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Commander Tracey Townson is a Human currently on leave.

On Leave


Tracey Townson


  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Intelligence
  • Ship: USS Invicta
  • Rank: Commander
  • Race: Human

  • DoB: 235411.23
  • Age: 37
  • Height: 5'5
  • Eye color: Gold
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Birthplace: Montreal, Canada, Earth

Awards and Service Ribbons

Awards Special Kalendra 2011.jpg Awards General RussBar 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg Awards ServiceRibbons battleforbajor 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons RomulanCampaign 2011.jpg Awards ServiceRibbons GornCampaign 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Ithassa 2011.jpg Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingBasic 2011.jpg Awards ServiceRibbons Peacekeeper 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg Awards ServiceRibbons TemporalFlow 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons WarWithBorg 2011.jpg Awards-ServiceRibbon-VaadwaurInvasion.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons HobusHeroism 2011.jpg KlingonInvasion.jpg
Awards General BPlot 2011.jpg Awards DutyPost VoyagerMedallionAward 2011.jpg
Tosma2a.png ResolutionHumanitarian service ribbon.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg Awards General 10Year 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons TemporalFlow 2011.jpg Awards ServiceRibbons Prometheus Incident 2014.jpg



  • Full Name: Tracey Townson
  • Race: Human
  • Date of Birth: 235411.23
  • Place of Birth: Montreal, Canada, Earth
  • Age: 43
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: 0
  • Linguistic Skills: Federation Standard, Romulan, Some Betazed


  • Height: 5 ft 5 in
  • Weight: 115 lb
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Length of Hair: Long
  • Eye Color: Gold
  • Skin Tone: Caucasian
  • Birthmarks, Scars: None
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Owns almost no civilian clothing except for a black dress.


  • Marital Status: Single
  • Children: 1 (Adopted Romulan Male) Hvaid Townson
  • Parents
    • Mother: Cynthia Townson
    • Father: Scott Townson (deceased)
  • Siblings: None

Personal & Professional History

Intelligence Dress Uniform

As a child, Tracey was always fascinated with Starfleet. Her parents would tell her stories and keep her informed with information from the newsnet service of the ongoing missions of Starfleet. Despite the fact that neither of her parents were members of Starfleet, Tracey`s parents did everything they could to make sure their daughter would be successful in realizing her dream of one day becoming a Starfleet officer, by getting her tutors and aids throughout her early years. Tracey`s second love of life is skiing. Aside from making a career in Starfleet Tracey`s main goal was to become the best skier in the North Western part of Earth. At the age of 12, Tracey began to take her studies to enter the Academy, seriously. Also at this age, Tracey began to compete in skiing competitions in the Northern Adirondacks and the Laurentian mountains. She eventually made a name for herself as one of the top skiers in the Americas. At the age of 17, Tracey, on a downhill ski competition in the Swiss Alps, took a spill and broke her left ankle. This in turn ended her ability to compete. Tracey continued to ski, but only for enjoyment and relaxation.

Tracey was a B average Academy Graduate. She finished 16th in her class. Not very high, but she excelled in her pilot training sessions. She was the leader of Ticat squadron (an elite group of pilots) that won the academy flight honors in 2376 versus 15 other squadrons from all over the Federation. Tracey graduated on stardate 237705.24 and began simulation training as a cadet under Captain Y`Shirad. Tracey`s right arm was fractured during the last of these training


In Command Red as Commander

On stardate 237708.19, Tracey was promoted to Ensign and was given assignment to the USS Hammond under the command of Lt. Cmdr. Brynn Wellesley as HCO on stardate 237708.22. After a year long mission to the WASH, Tracey was promoted to the rank of Lt.JG by Commander Brynn Wellesley on stardate 237711.16. Tracey was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant by Captain Allen O'Malley on stardate 237802.04. Much to Tracey's dismay, Tracey was transferred to the USS Tiger as Chief Science Officer on Stardate 237804.08.

After a mission on the Tiger that led to that vessel's decommission, Tracey was both promoted to Lt. Cmdr. And transferred once again to the newly commissioned USS Constitution-B on stardate 237809.08 as that vessel's second officer under the command of Captain Zan Hebron. Due to the death of Tracey's grandmother, Tracey took a leave of absence for the duration of the maiden mission of the Constitution. Tracey rejoined her crew and was once again transferred to Starbase 118 Ops as that station's Executive Officer on Stardate 237901.10. She later served aboard the Phoenix-C, a support vessel of Starbase 118, as its First Officer, under the command of Commander Jessa Anassasi.

Universe of Origin Uniform

Tracey met and maried a Vulcan scientist named Steval. The marriage lasted two years, What seemed like a perfect joining at first did not continue to be that way. After a long leave of absence, Tracey rejoined the fleet. Upon arriving at her new commission, the USS Resolution, Tracey was involved in what appeared to be a transporter glitch. Her memories were altered with her dopelganger from another universe. This was a universe in which the Federation was still at war with the Dominion, as well as other notable changes.

