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Doctor Fiona Shelley
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Medical Department
USS Gemini

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Doctor Fiona Shelley currently serves in the medical department aboard the USS Gemini.


  • Full Name: Fiona Elise Shelley
  • Race: Terran


  • Current Rank: Ensign
  • Current Assignment: USS Gemini
  • Duty Post: Doctor


  • Date of Birth: 234611.08 (November 8th, 2346)
  • Place of Birth: Tycho City, Luna
  • Age: 49
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: NIL


  • Height: 165.1 cm (5'5")
  • Weight: 56.25 kg (124 lbs.)
  • Hair Color: Strawberry blond
  • Length of Hair: Shoulder-length
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Build: Slender
  • Voice: Soft
  • Handedness: Right


  • Marital Status: Married
    • Richard Souray, 237410.19 - 238812.15
      • Children: Anna Priscilla Souray (deceased)
    • David Whale, 238808.01 - Present
      • Children:
        • Olivia Wildflower Whale, born 238912.15
        • Mairin Elise Whale, born 238912.15 (see OOC note)

OOC NOTE: Mairin Whale is actually an alternate-timeline duplicate of Olivia Whale. In order to save the children of the alternate Drake, a doomed vessel, Wanda DyAmone transported them to the "true" Drake. Whale called in numerous favours in order to have medical records falsified to show that Fiona Shelley had given birth to twins. This information is known in-character only by Whale, Shelley, Oliver Weston and William Rogers.

  • Parents
    • Father: Dr. Norman Frederick Shelley
    • Mother: Elise Marie Shelley (née Lemaire, deceased)
  • Siblings: Regina Shelley-Kaye (younger sister), Jonathan Shelley (older brother)

Personal History

Sb118 fionashelley2.jpg
  • Fiona Shelley met her husband Richard Souray while both were working at Earth Spacedock. Shelley was a civilian member of the medical department and Souray was a Starfleet officer in the operations area of the station. The pair was married at Tycho City, Luna, on stardate 237410.19.
  • Shelley gave birth to the couple’s daughter, Anna Priscilla, on stardate 237512.11. Sadly, Anna drowned during a family vacation to Lake Armstrong, Luna, on stardate 237901.14, age 4 years.
  • With the death of her daughter, Dr. Shelley took an indefinite leave of absence from her position with Earth Spacedock the following day. In fact, the leave of absence was made permanent approximately eight months later.
  • Accepting a new job at the Starfleet Veterans Hospital, Shelley was on hand when survivors of the USS Ackerman were first brought to Earth.
  • Shelley was left to empty house in 2381 when her husband accepted a position aboard one of Starfleet’s deep-space exploration vessels.
  • Needing a change in her life and not wanting to come home to her empty house every night, Shelley spoke with Starfleet Command in 2385 and was offered a position within the fleet. She turned down an officer rank, but reluctantly accepted the rank of Chief Petty Officer.
  • Originally, Shelley was to serve in the medical department of the USS Hormigonera - the same ship on which her husband serves - but an administrative error caused her to be assigned to the USS Tiger. Though she has a standing transfer request with Starfleet Command, it has been several months since she has followed up to check on the status of the request.
  • Shelley was briefly suspended from duty in 2386 pending an investigation of her actions while performing emergency surgery on an injured security officer. She was cleared of any wrongdoing and returned to active duty by CMO Lieutenant Solok.
  • While serving in the medical department aboard the USS Independence-A, Doctor Shelley has become friends with a Vulcan security officer named T'tala.
  • Shelley has recently revealed to T'tala her very conflicted feelings for David Whale and suggested a transfer to another ship may be for the best.
  • As a result of Whale's sudden transfer to the USS Constitution, Shelley herself has requested a transfer to the same ship. As she told her colleague Dr. Zhou, she isn't quite ready to give up on her friendship with Whale, no matter how awkward it may be. Her transfer has been approved and will take effect once Shelley returns from a thirty-day leave of absence to visit with her family on Earth.
  • After serving together somewhat awkwardly aboard the USS Constitution-B, Shelley informed Whale that what they had was a very good friendship, but that's it -- a friendship.
  • While part of a SAR Team aboard the USS Nimitz, Shelley was attacked by a Borg and injected with nanoprobes in her left hand. To prevent their spread, she made Lieutenant JG Arielle Teagan use a bat'leth to severe her left arm at the elbow. Taking medical leave, Shelley has travelled to Starbase 94, home of one of the sector's most advanced cybernetics labs.
  • Due to her injury and facing the possibility of a horrible non-death aboard the USS Nimitz, Shelley began to seriously re-examine her life and her choices. During this process, it became very clear that when she told Whale that their relationship was strictly friendship, she was lying.
  • Despite being married to Richard Souray at the time, Shelley -- while intoxicated -- married an equally intoxicated David Whale. She has since divorced Souray in order to follow to her heart and be with Whale.
  • Shelley gave birth to twin daughters -- Olivia Wildflower Whale and Mairin Elise Whale -- on stardate 238912.15.
  • On stardate 239101.25 Shelley passed her officer's exam and was awarded the rank of Ensign. With her promotion came an offer of a position in the medical department of the newly-commissioned USS Gemini, which she accepted.


