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Vaadwaur Assault Force
Adjutant-Warbringer Marari

"Mmm. Oh don't be like that, Marine Captain. My name is Adjutant-Warbringer Marari, but you may call me
Adjutant. I understand how simplistic your Terran brains are- a trait exemplified in the Starfleet Marines- and I
wouldn't want your disgusting, filthy head to explode like an over-gorged targ. My demands... such as they are... are
simple enough even for you to understand. You can hear them now, or wait until your master comes down to hold
your leash.

-- Adjutant-Warbringer Marari to Marine Captain Somers, USS Independence, August 2387.


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Peripheral Characters

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Adjutant-Warbringer Marari is a Vaadwaur/Borg hybrid who, when encountered by the crew of the USS Independence in August 2383, claimed to be second in command of the Vaadwaur assault force that had taken Deep Space 17 (which he further claimed was renamed "Fortress Alzharii Prime"). Alzharii, according to Starfleet Intelligence, is Vaadwaur for 'Regrowth'.

Marari was held in the brig aboard the USS Achilles, but the ever-confident "Borgwaur" told Thetis that his presence there was strictly voluntary and he could leave at any time.

Eventually, Marari was responsible for ending the violence of Operation Bright Star before it got worse... but not before over a thousand innocents perished.

Marari is an NPC and, accordingly, can be written for by anyone. He is typically simmed by Alleran Tan.

Biographic Information

  • Full Name:Adjutant-Warbringer Marari
  • Age: Biologically, 54. Chronologically, 946.
  • Species: Vaadwaur/Borg hybrid.
  • Gender: Male; reproductive system rendered ineffective by Omicron radiation.
  • Hair color: Thin and grey.
  • Eye color: Black
  • Height: 6'11"
  • Telepathic status: 0
  • Place of Birth: Vaadwaur homeworld.
  • Tattoos/Body Modifications: Many. Marari possesses a weakened version of the Borg personal shield, which effectively turns even high powered phaser hits into very light stuns. With sufficient bombardment of shots he can be temporarily immobilized. His cybernetic eye allows him to take in a great deal more visual stimulus than his biological eye, including infra-red and the radio spectrum. Marari can survive in space for approximately seventeen hours without assistance and can synthesize proteins within his body. He generally has to recharge approximately once every four months. He possesses a transport inhibitor and a subspace transporter which allow him to 'phase out' back to Deep Space 17 at will. Although Borg versions of this device worked through shields, he seemed to be reluctant to employ it while the Independence A's shields were still up.
  • Skin Tone: White, splotchy and partially assimilated.
  • Handedness: Handedness is irrelevant.


  • Parents: Unknown.
  • Siblings: Unknown.
  • Spouse: Marari made mention of a 'late wife' to Thetis. He later revealed that she died during the great slumber.
  • Children: Three, deceased.


  • Quarters: Unknown.
  • Favorite Room: Unknown.
  • Mannerisms/Habits: Marari loves taunting his opponents. When his crew boarded the USS Independence, he interactively accessed the copy of the crew's Starfleet records pilfered from the wreckage of Deep Space 17's computer core and used that knowledge to keep his opponents off-balance and mock them about their weaknesses.
  • Temperment: Marari is cold blooded and ruthless, not above shooting Starfleet officers in the back as they attempt to save wounded comrades. He possesses a biting wit and his speech is eloquent and articulate. Marari finds non-Vaadwaur females repulsive, especially Terrans.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Unknown, but unlikely.

Unique Physiology

Sometime after the Great Reawakening, Marari (a mere scientist at this point) discovered nearly complete Vaadwaur research regarding the Borg. The research had determined that Omicron radiation could destroy borg nanoprobes, but if given in prolonged, controlled dosages could render the nanoprobes semi-dormant. They would be stuck in a 'repair' cycle, tending only to injuries, instead of progressing to the assimilation stage.

Marari completed the research, determining that the procedure could be performed on a living creature in the middle of assimilation, effectively stalling the process. Omicron radiation, however, was extremely toxic; prolonged exposure would significantly shorten the victim's lifespan. Yet if the creature died before being fully assimilated, then they would have at least a few years of life possessing almost all the abilities of a Borg drone while retaining their independence.

Marari performed this procedure on himself.