Tracey spent two months onboard the Resolution, until it became apparent that she could no longer function as a member of its crew. Tracey was found to be suffering PTSD from her ordeals in her old universe. She also had other trouble integrating with and understanding the new and different technologies in this universe.At first, Starfleet did not believe her, but she appeared to have knowledge of people and systems and languages that she should not have known. For example, Tracey now knows how to speak fluent Romulan from her Cadet training on Romulus, in her universe, where Romulus was an allied world.

After almost a year of recourse at the academy as well as psychological therapy under the care of Doctor Samuel Huff, senior Psychiatrist at Starfleet Medical, it was decided that Tracey could finish her training and be reintegrated back into Starfleet.

Upon completion, Tracey was given assignment to Starbase 118 Ops as HCO under Commander Jhen Thelev on stardate 238703.16. Tracey was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade on stardate 238705.07 and was given a new assignment as Chief Operations Officer. On Stardate 238708.26, Tracey was reassigned to serve aboard the USS Independence-A under Captain Sidney Riley and was also promoted to full Lieutenant.

On Stardate 238712.30, while trying in vain to rescue a fellow StarFleet Officer, Tracey lost her right hand. She now wields a prosthetic where her right hand used to be.

On Stardate 238801.18 Tracey was promoted to Lieutenant Commander where she remained as Chief of Operations aboard the Independence-A.

On Stardate 238806.28, Tracey was given a reprimand on her permanent file by the First Officer of the USS Independence-A, Lieutenant Commander Karynn Ehlanii Brice. The reasons being, was due to her tardiness to a meeting, by fifteen minutes, two days previous to this event. For the same reason, Tracey was also reduced in rank to that of Lieutenant.

On Stardate 238809.01, Tracey's rank of Lieutenant Commander was reinstated. She was also given the duty of ship's Second Officer along with her current role as Chief of Operations, by Fleet Captain Sidney Riley. On 239003.25 Tracey was transferred to the USS Discovery-C as that ship's Chief Operations Officer. On stardate 239012.26, Tracey took on the position as Intelligence Officer aboard the USS Discovery-C. On stardate 239102.03, after the decommissioning of USS Discovery-C, Tracey and several of her fellow crewmates were reassigned to the USS Atlantis where Tracey remained in the Intelligence division. On stardate 239202.04, Tracey was handed the role of First Officer aboard the USS Atlantis by Captain Raj Blueheart.

On stardate 239211.23, Tracey was transferred to the USS Invicta as Intellience Oficer, but took a leave of absence on stardate 239302.12 to return to Earth to help care for her adopted Romulan child, Hvaid. Classified information suggests she is working behind the scenes with Black Tower.

A painting of Tracey
Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
01-Ensign-Red.jpg Ensign 237708.19 - 237711.16 USS Hammond HCO
02-LieutenantJG-Red.jpg Lieutenant JG 237711.16 - 237802.04
03-Lieutenant-Red.jpg Lieutenant 237802.04 - 237804.08
03-Lieutenant-Blue.jpg 237804.08 - 237809.08 USS Tiger Chief Science Officer
04-LtCommander-Red.jpg Lieutenant Commander 237809.08 - 237901.10 USS Constitution-B Second Officer
04-LtCommander-Red.jpg 237901.10 - 237911.23 StarBase 118 Ops |& USS Phoenix-C First Officer
LOA Due to Marriage
Universal Exchange
01-Ensign-Gold.jpg Ensign 238606.01 - 238608.01 USS Resolution Tactical Officer
Psychological Evaluation and Therapy Performed at StarFleet Medical
01-Ensign-Gold.jpg Ensign 238703.16 - 238705.07 StarBase 118 Ops HCO
02-LieutenantJG-Gold.jpg Lieutenant JG 238705.07 - 238708.26 StarBase 118 Ops Chief Operations Officer
03-Lieutenant-Gold.jpg Lieutenant 238708.26 - 238801.18 USS Independence-A
04-LtCommander-Gold.jpg Lieutenant Commander 238801.18 - 239003.25 USS Independence-A |& USS Tiger-A
04-LtCommander-Gold.jpg 239003.25 - 239012.26 USS Discovery-C
04-LtCommander-Black.jpg 239012.26 - 239102.03 USS Discovery-C Intelligence
04-LtCommander-Black.jpg 239102.03 - 239202.04 USS Atlantis
04-LtCommander-Red.jpg 239202.04 - 239207.17 First Officer
04-LtCommander-Gold.jpg 239207.17 - 239208.05 USS Apollo-A Communications/Operations
05-Commander-Red.jpg Commander 239208.05 - 239209.29 USS Avandar First Officer
05-Commander-Black.jpg 239211.23 - 239302.12 USS Invicta Intelligence Officer
Maternal leave
05-Commander-Black.jpg Commander 239406.28 - 239408.07 USS Constitution-B Intelligence Officer
Retook leave due to family issues (On Record) - Recruited by and assists Black Tower (Off Record)

SIMS Nominated For Top Sims

Tracey as Morgause in a Camelot themed holodeck scenario


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