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USS Victory

Chief Petty Officer Radi Rais.

CPO Radi Rais

"I'm tired of kill'n. I hung up my phaser rifle long ago."

-- CPO Radi Rais.


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Senior Chief Petty Officer Radi Rais was a Betazoid and was an enlisted crewman in the Operations department. He died in mysterious circumstances on Stardate 238807.14.

Unlike most Betazoids, he was a "black hole"; he had absolutely no telepathic ability and his mind could be read by telepaths or empaths. Accordingly, he was immune to telepathic invasion and psychic forms of attack, although his "disability" caused him significant distress throughout his life; to a Betazoid, the situation was akin to being born deaf.

Radi's writer can be found here. His OOC rank is Lieutenant.

Biographic Information

  • Full Name:Radi Rais.
  • Age at time of death: 25. Birthday 236211.09 (9th of November 2362).
  • Place of Birth: Ohmallera, Betazed.
  • Place of Death: Betazed, unknown.
  • Species: Betazoid
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Black
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Telepathic status: -1. Radi could not have his mind read, nor did he possess any form of telepathic ability at all. See below for more information.
  • Place of Birth: Betazed
  • Tattoos/Body Modifications: Radi had a tattoo of a large bird between his shoulderblades, along with various predatory animals on his upper arms and shoulder. On his upper arm he had a tattoo of the Starfleet Marine Corps emblem and motto, 'Semper Fi'.
  • Skin Tone: Olive.
  • Handedness: Left.
  • Status: Deceased.


  • Parents: Jhaan Rais (deceased) and Lita Rais (deceased). Both parents were killed in 2388 during the bombing of Ohmallera.
  • Siblings: Four brothers.
  • Spouse: none
  • Children: none

Telepathic Condition

- Transmitting -

Despite extensive practice, therapy and hope Rais could not transmit any thoughts, emotions or feelings beyond his own head. This condition was present since adolescence, when typical Betazoids gain the telepathic abilities.

- Receiving -

Rais was a black hole. Casual attempts to read his mind, even by powerful telepaths, always ended in complete failure (as though there was no sentience present at all). Directed and focused telepathy, or prolonged attempts to actively read his mind, could result in mild headaches and/or nosebleeds in the practitioner.

Attempting to 'go deep' (usually by incredibly intrusive means such as a Vulcan mind meld) may have caused permanent harm to the practitioner. This has only occurred once in his lifetime, when a Vulcan doctor attempted to 'repair' the issue with an invasive mind meld. The doctor's consciousness was completely erased in the process.

- Other -

Rais did not dream. Chemical hallucinogens and the like function normally.


  • Quarters: Rais was a neat freak. Every corner of his cadet quarters was kept meticulously clean.
  • Favorite Room: Rais loved any room with a natural view into space. He prefered to see the stars with his naked eyes.
  • Mannerisms/Habits: Rais was uncomfortable around Betazoids due to his condition (and, by and large, they tend to be remarkably uncomfortable around him). Due to discrimination against males in Betazoid culture, Rais was a mild masculinist and believes that anything a woman can do a man can do as well.
  • Temperment: Rais was even handed and complete in his duty, although he could be fussy and pedantic at times.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: For most of his life Rais followed the complicated polytheist Betazoid philosophy, although not strongly. He finds the patriarchal nature of organized religion oppressive. Just before his death he admitted that it didn't seem that anyone was listening to his prayers.
  • Fears/Phobias: Betazoids with little telepathic abilities are more prone to psychosis and violent behavior. Especially due to time spent as a Marine, Rais was greatly concerned about his own mental stability, a fear that later proved to be founded.


Rais spent four years in the Starfleet Marine Corps, being posted to various ships and stations in the Ihassa region. He was part of the SFMC Logistics division. When Deep Space 17 was occupied by the Vaadwaur, he was captured and affected by the chemical brainwashing the Vaadwaur inflicted on prisoners.

He has never discussed what he did under the influence of their chemical and psychological brainwashing although it obviously affected him profoundly. After some soul searching he eventually decided to transfer to a less violent position. He moved to the Operations division and, his retraining complete, was posted to the USS Victory.

