killed so many Starfleet personnel including Crewman Thomas, Danilo Pitik and T'tala... Marari revealed himself to be an honourable man driven to desperation by his circumstances. Given their wildly different opinions on Sidney Riley, it remains to be seen if this friendship will last.

Romantic (past)

Tan has a thing for powerful, strong women. He tends to wear his heart on his sleeve and has been known to fall victim to silly crushes. He is currently enjoying a blossoming relationship with Sidney Riley, whom he considers his soulmate.

  • Avandar, S'Peek - When Tan's first host Marlee was placed into Avandar's head she took an immediate, quite sexual liking to the Vulcan/Betazoid. Although not feelings the whole combined Alleran Tan feels, Marlee's emotions were mixed back into the full, joined self when the former host's personality was transplanted back into its rightful owner. Tan finds the whole situation highly amusing.
  • Somers, Alexandria - Tan took an immediate, physical attraction to her soon after meeting her. Initially he thought that she was interested in him as well, but it seems Somers's heart belongs to someone else. Tan took it reasonably well, although his continued advances caused her to embarrass him in front of a good chunk of the Independence-A's senior staff during their very first meeting. Furious, Tan promised her "... don't worry, *ma'am*, it >won't< happen again."
  • Turner, Toni - Commander Toni Turner and Commander Tallis Rhul visited Tan to check on the state of the Vaadwaur planet. Tan, feeling very lonely and isolated by the Vaadwaur who never really accepted him and the Marines who felt his behaviour was treasonous, exhibited behaviour Commander Tallis described as "overly friendly" towards Turner and noted he "was practically staring". In a private moment of reflection, Tan admitted to himself that although Toni was extremely attractive, Tan was interested in compatibility of spirit more than any physical attraction. Despite her kindness to him, Tan didn't feel a spark with Turner.

Romantic (present)

Tan's romance with Sidney Riley is one for the romanticists, the dreamers, the story writers...

Tan and Riley hit it off immediately, and within days of meeting each other had arranged a date and spent a fair amount of time together. Tan and Riley went on one-and-a-bit dates, kissed several times, Riley called herself 'his girl'... but after she was injured in Operation Bright Star, Tan threw himself into helping her recover.

But nothing could wake Sidney from her slump. It took the surprise, somewhat-frightening visit of an old friend of Sidney's, along with a powerful kiss from that friend, to make her remember who she was. Hours later, Sidney broke it off with Tan, citing his protectiveness and several possessive comments had made to the crew... but stressed to him that she wanted to remain his friend. Devastated, Tan could not cope with the rejection and his mounting personal issues and sought a leave of absence.

He later came to realise that Sidney was a symptom and not a problem; that while he feels that she was cruel and flippant with his feelings, the majority of the fault lies with him and his issues. Tan was happy that Riley had found someone who could truely love her, care for her as he did...

... but sometimes Fate can surprise you. Riley called Tan while he was on the planet, checking up on him. In a conversation that went for hours the two slowly became to realise that there was room in their hearts for second chances. Tan rushed back to Deep Space 17 as the USS Independence-A left Wheeler colony, with the two of them invited to Karynn Ehlanii's wedding.

They spent a night in Tan's temporary apartment. Now the future awaits...


Alleran Tan never wanted to be joined, but fate rarely plays out the way you want it to.

Tan lead a normal, happy but unremarkable life as a commercial shuttle pilot. A timid man, Alleran found that he possessed a natural gift for flying, flying gliders (and later atmospheric fliers) from a very young age. At age 23, a routine shuttle-run turned sour when an ionic storm caused his shuttle to crash on an abandoned moon. One of his passengers was the renouned trill scientist Marlee Tan, an exobiologist who specialized in the Borg. She was mortally wounded in the accident; the rescue party couldn't save her and her post extraction symbiont was also extremely weak. To preserve it, Alleran Mapak grudgingly agreed to become Alleran Tan.

The joining filled the otherwise meek individual with an arrogant confidence. Alleran very quickly became disinterested in such a mundane job as commercial piloting and enrolled in Starfleet as a pilot flying space-supremacy fighters, much to the horror of the trill symbiosis committee who felt he was endangering a magnificent, undeserved gift.