  • BSc: University of Toronto, Earth (class of 2367)
  • MA: Academy of Science, Deneb V (class of 2369)
  • MD/PhD: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (class of 2373)

Professional History

Dr. Fiona Shelley on duty at SVH
  1. 237304.10: Graduates medical school magna cum laude.
  2. 237307.22: Accepts position with medical department aboard Earth Spacedock.
  3. 237901.15: Takes leave of absence from Earth Spacedock.
  4. 237909.20: Resigns from position aboard Earth Spacedock.
  5. 237910.01: Takes position of Assistant Director of Emergency Care with Starfleet Veterans Hospital.
  6. 238512.30: Resigns from Starfleet Veterans Hospital to take a position within Starfleet aboard USS Tiger.
  7. 238612.14: Transfers with the rest of USS Tiger crew to Starbase 118.
  8. 238708.27: Transfers with majority of Starbase 118 senior staff to USS Independence-A.
  9. 238710.22: Granted a temporary leave of absence from Starfleet.
  10. 238802.01: Returns from leave of absence, joining the medical staff of the USS Constitution-B.
  11. 238807.03: Due to injuries suffered in the line of duty, Shelley takes medical leave from Starfleet.
  12. 238808.08: Returns from medical leave and transfers to USS Drake.
  13. 239102.02: Accepts position aboard USS Gemini

SIM Archive

  • Survivors: Shelley is present when the survivors of the Ackerman Event are brought back to Earth.
  • A Cosmic Toss of the Dice: Shelley reveals to David Whale her connection to his past.
  • Three Weeks: In which Whale suffers through an awkward three weeks after an accidental kiss.
  • Introspection & Obfuscation: Much to Shelley's surprise, she learns that her friend T'tala may have better insight into her feelings than Shelley herself.
  • Today, be a doctor (joint sim with Dr. Zhou): During a crisis on the USS Independence-A, Shelley helps fellow doctor Tenzin Zhou regain his focus.
  • Today (joint sim with Dr. Zhou): After all that's happened, Shelley makes the decision to leave the USS Independence-A.
  • Earthbound & Lost: While on leave, Shelley connects with her sister and discusses her future -- including her situation with Whale.
  • A Why to Live: Shelley and David Whale both pay visits to old friends at Starfleet Veterans Hospital, each gaining new perspectives on their lives.
  • The Razor's Edge of Love & Fear: After being confronted by Shelley about his departure from the Independence, Whale reveals his reasons... only to discover that Shelley will be joining the crew of the Constitution.
  • Bleak Horizon: While on Risa for shore leave, Whale thinks he and Shelley are on the same page, but he quickly -- and devastatingly -- finds out he was wrong.
  • Leap of Faith: After a disastrous encounter with the Borg, which resulted in a significant injury, Shelley takes medical leave from Starfleet.
  • Waking Up in Vegas: With the past several days a complete blur, Whale and Shelley wake up on the USS Drake to find that not only have they both transferred to the Miranda Class vessel, but they also may have married.
  • Sweeping the Ashes: Suffering through nightmares from her Borg encounter, Shelley reflects on her life and makes a decision on her future with David Whale.