After a mediocre career aboard the Victory Radi's past caught up with him right as the crew were transitioning to Starbase 118. He voluntarily checked himself into a psychiatric hospital, although one could make the argument that it was that or be dishonourably discharged.

He died shortly after in mysterious circumstances.

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
ME1-Pvt-Green.png Private 238304.2 - 238311.14 Deep Space 17 Marine
ME2-Pvt1st-Green.png Private First Class 238311.14 - 238407.18 Deep Space 17 Marine
ME3-LCpl-Green.png Lance Corporal 238407.18 - 238412.3 Deep Space 17 Marine
ME4-Cpl-Green.png Corporal 238412.3 - 238508.18 Deep Space 17 Marine
ME5-Sgt-Green.png Sergeant 238508.18 - 238601.12 Deep Space 17 Marine Squad Leader
ME6-SSgt-Green.png Staff Sergeant 238601.12 - 238611.25 Deep Space 17 Marine Squad Leader
ME7-GSgt-Green.png Gunnery Sergeant 238611.25 - 238707.15 Deep Space 17 Marine Squad Leader
K-02-Warrior2.jpg Marauder 238707.15 - 238709.16 Vaadwaur Occupation Force Brainwashed Soldier
Retraining 238709.16 - 238710.19 Rais spent over a month soul-searching, recovering and retraining to be an Operations Officer.
E7-CPO-Gold.png Chief Petty Officer 238710.19 - 238803.24 USS Victory Chief of Operations
E8-SCPO-Gold.png Senior Chief Petty Officer 238803.24 - 238806.14 USS Victory Chief of Operations
Missing in Action (replaced by Changeling) 238806.14 - 238806.14 Missing Missing
Undergoing psychiatric treatment. 238807.07 - 238807.14 Betazed
Died. 238807.14 Betazed

Personal Story Arcs
Name Location Dates Theme Music Assignment Notes
"Dark Risings" Deep Space 17 (offcamera) 238707.15 - 238709.16 Requiem Marine Radi Rais is brainwashed by the Vaadwaur occupying force and performs unspeakable acts of violence. He steadfastly refuses to discuss it, although its effects are obviously profound.
"Thou Shalt Not Kill.." USS Victory Snuff Chief of Operations Radi Rais returns to duty as an Operations officer a changed man. Despite the crew's best efforts, Romulan blood is spilled in the Azure Nebula. Radi prays for their spirits.
"Light over Still Water" USS Victory Fireflies Shore Leave Radi begins to court Ash MacKenna. The two hit it off fairly well initially, but Radi has some reservations...
"Shattering the Eggs of Eisn" USS Victory Chief of Operations The Romulun star Eisn is engulfed by Hobos.
"Rainmaker" USS Victory Chief of Operations Radi begins to experience flashbacks of his previous Marine service as the ship is cast back into the past.
"Sea Change" USS Victory Missing in Action Radi Rais is replaced by a changeling.
"The End" Psyciatric hospital, Betazed. Radi Rais is placed on LOA. He dies in mysterious circumstances shortly afterward, to little fanfare or even notice. He was buried in a simple grave on the outskirts of the ruins of Ohmallera.


Marine Days

Rais left behind all his friends when he transferred divisions, including his partner Jennifer Brockton- a Terran and fellow Marine he was engaged in a relationship with. What ultimately became of Jennifer has not been made public and Radi has not discussed it.


  • Tali, Elya - Radi went to considerable trouble to find a couple hundred kilograms of Nitrium for the Laudean engineer, something he wouldn't do if he didn't find her extremely competent.
  • Frost, Liam - Radi and Frost tend to be assigned to the bridge together so have spent some time in each others company. Radi believes that Frost is a superb officer with a great future ahead of him... not that he'd ever tell him that.


  • MacKenna, Ash - Rais and Ash have not known each other long, but there seems to be a distinct attraction between the two. Having been on a couple of 'dates' and spending time together throughout their first shore leave, Ash has decided to allow the relationship to progress further despite her distinct lack of experience in that area of life. In fact, her first ever romantic kiss was experienced shortly before the USS Victory was sent to help with the Romulan evacuation while on the holodeck with Radi. Radi has doubts about his ability to satisfy her emotionally, but is pressing on regardless.

With Radi's death their relationship has ended.