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Freighter Captain
Starbase 118
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Flight of the Hawk

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Juhani is a Caitian freighter captain currently residing aboard Starbase 118.


  • Full Name: Juhani M'Reen Sesse Rorruu
  • Race: Caitian
  • Date of Birth: 235504.13
  • Place of Birth: Cait
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: NIL


  • Height: 177.8 cm (5' 10")
  • Weight: 54.885 kg (121 lbs.)
  • Hair Color: Light borwn
  • Eye Color: Gold*
  • Note: As a result of a childhood accident, Juhani does not have a tail.


Until recently, Juhani was owner and captain of a beat-up old freighter called the Ebon Hawk. Unfortunately, the Ebon Hawk was rendered little more than scrap metal during an unexpected confrontation with a Romulan Warbird outside Starbase 118 on stardate 238704.22. She has since entered into a partnership with a borderline legitimate shipping organization called Uruatan Cargo and has obtained a battered but (mostly) space-worthy freighter she has dubbed the Calico Jack.

Though officially a trader, Juhani does a fair bit of smuggling and black market trading. She has some sense of honour, but feels that laws are just words on paper and doesn't let them get in her way.

In 2389, Juhani was arrested by FedSec and convicted of smuggling. Her sentence was to be five years, but as of stardate 239007.19, she has been released from custody for reasons unknown.